For those who have a round face, it’s crucial to opt for hairstyles that frame your face without making it appear fuller. That’s where this handy collection of looks comes in. While searching for great hairstyles with bangs for round faces, you’ll be surprised at how many style options we have to choose from—and having endless possibilities is always a good thing.

So, get comfy and enjoy these hairstyles that are the perfect combination of flattering, fuss-free, and totally fabulous!

1. Long Light Curtain Bangs. If you’re for a timeless hairstyle for your long hair with bangs and round face, then this is it. There is not a lot of fuss to this look, but that’s why it works so well in practically every setting.

2. Shag with Tousled Feathered Bangs. This rockstar shag style is punctuated by wispy bangs that lift in the centre, adding the desired length to the round face. Bangs like this are great for a full face because they are light and layered.

3. Parted Razored Bangs and Luscious Curls. A head full of thick, luscious curls topped off with a set of long, side swept bangs is the perfect way to complement your round face.

4. Long Side-Parted Bangs. This extra long hairstyle uses length as a flattering way to frame a round face, while the long bangs parted on one side perfectly elongate it and make it look slimmer, even with a smile.

5. Short Messy Choppy Bangs. If you want to elevate the classic pixie style for your round face, this is a fun way to do it. The highlight of this funky pixie is the textured bangs that can be easily moved around to flatter your face shape.

6. Curly Shag with Short Piece-y Bangs. Your search for the best bangs for curly hair has come to an end because these are not only stylish but combined with the shag cut, they work quite well for a round face shape.

7. Crisp Razored Bangs. Angled bangs are great for a chubby face and this edgy long pixie hairstyle is the perfect example of why it should be one of your go-to looks.

8. Light Piece-y Bangs. There are many ways to wear a bob, but not so many that look awesome with a full face. This look is the best haircut with bangs for a round face because it brings lightness, wispy texture, and flattering angles.

9. Shaggy Razored Bangs. These are pretty thick bangs, but they feel so light that seem to be flying away! Such razored bangs can become a cute complement to your curly bob.

10. Short Curtain Bangs with Highlights. Blending short bangs and middle part curtain bangs, this particular shag style has just enough edge to make it trendy and rewarding for a round face.

11. Lob with Blunt Bangs. Straight across bangs can seem like they would be the last thing you should try if you have a round face, but think again. A wavy bob in a longer length is the best way to pull off a bold bang look such as this one.

12. Choppy Bangs for Fine Hair. The choppy fringe is what makes this rockstar hairstyle a standout. Featuring both choppy bangs and choppy lengths, it not only frames the round face nicely but also delivers a nice amount of drama.

13. Blunt Lob with Curtain Bangs. When you want to pair two trendy hairstyles in one to flatter your round face, perhaps you should give this chic bob a try. Curtain bangs complete it so well!

14. Soft Centre-Parted Waves. Shoulder length hair will always be in demand and it will certainly flatter a round face. This look works because the waves flowing down are not voluminous, which elongates the face.

15. Razored Bob with Feather-Like Bangs. The wispy, almost invisible bangs of this bob work for the plumpy face. The cut with shadow roots is ideal for fine straight hair.

16. Razored Pixie with Sharp Bangs. In search of a cute hairstyle you can pair with glasses? Well, this is it! Wearing bangs with glasses is easy thanks to this razor cut pixie that barely skims the eyebrows.

17. Shag with a Middle Part. After one look you’ll definitely agree that this is one of the best medium hairstyles with bangs for round faces. It falls softly around the face in such a lovely way.

18. Wavy Crop with Short Bangs. At first glance, you may think that short full bangs are not for you, but if you style them the right way, it can actually work.

19. Messy Bob with Choppy Bangs. Short hair with bangs and a round face doesn’t mean that your hairstyle choices are limited. It just means that you need to be really specific about how you style it and this is a good option.

20. Shag with Short Arched Bangs. You don’t often see rounded bangs today as much as in the past, but when you have a round face such bangs with a razored finish can be a welcome addition to your hairstyle.

21. Messy Curly Crop. Not many can pull off such a unique hairstyle, however, if you happen to have both curly hair and a round face, you actually can!

22. Rockstar Waves. The length is sexy, and the soft waves give it personality. So, if your round face needs a little bit of drama, give this trendy wolf cut a shot.

23. Textured Peek-a-Boo Bob. Without a doubt, these are the best side bangs for a round face. They skim the face and fall over the eye in such a flattering way – it’s impossible to resist.

24. Asymmetric Pixie with Combover Bangs. Whether you are plus size or just have a round face, you may find it difficult to decide on a short hairstyle that will look best with your face shape. Luckily, there are a lot of options out there, like this one.

25. Wavy Shaggy Bob. Thought of trying a bob with bangs for your round face, but don’t know which one? Look no further because few are as fun and stylish as this cute shag.

26. Long Bob with Side Bangs. It’s cute, flirty, and looks amazing on a round face thanks to the side-parted bangs that fall softly over one eye.

27. Long Black Curls. Having healthy long curly hair with bangs is a blessing. Simply enhancing the natural curl pattern is a good way to start.

28. Ultra Short Pixie. If you love short hair, perhaps you should go for a super short look that features wispy bangs to flatter your round face.

29. Curly Shag with Two-Tier Bangs. There are many different types of bangs, and most of them can be pulled off by a girl with a round face. Half-moon bangs are a safe and popular choice in this relation.

30. Auburn Textured Shag. We all have some inner rockstar vibes, and if you are eager to bring yours out, start with an edgy hairstyle.

31. Long Hair Short Bangs. Always remember that if you have a round face, lengthy hair is your friend because it draws the eye down and doesn’t create bulk on the sides. Baby bangs are a good contrast to long hair.

32. Thick Cropped Bangs. Sometimes all you want is a hairstyle that looks natural without extra details. If that’s the look you’re aiming for, this could be a good contender.

33. Bob with Razored Bangs. Having a feminine hairstyle for a round face that doesn’t make you look matronly is one of the best choices you can make, and here’s the proof.

34. Textured Bob with Bangs. Keep it sleek and chic with this fashion-forward hairstyle punctuated by an expert cut with a razored finish.

35. Black Messy Curls. A bedhead look always works because it’s your hair in its natural state and it’s often the best way to go.

36. Curly Bob with Short Bangs. Are you brave enough to try such an extreme hairstyle with blunt bangs? If you are, then try out this look that screams edgy.

37. Sleek Wavy Bob with Cropped Bangs. Not a hair is out of place, but the hairstyle looks bold and modern. Sometimes a simple straight-across cut is very flattering.

38. Wispy Strawberry Blonde Undercut. You definitely need a lot of courage to rock this look because everyone’s eyes will be on you wherever you go.

39. Long Waves with Long Bangs. Romantic, feminine, and flattering are just some words that come to mind when describing this gorgeous hairstyle. It’s also the one that you should try out immediately if you have long hair.

40. Lavender Shag with Eyebrow-Skimming Bangs. Playing with hair colors is an easy way to give your current hairstyle a dose of pizazz, just look how cute it looks!

As you can see from this list, there are many types of bangs for a round face. Consider which look works best for your lifestyle, and more importantly your hair type. Once you do that and get a new cut, your confidence will shoot through the roof.

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