Let us guess why you are reading this. Your birthday is around the corner, and you are searching for inspiring birthday nail designs that will help you make the day special. Well, you’ve come to the right post!

Check out these gorgeous birthday nail ideas and choose how your hands will look while holding a slice of a birthday cake this year.

1. Sweet Cupcake Nails. Do you have a sweet tooth? Plonk a luscious little cupcake on your birthday nails. Being one of the most popular party desserts, cupcakes are an awesome art concept for anyone who loves sweet delicacies.

2. Disco Lights Glitter Nails. The hottest couple on the dance floor! Chunky multicolored glitters dance the night away with sheer nail polish at a sparkly disco party.

3. Glamorous Pink Glitter Nails. These glam coffin-shaped nails are an excellent way to add a little zazzle to your birthday party. Chunky glitter on the pinkie nails, glimmering pink, and stylish french tips all work together for a dazzling look.

4. Shard Glitter Fall Birthday Nails. Preserve the warmth and sunshine of the summer in these glamorous birthday nails. The shard glitters will deliver a lasting shine to your manicure.

5. Tender Floral Nail Art. This spring nail set is charming and delicate. The soft hues of the nail polish tone down the edgy vibe of long nails. Add pretty floral nail designs to declare that spring is in the air!

6. Nude Birthday Nails with Stars. These nude nails with a silky finish are a paragon of elegance and sophistication. Adorn them with black and gold stars for a beautiful statement. Square nails make a perfect backdrop for angular designs!

7. Glam Birthday Acrylic Nails. Perfect nail art to make you stand out on your special day! We absolutely love the combination of pastel lavender and vibrant magenta with a touch of gold and dainty white leaves.

8. Blue Butterfly Birthday Nails. If you are looking for cute and feminine birthday nail ideas, consider this adorable butterfly nail design. The butterfly wings on the ring and middle finger produce a fleeting effect, as though your butterfly is about to take off.

9. Purple Glitter Birthday Nails Design. Wear bold dazzling glitter in an enigmatic shade of purple to really make shorter nails pop! Create a cool fade-out effect for a stunning look.

10. Rainbow Confetti Nails. Nothing says festive more than a shower of multicolored jumbo confetti. Plant a few affectionate air kisses for a cute and romantic flair.

11. Gorgeous Starry Night Birthday Nails. If you want your birthday nail designs to stand out, try applying holo glitter paint to make your nails look like a scatter of tiny bright stars in the night sky. Long black nails make a perfect canvas for this nail design.

12. Birthday Candles and Age Nail Art. Celebrate turning a new year with cute pale pink nails that say it all out loud. This soft shade serves as a backdrop to festive birthday candles and a number showing your age on one nail. Or go for birth year nails and let the guests do the math.

13. Moonstone Dip Powder Birthday Nails. Dip powder nails that change their color depending on the temperature might be one of the most exciting and glamorous birthday nail ideas. Get a cool new look whenever you raise a glass of cold champagne or hug a cup of hot coffee.

14. Acrylic Long Birthday Nails. Your birthday is a big day, so why not go all out and get a long acrylic set if your own nails are too short for the design you like? These pink glamorous french tips are positively luxurious!

15. Happy Birthday Nail Designs. Wish yourself many happy returns with pastel pink birthday nails with lettering. Balloons and cupcakes make this fun design even more jolly.

16. Colorful Nails with a Touch of Bling. Bring some bling and a riot of color to your birthday nail designs! Swirls of loud colors with a brush of gold and a string of rhinestones at your cuticle will give you the wow factor you need on your special day.

17. Gift-Wrapped Birthday Nails. These cute nails are a great option if you are on the lookout for simple but lively birthday nail ideas. Outfit your birthday nails with contrasting colors of polishes and tie them together with a satin ribbon.

18. Metallic Silver Birthday Nails. Love bold eye-catching birthday nail designs? Try this combination of metallic silver chrome and milky white nails with extra sparkle.

19. Art-Inspired Birthday Nails. Nail art over clear nails is one of the best birthday nail ideas for art lovers ever! Not only does it show your love for painting and artistic soul, but also creates a jubilant mood.

20. Cupcakes and Sprinkles Birthday Nails. An unbeatable way to create an uplifting birthday atmosphere is to light the candles on a lavish birthday cake. Or to have your cake on your birthday nails liberally covered with multicolored sprinkles.

21. Winter Birthday Nail Ideas. Is your birthday coming up in winter? There is a plethora of birthday nail ideas for the season! We love this simple winter cardinal nail design – it’s fun and chic at the same time. Or else try a 3d-embossed cable-knit sweater and snowflakes nail art for hygge vibes.

22. Astrological Sign-Inspired Nail Art. Your big day is a perfect time to flaunt your zodiac sign birthday nail designs. Your horoscope says that magic is in the air and your brilliance and creativity can win attention today.

23. Subtle Yet Glam Nails. If you feel drawn to more subtle glamour, this delicate creamy nail art might be the go-to. It features a subdued french tip nail design with silken and sparkly swirls of color.

24. Party-Inspired Birthday Nails. Get some inspiration from the fun party emoji! The little cone pops with bursts of holographic foil over the base color. The best part? These glamorous birthday nails glow in the dark! Perfect for a glamorous party!

25. Sequin-Embedded Birthday Nails. These iridescent sequins are super cute and fun and look amazing on a light backdrop, covered with a clear top coat. Don’t forget star-shaped add-ons for extra glamorous birthday nails.

26. Glamorous Birthday Nails with Years. Rock your age on your birthday nails completed in a fun lettering design. Mix in a pinch of sparkle and crisp french tips to celebrate in vogue.

27. Luxurious Pearly Shell Nail Art. The seashell trend is making waves on social media! Embed pearly shards into your birthday nail designs for a smashing effect.

28. Kawaii Birthday Nails. Kawaii nail art is just too darn cute to resist! If you lean towards this awesome aesthetics, have your nails painted all shades of pink with adorable additions of stars, polka dots, hearts, and lettering.

29. Rhinestone Glamorous Birthday Nails. Accessorize your nail art with exquisite rhinestones and diamonds laid out in a custom pattern. We can read in your stars that this day promises exhilarating fun and precious gifts.

30. Bright and Fun Candy Birthday Nails. Dare to wear a rainbow of colors on your nails! With a selection of polishes and a steady hand, you can easily recreate this nail art. Curls and twirls of color give a fun spin to stiletto nails.

31. Full Deco Chrome Birthday Nails. Love birthday nail ideas that have it all? Well, how about this chrome nail art with a cool holographic effect, sparkles, glitter, and lots of bling? Save a special manicure for a special day!

32. Flower Power Birthday Nail Ideas. If you love floral and sparkly birthday nail designs, give this nail art a go. Royal blue offers a striking contrast to two nails with tiny embedded florets and pinches of gold on a sheer neutral backdrop.

33. Delicate Matte Birthday Nails. Soft and feminine, but with a lot of texture and character, this gorgeous nail design is spring ready. Opt for an elaborate floral pattern to elevate your natural mani.

34. Festive Pink. A light pink nail polish look is ideal for everyday nails and can be a good base for a birthday design too. Just add a coat of shimmery sparkles or a sticker to step up your nail design for a special occasion.

35. Glitter and Angel Paper Design. Birthdays are an exciting occasion to experiment with your style and try something new. Applying a few strips of angel paper film on top of long glitter nails has definitely turned out a success!

We hope you will enjoy a fabulous birthday party surrounded by your loved ones, making remarkable memories. And as a perfect accessory to your celebration – an impeccable birthday mani. Happy birthday and have a good one!

Frequently Asked Questions

Chrome nails, multicolored nail designs and creative new takes on classy white and french manicure are all hot trends for 2023. In terms of the application method, dip powder nails proved to be a trend all women should try this season. 

The ‘party nail’ is another name of an accent nail – the one that stands out in terms of nail art among the rest. This is typically a ring finger, but you may also have two accent fingers (for example, a ring finger and a middle finger) or decorate any other finger of your choice with an extra flair.

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