While black nail polish was viewed as a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity in the late ’70s through the ’80s, it can be adapted to virtually any style today. You needn’t belong to a punk or rock-and-roll community to wear black nails and can choose from the amazing variety of black nail designs to complement your everyday or festive look.

Why are black nails so popular? The secret is that black is a neutral color that works with almost any other shade on the color wheel, which translates into unlimited matching options and zero concerns about the color clashing with your outfit. Long story short, explore these 35 gorgeous black nail ideas to get some inspo for your next salon trip.

1. Black Nails with Subtle Gold Glitter. These black nails with a bit of pixie dust look really chic and elegant. Black and gold make a stunning combination that can be a great addition to your look for a special event.

Rounded Black Nails with Gold Glitter Polish Art

via @sylwiakaszczykmaluje

2. Matte Black Nails. Matte black nails are all about true elegance and classy style, and you can always make your matte black nails more fun by combining them with contrasting nail art, such as nude floral design.

Matte Black Nails with Flower Nail Stickers

via @lanea_nailart

3. Black and Red Nails. If you view your manicure as a way to stand out, consider this bombshell combination of black, red, and gold. This nail art looks awesome on longer nails, driving your daily portion of envious looks.

Matter and Glitter Nail Design with Black and Red Colors

via @alisa.in_

4. Nude Nails with Black Botanical Art. While botanical nail designs are loved for looking delicate and feminine, black is the best choice to make your tender leaves and buds particularly noticeable.

Long French Nails with Black Tip Nail Art

via @a_angelika31

5. Matte Black and White Nails. Despite combining several accents, this nail design looks extremely elegant. Matte black, minimalist lines and dots on white nails, and pieces of rose gold foil can create that head-turning effect you might be seeking.

Matte Black and White Nail Design

via @aaginails

6. Chrome Nails. For a pure futuristic vibe, painting your nails chrome might be a perfect choice. The super glossy finish is all you need to make a fashion statement.

Square Chrome Black Nails

via @snygganaglarnynas

7. Irregular Black Tips. If you’re a fan of French manicure but don’t mind experimenting with colors and shapes, consider getting side black tips on a nude base. Embrace a fresh twist on the iconic French tip nails to stand out from the crowd.

Nude French Manicure with Black Side Tips

via @napaznokciach

8. Matte Black Plus Marble Nails. In case you don’t want to go all dark with your nails, you can try combining black nails with classic nude shades such as beige. For a more interesting look, consider complementing the whole picture with a marble nail design.

Accent Marble Nails for Black and Nude Manicure

via @napaznokciach

9. Black and Pink Comic Nails. Here’s an outstanding and fun way to rock matte nails. Juice up your matte black manicure with a burst of bubblegum pink and rock your nail art like a high school queen.

Matte Black and Pink Comic Nail Design

via @knot.nails

10. Black and Gold Nail Design. Black and gold look awesome together, your manicure being no exception. Why wait for the holiday season when you can sparkle all year round?

Glossy Short Black and Gold Manicure

via @n.badjuk

11. White and Black Acrylic Nails. Black and white are all-time classics, suitable for any occasion and matching any outfit. Add some minimalist black lines, and you’ll get an enticing nail design.

Black Snake Swirls on White Nails

via @minimani_klaudia

12. Black Nail Design for a Princess. If solid black nails seem a too daring choice for your princess-like personality, consider adding nude pink, a bit of glitter, and a couple of cute stars and dots.

White Black and Pink Summer Nails

via @nailsmuaa

13. Black Design for Shorter Nails. You can go wild with black nail design even if you prefer shorter natural nails. Combining several designs will make your manicure look way more interesting — black French tips on a nude base go exceptionally well with accent solid black nails.

Nude Pink and Black Nail Design with Gold Flakes

via @nailsmuaa

14. Almond Shaped Black and White Nails. This black nail art is absolutely breathtaking! Glossy black nail polish looks great on almond-shaped nails, while sophisticated white to silver glitter ombre is something out of this world.

Black Manicure with White and Glitter Ombre Nails

via @alisa.in_

15. Black Marble Nails. Try a marble effect on your nails for a remarkable nail look. Marble black nail design looks awesome when paired with solid matte black nails, so steal this idea for your next visit to the nail artist.

Black Nail Design with Accent Ringer Finger

via @loraongles_

16. Pastel Pink and Black Nail Design. Pastel pink and black look awesome together, don’t you think so? And what about covering your pastel pink and black nails with a matte finish? Ultimately stunning!

Pink and Glitter Black Polish Nail Art

via @amanda.sudolll

17. White and Black Butterfly Nails. Some elegant nail stickers and golden foil never killed anybody, so if you’re looking for ideas to spice up your usual black manicure, scroll no further.

White and Black Stiletto Nails with Butterfly Stickers

via @nailcocktail

18. Black Nail Design Idea for Super Long Nails. This mani gradually switches from solid glossy black on the thumb to pastel pink with a black French tip on the little finger. Add some gold glitter to match your gold jewelry and enjoy a chic nail look.

Black and Pink Long Rounded Winter Nails

via @aaginails

19. Minimalist Nail Design. You can combine your favorite nail polish colors at the same time, but make sure you use some matching tricks. For example, adding a black French tip on a pastel pink nail makes the total nail look more harmonious.

Black Manicure with One Gold Glitter Nail

via @knot.nails

20. Floral Design on Black Nails. These short black nails look absolutely cute with the bright floral nail art. If you love such fun and vibrant nail designs but want to step a bit away from the girlie theme, add a few French tip nails like in this pic.

Bright Flowers Nail Art with Black Polish as Negative Space

via @nailspace.__

21. Elegant Nail Art. This is an excellent example of how feminine and delicate black nail design can be. Covering your middle and ring fingers with pastel pink and adding botanic art is a perfect choice for elegant ladies.

Black Botanic Art Nails Design

via @bettynails

22. Geometric French Manicure. Classic French tip nails won’t surprise anyone today, even when done in black. However, you can go further and try geometric tips in black. For a more stunning effect, paint the inside of your nails red.

Coffin Nails with Triangle Black French Tips and Inside Painted Red

via @nunu_nailss

23. Matte Black and Pink Nails with Glossy Art. You can create awesome nail designs by combining not only different colors but also textures. Matte and glossy, black and pale pink plus minimal nail art like this cute couple of hearts is a perfect formula to rock black nails.

Black and Pale Pink Valentine Nails Design

via @a_angelika31

24. Black Nail Design for Stiletto Nails. Stiletto nails look exceptionally hot when covered with glossy black polish. For a festive look, spice up your solid black mani by adding ivory nails with black and gold stripes.

Elegant Unusual Black and White Manicure

via @julita_wietecha

25. White Design on Matte Black Nails. Minimalist white lines can be your way to go if you’re seeking to make your black nails look more interesting without going too bright.

White Swirls on Square Black Matte Nails

via @napaznokciach

26. French Manicure with Black Nail Art. If black coffin nails sound too simple for your Halloween look, steal this idea. A fresh touch on French manicure, this one looks really lovely and can be worn not just at Halloween, indeed.

Transparent French Nails with Black Nail Art

via @vwnails_

27. French Tips and Animal Nail Art. This stunning combination is all about detail, creativity, and a sophisticated taste in nail art. Juicy orange, matte black, shiny gold and tiger stripes combine so well!

Stripes Black Nail Art

via @amanda.sudolll

28. Black Botanic Nail Design. Black twigs on a colorful pastel base is a perfect nail design idea to welcome spring. So if you’re into seasonal nail designs, save this pic for your early spring salon trip.

Spring Nails with Black Twigs on Colorful Pastel Base

via @minimani_klaudia

29. Marble Nails with a Touch of Gold. If you feel like creating something sophisticated on your nails, marble black with a pinch of gold has you covered.

Black Marble Nail Design Idea

via @nails_by_lorina

30. Black to Pink Ombre Nail Design. Black and pink are classic colors for nails. While you might find them boring when used separately, a black to pink ombre creates the mind-blowing effect you could strive to achieve.

Elegant Black Ombre Nails

via @ewelina.modenanailsropczyce

31. Blue and Black Nail Design. This dreamy nail design combines black and shiny blue — although quite simple, it looks fantastic on longer oval-shaped nails.

Yin Yang Nail Art with Royal Blue and Black Nail Polish

via @betterwithjew

32. Black Manicure for Ultra Long Nails. Of course, going for solid black would be a waste if you have super long nails — they’re a perfect canvas for a nail art masterpiece. For instance, you can add a few oddly-shaped black strokes and a pinch of gold glitter like in this photo. Dragon skin bubble texture makes it next level.

Black Nail Design with Dragon Skin Bubble Nail Design

via @malgorzata_jankowska_indigo

33. Girlie Black Nail Design. Black nail designs can be extremely versatile and easily adapted to any style. If you decide to create something sweet and girlie on your nails, black French on a pink base coupled with sparkles and 3D stickers might be what you’re looking for.

Coffin Black French Tip Nails with Painted Sparkles and Cherries

via @nunu_nailss

34. Artsy Black and Glitter Nail Design. Although this nail design looks much like a piece of art, you can easily pull it off by yourself — remember that you can always get some cool stickers at the store.

Nail Design with Peachy and Black Nail Polish and Golden Glitter

via @julita_wietecha

35. Gothic Black Nails. If you’re looking for nail design ideas to match your rock-star style, you will definitely love solid black nails combined with black flames. Absolutely hot!

Black Flame Nail Design

via @natmaloneynailartist

You don’t need to be a punk-rock princess to wear black nail polish today. With the huge variety of black nail designs, it’s a breeze to choose one to fit your style and not worry about looking inappropriate.

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