Blazers are a must-own for anyone who wants to look on-trend. These professional jackets aren’t just for the office anymore. Today, a blazer can complete a business casual look and fit in with street style trends too!

Whether you’re looking for a work-ready style or a piece to refresh your wardrobe, a blazer can help. Scroll down to see the top 20 ways to style blazers this year.

1. Oversized Blazer & Tights. Oversized blazers have been everywhere for the past couple of years, and they’re not disappearing anywhere soon. This blazer outfit hides a mini dress under the large jacket, allowing the structured silhouette to take the focus. Pair it with classy loafers, some sheer tights, and accessories for a complete feminine style.

Blogger Showing How to Wear Oversized Blazer with Mini Skirt

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2. White Blazer with a Pop of Neon. Many blazer outfit ideas feature neutral and dark tones, but you don’t have to limit your palette to these. This blazer style contrasts bright white against a neon green skirt — a must if you’re creating summer blazer styles.

White Blazer Street Fashion Summer Outfit

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3. Plaid Blazer Outfit Ideas. Plaid is a must for winter fashion, so why not combine this pattern with the blazer trend? A neutral plaid blazer takes a standard sweater and pants outfit to a whole new level. Try wearing different layers to add some depth to this everyday look.

Plaid Blazer Business Casual Outfit

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4. All Gray Blazer Style. Keep it office ready and cool with an all gray blazer look. This stylish woman mixes a gray suit with a white tee and striped sweater for a cohesive outfit. Polished, yet not too masculine — perfect for anyone who wants to make a splash at work. Blazer outfits are here for professionals, too!

Two Button Blazer and Wide Leg Pants Outfit

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5. Cropped White Blazer & Blue Jeans. Who said denim and blazers can’t mix? This influencer proves how versatile blazers can be. This cropped white blazer offers a modern silhouette without losing its formal edge. When paired with blue jeans, you have a look that’ll work for any evening event.

Cropped White Blazer and Jeans Outfit Idea

via @jessie.matata

6. Classic Black Blazer Outfit Ideas. All black outfits are a fashion classic. You can’t go wrong with this look, especially when you add in a structured blazer. We love this turtleneck sweater and mini skirt look, as these garments sit comfortably under the jacket and give the look some trendy ’90s vibes. Add a statement necklace or other bright accessories if you want a hint of color.

Boyfriend Blazer Tank Top Leather Skirt and Boots Outfit

via @chiaraferragni

7. Summertime Blazer Style. As a versatile piece, blazer outfit ideas work in all seasons. For the warmer months, pair your blazer with a mini skirt and neutral tank top. Add strappy heels to complete the look! Now you’re ready to sip cocktails until the sun goes down.

One Button Classy Blazer with Casual Top and Strappy Heels

via @negin_mirsalehi

8. Peachy Blazer Style. There are more ways to style a blazer than you can count, but the best blazer outfits are always memorable. This peachy linen blazer sits perfectly with a white t-shirt and black jeans or pants. A pop of color without being too bright. Ideal for springtime!

How to Wear Bright Color Blazer with White Top and Cropped Pants

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9. Tuxedo Blazer Outfit Ideas. Not all blazers are the same. If you want to try something different, opt for a tuxedo blazer. These blazers are more formal, so if you love suits, note this down! This blazer and leather pants combo is the perfect mix to wear to an evening event. Who needs dresses?

Long Double Breasted Blazer and Leather Pants Outfit

via @weworewhat

10. Preppy White Blazer Street Style. If you want to add some classic style to a jeans outfit, consider an elegant white blazer. Designed to mimic Chanel’s 90s blazers, this blazer idea works for any occasion. Just add some heels if you want them to look more dressy!

90s Fashion Blazer and Cropped Black Jeans

via @aydahadi

11. White Shirt Blazer Look. Summer is the season for shirts, so dust off your white shirt and pair it with a chic gray blazer. This cute look mixes two wardrobe basics for a classic effect. For extra style points, match your pants to your blazer or opt for dark black pants.

Women's Office Look with Gray Jeans White Shirt and Blazer

via @clairerose

12. Blazer & Sweatpants Combination. Blazer outfits don’t have to be super formal. This style proves that a blazer can suit sweatpants too. When pairing these two garments, stick to neutral colors to create a cohesive palette. Stay warm and chic throughout the winter with this unique idea.

Styling an Oversized Blazer with Sweatpants Cap and Sneakers

via @vanessaroseblair

13. Beige Blazer & Midi Skirt. Wearing your blazer with a midi skirt is such a great idea! This fashion for women offers a softer look than a complete suit, yet it still looks more formal than some dresses. Pair the look with a casual t-shirt and sneakers for a low-key look. Or, add in a smart top and boots or high heels to style a semi-formal outfit.

Oversized Blazer Ouftit with White Crop Top and Maxi Skirt

via @mimiarr

14. White Blazer & Crop Top. Blazers and crop tops are the match made in heaven. Shop for a sport-style crop top (or tank) and match it with a structured white blazer for an unforgettable evening look. Pairing these two together creates contrast, and with heels and some flattering pants, you’ll have a new favorite outfit.

Deep Lapel Blazer with Shoulder Pads and Black Skinny Pants Outfit

via @leoniehanne

15. Denim Shorts & Camel Blazer. There’s always room for an oversized blazer, no matter the season. If you want to wear a blazer in summer, don’t suffer through the heat with long pants! Pair your outfit with short jeans and a minimal bralette for a stylish outfit. This is best for casual settings and street-style days.

Summer Shorts Outfit with Cotton Oversized Blazer

via @amaka.hamelijnck

16. Stylish Basic Blazer Outfit Ideas. Want a go-to outfit without the fuss? Gather up your basics and mix them all together. We love this white shirt, sneakers, and blazer combination. However, you can swap the shirt for a white t-shirt if you want a more casual finish.

Boyfriend Blazer Outfit with White Shirt for Women

via @sincerelyjules

17. Blazer, Blue Jeans & Sneakers. You always look well-dressed when you’re wearing a blazer with blue jeans. This jacket outfit mixes smart and casual, and the style is completed with some neutral sneakers. Try adding a cross-body bag or other laidback accessories to complete the casual style.

Casual Blazer Outfit for Plus Size Women

via @midsizemel

18. Maxi Skirt & Blazer Outfit. Raid your closet and find your longest maxi skirt. Layer it with a blazer that’s the same color or shade, and complete the style with some striking knee-length boots. This is one of the best blazer outfits if you don’t want to wear a dress.

Classy Oversized Blazer Outfit and Footwear Idea

via @alina_frendiy

19. Dress and Blazer Outfit. Make sure you’re wearing an on-trend blazer outfit, like this dress and blazer style, to your next club party. The casual black and white dress steals the show, while the formal blazer takes a back seat. Pair it with heels or ballet flats for a casual finish. You can swap the dress for a brighter alternative if you’re a color lover!

Fitted Dress and Oversized Blazer Outfit

via @marleyj_and_me

20. Cozy Sweater Blazer Outfits. Get ready for the cooler days with cozy blazer outfits. To mimic this look, wear a blazer over a fine gray jumper and wear wide-leg denim pants to finish the look. This woman adds some high fashion pumps, but you can swap these for sneakers if you want a comfortable day-to-day look. Swap this blazer for a linen blazer for the hot months!

Fashion Blogger Wearing Blazer with Sweater and Wide Leg Pants and Cat Heels

via @fakerstrom

Whether it’s already part of your capsule wardrobe or just a random purchase you treated yourself to, a blazer is sure to help you create some great outfits for whatever occasion! Experimenting with different combinations can be a great way to mix up everyday looks and discover our own unique fashion sense. Ultimately, style is all about expressing ourselves through our clothes – so let’s make sure we do just that!

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