Tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, and they can also be applied to any body part. One of the most popular locations right now is a breast tattoo, allowing ladies worldwide to add art to an intimate body part.

From meaningful designs to aesthetic looks, a boob tattoo can suit all tastes. Are you considering some new ink? Explore our favorite picks below for some serious tattoo inspiration.

1. Delicate Flower Breast Tattoo. If you’re looking for the cutest breast tattoos, don’t rule out traditional flower designs. With dainty lines and incredible details, this between-breast tattoo offers a feminine look. The central flower can also be customized to your favorite, adding an extra layer of meaning to the design.

2. Crescent Moon Soft Design. Breast tattoos are intimate, and because of this, it is a great idea to use some small and fine tattoo ideas for them. A popular option for those who love space is a crescent moon. Add some geometric symbols and line work for extra beauty.

3. Dark Flowers, Butterflies and a Sward Tattoo Designs. Who said flowers have to be girly? You can wear flowers in many ways, including gothic. This sword design takes traditional symbols and gives them a new edge. The perfect tattoo for anyone who wants to express their soul.

4. Black Ink Sternum Pattern. A chest tattoo doesn’t have to sit on your breast. You can also embrace your sternum, the area between your breasts. Black ink geometric patterns are popular sternum tattoos that work with all styles. Nothing beats a sternum tattoo on display in the summer – chic and effortlessly cool.

5. Red Floral Under Breast Tattoo. Considering a chest tattoo, but unsure of the placement? An under-breast tattoo could be for you. Such a tattoo offers privacy, ideal for anyone who wants to hide their ink. Floral tattoos never go out of fashion, but you can spice the design up with some exciting red ink.

6. Sun and Moon Tattoo. Getting a tattoo is exciting. While sun and moon designs have different meanings, this design draws upon the beauty of the sky. Add cute faces to your symbolism for a cute take on spiritual planets.

7. Inked Rose Design. Sick of bare skin? Your chest and sternum region offers the perfect placement for an intricate rose design. This is a great idea for all women who love art and flowers but want to avoid typical designs.

8. Butterfly Art Tattoo Design. Butterfly tattoos have always been popular with ladies. Women opt for these worldwide, and we can see why. This go-to tattoo is ideal for anyone who wants a feminine piece or a spirit animal. Consider researching different butterflies before for an extra personal touch.

9. Floral Upper Breast Tattoo. Female tattoos under breasts are descrete and beautiful, but breast tattoos don’t have to be hidden and you can experiment with the upper breast area too. Cute designs include flowers that cover the whole chest and simple line designs.

10. Leafy Branch Under Breast Design. Leaves and leafy branches are excellent ideas for any nature lovers. This simple design can also be used to cover mastectomy scars as it’s a reminder to celebrate life. Add some color or interesting patterns to this design for extra customization points.

11. Curved Breast Tattoos. Chest tattoos tend to follow similar patterns, but you don’t have to embrace the trends! Ask your tattoo artist about asymmetric and curved tattoos. These breast tattoos are unique and perfect for any woman’s body.

12. Boho Pattern Style Tattoo. Are you impressed by inked patterns? Add some boho style to your body with these fine line mandala designs. Though many women are afraid these designs hurt, they’re worth it when complete! You can also sit for two sessions to minimize any pain.

13. Butterfly Wing Bold Design. New beginnings and butterflies go hand in hand. If you want to symbolize life and beauty, consider this aesthetic design for your body. Butterflies are ideal for those looking for sentimental value or a memorial tattoo idea.

14. Small Tattoo with Shading. When you get a tattoo, there is a chance of pain. However, you can minimize the risk with a small tattoo design. Opt for the cleavage space and a tiny shaded design if you’re new to tattoos.

15. Pink Side Breast Tattoo. The chest area offers a variety of tattoo placements, but the side breast tattoo is a style that always looks chic. Whether you opt for a pink flower or a personal choice design, don’t ignore this spot!

16. Floral Placement Nipple Tattoo. Tattoos can serve many purposes, from adding style to covering scars, and breast cancer survivors celebrate life with these designs. If you need a nipple tattoo to cover your whole chest, consider this inked design. With subtle shades of gray and realistic line work, your breasts will be wearing beauty like never before.

17. Abstract Chest Tattoo. If you’re looking to cover chest scars, don’t choose a basic design. Abstract art can add an alternative look to your body, and the tattoo ideas are endless in this niche. Remember to play with color for a unique touch.

18. Full Chest Tattoo. A chest tattoo for women doesn’t usually cover the whole breast, but if you want to let go of the scars, choosing a tattoo like this that will give nice coverage but just spicy hints when wearing a bra is a great design to consider. Perfect for anyone who wants a full breast option.

19. Colorful Full Chest Ink. Getting inked doesn’t have to be in black and white. Beauty lies in color too! If you’re tattooed and want to expand your collection, forget the black ink. Try all the colors of the rainbow for your new tattoo. This style covers the full breast and carries a meaningful message of rebirth and hope.

20. Pastel Side Breast Tattoo. Pastel inks are hot right now, and we can’t see this trend disappearing anytime soon. These soft colors suit all skin types and add some on-trend style to your breast.

21. Full Tattooed Chest Piece. When researching breast tattoos, you might realize that most tattoos are small or dainty. Yet, full chest designs look just as good! Celebrate your upper breast area with a bold inked design and clear silhouettes.

22. One Side Sunflower Tattoo. Although your chest is a good area for symmetrical tattoos, you can also opt for a one-sided design. Wear your tattoo on your left side like this woman for an asymmetric effect. If a sunflower isn’t for you, ask your tattoo artist if they can apply this dainty style to other images or designs.

23. Crystal Symbolism Color Tattoo. Do you know your birthstone? A delicate, inked crystal could add some personal charm to your breasts. This simple design works best with color, so don’t be afraid to opt for vibrant hues! You can try this as a between or under breast tattoo too.

24. Pretty in Pink Rose. Artists love to play with shading, color, and realistic designs when tattooing. If you want to decorate your breasts with a realism-inspired rose, take this chest design to your tattoo artist today. This striking look matches all tastes.

25. Dainty Upper Breast Bouquet. Bouquets of flowers are beautiful, so wear yours with pride. Whether you opt for a center chest piece or an upper breast tattoo, this design suits all placements. If you’re worried about chest pain, consider the fleshy area of your breast.

26. Tiny Minimalist Boob Tattoo. A chest tattoo doesn’t have to be show-stopping. Tiny tattoo ideas are just as cute. This boob tattoo combines minimalist art and fine dot work for a subtle effect. If you want a recognizable shape, a heart tattoo in this style works well too.

27. Matching Under Chest and Finger Tattoo. A chest tattoo looks awesome, but these intimate tattoos are often hidden. Match your chest tattoos to a finger tattoo design to make sure the world sees your art. Being tattooed doesn’t have to be a secret!

28. Simple Wave Design. Wave tattoos are popular for sleeve placements, but they also work well in chest placements too. Consider this chest tattoo in the center of your sternum and ask your tattoo artist to align the top of the wave with your middle for the best result. Memorable and minimal at the same time.

29. Delicate Star Center Chest Tattoo. Chest tattoos can sit high or low on your body. This thin star-inspired motif works well by collar bones, and it provides a sneak peek when wearing low-cut clothes. This design looks chic on all women, no matter their aesthetic. If you want a secret placement, consider this design as a between-breast tattoo.

30. Purple Watercolor Leaf Tattoo. If you’re interested in a side boob tattoo, check out this watercolor design. With subtle colors that suit all skin tones, this natural design will elevate your look. A side breast tattoo is perfect for the summer months. This design could hurt if it covers your ribs, so be prepared!

31. Flowing Shoulder and Chest Tattoo. Why isolate your tattoo to just one area? Start a tattoo adventure by opting for a chest tattoo that spans two body parts. This cute design uses flowers, but any motif can be used for this placement. You can also add this design to both sides of your chest for a complete and symmetrical design.

32. Full Symmetrical Chest Design. Want to go bold? Take inspiration from this woman and fill your chest with intricate linework, traditional shapes, and expert shading.

33. Personalized Message Tattoo Designs. Adding text to a chest tattoo is the perfect way to elevate pretty female tattoos to a heartfelt message. This tattoo combines handwriting and florals for a complete under-chest design.

34. Inspirational Quote Tattoo. Tattoo designs are here to represent your thoughts. If you have strong beliefs, why not include these in your chest tattoo? This woman has opted for a meaningful quote under her chest, and this tattoo connects to a previous design on her ribs. Perfect for any woman who wants to keep words or a name close to their heart.

35. Cursive Text Chest Tattoo. When you’ve settled on the quote you want on your body, it’s time to select the right text. Tattoo designs offer multiple fonts, but one that always looks chic is cursive. Cursive text is soft and feminine, adding an elegant touch to your under-chest tattoo.

36. Curved Inspiration Text Tattoo. Deciding on tattoo designs can be tough, especially with so many chest placement options. While many women add inspirational text under their chests, you can also wrap the text around your breast. This chest tattoo is ideal for those who want to show the piece off.

37. Shoulder Blade Design. Looking for an alternative chest tattoo? Forget curved designs, a line of text that mimics your natural shoulder line is elegant and meaningful simultaneously. Whether you choose a quote or a name, this design has to be a straight line!

38. Rose Line Art. Women worldwide enjoy roses, and these gorgeous florals also work perfectly as a chest tattoo. Add your design ink dark in for a clear effect, and let it show in the summer! This motif also works for cleavage and upper and side boob areas.

39. Angel Wings Sternum Tattoo. Not keen on floral tattoos? Wings are an ideal replacement if you’re looking for a sternum design. This is a must-try design for any Rihanna fans, as the singer boasts a similar design.

40. Bird Inspired Shoulder Tattoo. A breast tattoo can take any shape or form, but one of our favorite designs is this bird-inspired motif. If you love animal-themed tattoos, consider this pick. Birds and feathers represent freedom, life, and health – perfect for anyone celebrating a new beginning.

Choosing a tattoo can be tough, but our breast tattoo research has proven there are cute boob tattoos for all ladies. Whether you’re looking for a colorful floral tattoo or a minimal black ink tattoo, you’ll have no trouble deciding with these picks.

Always remember to research your breast tattoo before getting started! If you’re ever in doubt, chat with your tattoo artist to discuss design options and tattoo ideas beforehand. Good luck with your chest tattoo, remember the pain only lasts for hours but your unique breast tattoo is forever!

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