Coffin-shaped nails, also called ballerina nails, are a go-to nail shape for many fashionistas right now. Coffin nails look like stiletto nails but with a squared-off tip, meaning that they also make your fingers look longer and more slender, but let you opt out of the edgy claw-like tips. Scroll down to find the hottest coffin-shaped nails ideas and designs!

1. French Tip Coffin Nails with Sparkly Accents. When you decide to settle on a traditional nail design, don’t leave a lonely white stripe on each tip. Dress up an impeccable white french manicure with glitter polish and rhinestones.

French Manicure with Glitter and Stones on Coffin Shape

via @rozsalilla.nailinstructor

2. Purple Swirls Coffin Nail Design. Take inspiration from groovy ’70s and combine your favorite shades of purple and mauve for a unique look. The tapered shape of the coffin nail works amazingly with graceful swirls.

Matte Coffin Shaped Nails with Purple Swirl Design

via @napaznokciach

3. Funky Leopard Print Matte Coffin Nails. Give your next mani a fun twist with a hip animal print in smashing colors. The medium length of the nails balances out the audacity of the unconventional color choices.

Long Olive Green Nails with Leopard Print Design for Accent Fingers

via @knot.nails

4. Glossy Pink Coffin Acrylic Nails. These coffin nails are elegant and refined. This is a universal look that works equally well for everyday wear and special occasions alike. Acrylic nails are damage resistant and will ensure a perfect nail look for weeks to come.

Long Pink Nails on Coffin Nail Shape

via @verena_pikulski

5. Milky Sheer Coffin Nails with Gold Foil. Despite the macabre name, coffin nail designs can be delicate and sweet. This dainty nail art is a case in point. These coffin nails feature dreamy white, a subtle ombre effect, and sheer marble with streaks of gold.

Medium Length Nails with Nude and Marble Nail Designs

via @nailsbykarla28

6. Glam Acrylic Nails in Turquoise and Pink. Go for ombre nails with a spin and mix unexpected hues for a dazzling effect. Glam your coffin nails up with custom patterns of crystals and glitter for special moments.

Ombre and Rhinestone Nail Designs on Long Coffin Nails

via @nailcocktail

7. Neon Pink and Yellow Coffin Nails. On days when you crave vivid colors and fun nail designs, go for electrifying shades of neon yellow and bright pink. They twist and twirl together creating a look that is sure to draw attention to your coffin nails.

Neon Pink and Yellow Nail Art on Tapered Square Tips

via @minimani_klaudia

8. Nude Coffin Nails with 3D Design. For an elegant nail design that doesn’t feel over the top go for a soft nude shade of nail polish. The delicate 3D floral pattern will undoubtedly add a sophisticated touch to your nail art.

Nude Long Nails with 3d Leaves

via @sylwiakaszczykmaluje

9. Neon Coffin Nails with Animal Prints. Would you like something hip and trendy but still very tender and feminine for your coffin nail design? Go for rich shades of yellow and pink with a jot of animalistic prints.

Fun Design for Coffin Nail Shape

via @twinklesnail

10. Textured Nude Coffin Nails. These textured coffin-shaped nails take your nude mani to the next level. The cable knit texture on the ring finger contrasts with the plushy matte finish, creating a cozy sweater weather vibe.

Sweater Nails in Brown and Beige Tones

via @rozsalilla.nailinstructor

11. White Coffin Nails with Glitter Ombre. Glitter ombre nails are a great choice for coffin nails. The glitter looks especially gorgeous on white polish. Create a bedazzling effect on one nail to draw attention to your mani.

White Coffin Nail Manicure with Accent Finger

via @verena_pikulski

12. Sparkling Blue Coffin Nails. Playing with light reflection adds depth to your nail design and keeps things fun. Try a stunning combination of glossy royal blue nail polish and teal glitter on a single nail or mix them together to create ombre nails.

Blue and Glitter Coffin Nail Design

via @didisnails

13. Light Pink Coffin Nails. A sweet feminine shade of light pink looks beautiful on short coffin nails. To visually elongate the nails, go for a V-shaped french tip in a sparking pink champagne hue.

Coffin Nails with Sparling French Chevron Tips


14. Emerald Green Coffin Nails with Glitter. Emerald green is an eminently elegant choice for coffin nail designs. Sleek green looks even more refined when contrasted with nude nails with a dash of glitter near the cuticle.

Green Polish and Glitter Ombre on Coffin Nail Shape

via @nailsby_lie

15. Cartoon French Tip Matte Coffin Nails. The viral pop art trend is the hottest nail look right now. With crisp lines and plentiful length, coffin-shaped nails seem to be the perfect canvas for this type of nail art.

Comic Coffin Nail Art Idea

via @nailcocktail

16. Purple Coffin Nails with Geometric Design. Purple is an amazing color – rich and appealing. It can be both girly and sophisticated. Emphasize your complex personality with an outstanding graphic nail design in shades of purple.

Purple and White Nail Design

via @sylwiakaszczykmaluje

17. Blush Pink Ballerina Nails. Soft shades of pink nails scream elegance and tenderness. A light pink base is a perfect backdrop for a slight brushstroke of shimmering glitter. Simple and delicate, this nail design is perfect for DIY-ing.

Classy Light Pink Design for Coffin Shaped Nails

via @noemi_ibba_nails_magnetic

18. Marble and Gold Coffin Nails. This coffin nail design plays up a nude base coat featuring alluring marble nail art on accent nails. These cute coffin nails look festive thanks to flickers of gold.

Light Marble Nails with Gold Speckles

via @didisnails

19. Leopard French Tip Coffin Nails. There are hundreds of ways to customize leopard coffin nail designs. Give this distinctive french manicure a go. Go for a pinkish nude polish as a base coat and add some black leopard spots on the tips.

Leopard Print French Tips on Long Coffin Nails

via @twinklesnail

20. Midnight Blue Sequined Coffin Nails. Dazzling sequins give the royal blue nail polish the unbelievable depth and charm of the Northern Lights. With fiery green and purple undertones, this nail look will look be easy to incorporate in so many wardrobes.

Black and Royal Blue Coffin Nail Art


21. Summer Coffin Nails. This juicy and sweet nail art is absolutely mouthwatering! The subtle and fresh pastel-colored watermelon nails are a great accessory for the summer season.

Summer Watermelon Nail Art on Coffin Nails

via @napaznokciach

22. Rose Quartz Coffin Nails. Go luxe and ultra-feminine by painting your nails this delicate shade of rose gold. Translucent and dimensional, they will look lovely with filigree jewelry. This coffin nail design makes a perfect choice for a festive occasion.

Rose Marble Design on Coffin Shaped Nails

via @didisnails

23. White and Gray Coffin Nails. The ombre effect is one of the most beloved coffin nail designs and gray is the best fit for multiple reasons. It can be paired with almost any color and creates an outstanding color transition. What is more, gray gives a pinch of mystery and sophistication to your nail art.

Long Ombre Coffin Nails

via @griffe_co

24. Mocha Brown Coffin Nails. With a variety of tints, mocha brown has subtle undertones that add luxurious silky flair to coffin nail designs. The gradient effect keeps the look interesting and the smooth glossy finish gives this manicure an ultra-chic vibe.

Shades of Autumn Coffin Shaped Nails

via @nailkoulture

25. Candy Cane Coffin Acrylic Nails. If you are looking for season-matching nails, this might be it! These bright Christmas-themed nails are cute and festive and absolutely irresistible. A coffin nail with an intricate white snowflake or a red tip will surely enter you into a celebration mode.

Winter Red and White Coffin Nail Designs

via @nailtechnextdoor

26. Brown and Pink Coffin Nails. The pink and brown duo is one of the less obvious but not less intriguing fall-inspired color combinations. Having the right color combo helps your nail art stand out. Go for nail decals or paint free-hand a fall-themed image to intensify the vibe.

Coffin Nails with Fall Themed Stamping

via @evie_nailsdipped

27. Medium Coffin Nails in Burgundy and Gold. Super long coffin nails look ravishing but let’s admit it – they can be quite a trick to handle every day. Short nails, on the other hand, sometimes don’t give you enough space for desirable nail designs. Medium length really looks like a happy medium on a coffin-shaped nail. This splendid coffin burgundy and gold manicure is an excellent example.

Deep Red Nail Art on Long Tapered Nails

via @cvnailsdesigner

28. Gold Glitter Coffin Nails. Sparkling metallic nails are totally hip! You can either go all out and get a scintillating look or spotlight one nail. A glittery reverse french manicure is also an attractive option.

White and Gold Coffin Nail Design

via @amore_nailsart

29. French Fade Coffin Acrylic Nails. Give a graceful and stylish feel to your manicure with french ombre white coffin nails. It’s a superb example of how classic trends are paired with modern ones.

Black Coffin Nails with Cosmic Pink Nail Art

via @nails.gulush

30. Color Blocking Amethyst Coffin Nails. Coffin nail designs that use coordinating shades of one color boast a remarkably posh feel. Use lighter and darker shades of amethyst for a color-blocking effect with gleaming glitter.

Half Ombre Half Glitter Purple Nails Design

via @jbunny_dips

31. Nude Coffin Nails with Black Drawings. You don’t always have to go for bold colors and extravagant nail designs to make a statement. Often times a straightforward uncomplicated design can be as powerful. These negative space minimalistic black drawings will surely have the spotlight.

Short Coffin Shaped Matte Nude Nails with Black Details

via @institut_papillongles

32. Velvety Black Coffin Nails. If you are up for a bold edgy appearance, black coffin nails are an excellent option. Keep the nail length medium and cover your entire nails with a mattifying top coat for a glam rock twist.

Matte Black Nails on Coffin Nail Shape

via @prettycultnails

33. Golden Chocolate Wrapper Coffin Nails. The neutral vibe of chocolate brown is highlighted with gold foil nails in this stunning nail art. Reminiscent of tasty treats wrapped in glistening covers, this manicure is positively scrumptious.

Interesting Coffin Nail Designs for Fall

via @ilskanails

34. Flaming Red Coffin Nails. Red coffin nails are one of the most popular choices for a bright vibrant look. Rocking plain red nails reveals confidence and voluptuousness. A great choice for Valentine’s Day or a date night.

Long Red Coffin Nails

via @didisnails

35. Khaki and Gold Coffin Nails. Khaki embodies all things natural and offers a wonderful alternative when you want to incorporate hues of green into your coffin nail designs. Elevate your khaki manicure by adding a golden sugar effect on an accent finger.

Acryllic Nails with Green Polish and Feature Gold Glitter Nails

via @griffe_co

36. Gold and Black Ombre Coffin Nails. Black nails are one of the prevalent manicure choices for a number of reasons. It looks good with any skin tone and nail shape and works for the majority of wardrobes and occasions. But black coffin nails are especially gorgeous. If you love black nails, try this dazzling black and gold ombre look.

Black and Gold Coffin Nail Design

via @kimnails0204

37. Yellow Coffin Shape Acrylic Nails. Long coffin nails look best when paired with loud colors. The plain solid color looks amazing when emphasized by glitter french tips.

Long Neon Yellow Coffin Nails

via @applesnailsandbeauty

38. Elegant Pink Glitter Swirls Coffin Nails. Lighten things up with delicate short coffin nails with pinkish swirls of glitter. Slender streaks of shimmer take inspiration from champagne bubbles in a crystal wine glass, making your ballerina nails irresistible.

Elegant Mani with Glitter Swirls on Coffin Nail Shape

via @carlamarisanailstudio

39. Sugar Plum Fairy Coffin Nails. These cute coffin nails are dreamy and magical. Just like fairy dust, they turn your manicure into a glitter coffin nail splendor. Choose cool shades of purple, lilac, and powder blue to create an attractive gradient effect on your nails.

Different Color Glitter Nail Art

via @jbunny_dips

40. Peach Melba Coffin Nails. Ring in spring with this sensuous coffin nail manicure. It’s perfect for warmer weather when you get plenty of chances to show off your fantastic nails. The tint is soft and creamy and looks perfect both on its own or in a combination with other pastel or neutral shades. This design will look equally good on short coffin nails, as the wavy line makes the nails optically longer.

Orange Summer Design on Long Nails

via @vibe.salon_

How to shape coffin nails?

Start off by filing down your nails so they’re all even in terms of length. Then, file your natural nails on the sides to create a taper and finish off with flat tips. The tips should be narrower than those of tapered square nails – the feature that actually makes the two nail shapes different. Basically, aim for a form that has given the style its name – a coffin.

Coffin nails vs Tapered Square Nails

via @poshnailbar_tarrah_distad

Do coffin nails break easily?

Well, unlike an almond shape, a coffin shape is more prone to breaking because the flat tip creates weak points. So, unless you are skilled at shaping nails, it’s best to trust a professional at a nail salon.

Do coffin nails look better on short or long nails?

Coffin-shaped nails look best on long nails but they look great on shorter lengths too. Alternatively, if your natural nails are too short for your liking, you can opt for acrylic nails.

The coffin shape is a fresh modern take on nail shapes. Expressive and distinctive, it can be styled to look daring and fierce or delicate and refined. It gives you plenty of opportunities to express your personal style and look drop-dead gorgeous.

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