Has the notion of a collarbone tattoo crept into your head recently? Tattoos are here to empower you and decorate your body, so choosing your unique design is an exciting process! From flower tattoos to abstract collarbone tats, anything is possible.

These tattoos for women are here to provide inspiration for all ladies out there considering some fresh ink in the collarbone area. Ready to see some different designs and inked beauty? Scroll down for more!

1. Symmetrical Leaves Tattoo Art. Nature-based tattoos are always a great choice – especially if you’re looking for a design that’ll sit on a delicate body part. Collar bones provide an excellent canvas for plant or floral tattoos as you can use your linear bone shape to accentuate the body art. Fabulous!

Symmetrical Collarbone Tattoos For Women

via @junipermoontattoo

2. Floral Tattoo Collection. A collarbone tattoo can be minimal, but it doesn’t have to be! This floral design proves you can opt for a more extravagant design and still look elegant.

Floral Collarbone Tattoo

via @bugpin_beck

3. Mirrored Flowers. This floral design is so beautiful it’s applied twice! With soft, simple lines and a full bloom flower, this ink captures a gentle elegance – perfect for anyone who wants their next ink to look feminine.

Matching Flowers and Petals Collarbone Tattoo

via @karolinabrzostowska

4. Mini Pastel Florals. Not sure whether you want black color ink on your collarbone area? Many tattoo artists are embracing the pastel ink trend. These tattoos often use bright pops of pink, blue, and green, giving a contrast between the skin and the design. Beautiful, yet minimal.

Tiny Pastel Collar Bone Tattoo

via @bay__tattoo

5. Shoulder Butterfly Tattoos. A butterfly tattoo is a timeless classic that symbolizes freedom and life. If you’re after a meaningful collarbone tattoo, a simple butterfly motif could complete your design. This style is popular in black ink, but you can ask your artist for vivid hues too.

Butterflies Tattoos Oven and Under Collar Bone

via @katielunny_tattoos

6. Shoulder and Chest Dragon Tattoo. Eye-catching tattoos for women are on the rise, and fashionistas are after intricate dragon designs. This is a great idea if you want your collarbone tattoo to represent your lust for life or powerful spirit. Just make sure you research the meaning behind any cultural symbols first!

Feminine Dragon Tattoo on the Shoulder and Collar Bone Area

via @tattooer_bass

7. Sensual Snake Ink. Snakes might be some people’s biggest fear, but there’s something rather sensual and delicate about snake ink. This edgy style looks great in mostly black shading and a strong pop of red – a modern take on traditional feminine designs!

Collarbone Tattoo Snake Design

via @katiegirltattoo

8. See-Through Leaves. The collarbone is a bold placement, but you don’t have to opt for a striking shoulder design. These feathery plants prove how elegant a barely-there tattoo can be.

Classy Feminine One Side Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @madlen.tattoo

9. Green Ink Leaf Tattoos. A large majority of tattoos are in black ink today, and we love them! However, if you feel like breaking the rules, a navy or dark green shade complements collarbone leaves perfectly. Whether you opt for on the bones or just below, an off-black ink will perfectly complete your chest area.

Olive Leave Chest Tattoo for Women

via @canvastattooandartgallery

10. Dainty Flower and Birds Chest Tattoo. Floral tattoos are a favorite choice for women. Want yours to look a little different? Add some birds to your inking! To make the design even more personal, ask your loved ones to choose their favorite birds and plants. Style with a hidden meaning!

Florals and Birds Collarbone Tattoo Design for Women

via @trifolium.tattoo

11. Bold Pink and Red Roses. With so many gorgeous colors in the world, it’s a shame to miss out on a colorful design. This show-stopping floral tattoo mixes detailed art and a rich color palette for a sensational result. As this tattoo stretches across the collarbone, shoulder and chest, it might be a little more painful. Remember to discuss any worries with your tattoo artist beforehand.

Colorful Roses Tattoo on the Shoulder and Chest Area

via @chaewha_ink

12. Pale Pink Flower Tattoo Design. If you’ve had your eye on colorful tattoos for a while, consider trying the pale pink trend. This cherry bloom tattoo style uses less shading, making the painful process more bearable without compromising the design. A great choice for any first-timers.

Cherry Blosson Collarbone and Chest Tattoo

via @ronytattoo

13. Under Clavicle Flowers. Tattoos directly on the collarbone area can be quite painful due to the presence of bones. Artists can avoid extra pain by subtly placing the design below, but still along the clavicle. This below collarbone design features a bright star and roses design – bold and beautiful.

Black Ink Symmetrical Collar Bone Tattoo

via @gvada.ttt

14. Mini Collarbone Designs. Mini designs and tiny simple shapes are a big trend right now. We love this leaf design and the simple sophistication it brings. However, if rushed or done quickly, these mini styles can fade quickly. Getting inked is a big decision, so always head to a professional artist for the best results!

Small Branches Collar Bone Tattoos

via @lined.up

15. Bouquet Flower Tattoo. This floral pick doesn’t just frame the clavicle. Oh no, this intricate and gorgeous design covers the shoulder and chest for an impressive finish. You’ll want to embrace sleeveless tops forever!

Inked Floral Tattoo in the Collar Bone Area

via @whamsytattooer

16. Color-Only Design. Most tattoos include black outlines to separate the design from the client’s skin. What if you removed the black line? Well, you end up with a gentle design and a very refined result! This is a style you can’t ignore – especially when it comes to floral patterns.

No Black Ink Color Tattoo for Women

via @inkwave.scene

17. One-Sided Chest Design. Body art is whatever YOU want it to be, and there are hundreds of different styles to choose from. A one-sided chest and collarbone design is a chic way to enjoy a collarbone tattoo without adding more pain. Nice!

Curved Botanic Tattoo Over the Breast

via @karolinabrzostowska

18. Alternative Collar Bone Tattoo. Ready to go against collar bone tattoo trends? Swap flowers for leafy plants and mushrooms! These tattoo ideas still link to the traditional flower tattoo idea, but you’ll have something more unique instead. We love this pink and green tattoo; don’t be scared to add color!

Unusual Collar Bone Tattoo for Women

via @leftoverpaint.tattoo

19. Dandelion Collarbone Tattoos. Dandelions might not be your first thought, but these collar bone tattoos capture the spirit of nature and fluid movement perfectly. Make sure you opt for dainty lines to get the best final look.

Feminine Dandelion Tattoo Idea

via @jailhouse_tattoo

20. Flowing Abstract Collar Bone Tattoo. Swirls and flowing lines can create a harmonious look on any collar bone. This tattoo uses soft curves to create a subtle, yet modern look on the model’s shoulder. A great idea if you want a tattoo that spans different body parts.

Swirls Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @tattooist.pado

21. Bow and Arrow Design. Mythology is a popular topic in general, and for tattoos too. This moon and arrow design can be customized to pay homage to your favorite stories, and your tattoo artist will love telling a story via ink. Add extra sunflowers or roses for a pop of color.

Arrow and Bow Collarbone Tattoo

via @kalamudratattoos

22. Crescent Moon and Arrow. Another attractive moon and bow design, this tattoo adds a delicate feather instead of flowers. For this collarbone tattoo, the artist has used dark navy and purple colors, giving the overall style a nighttime feel.

Feathery Arrow and Crescent Moon Collarbone Tattoo

via @tattooist_giho_

23. Infinity Sign with a Name. If you’re getting tattooed, you might want to make your inspiration art more meaningful. A popular way to customize collarbone tattoos is via small quotes and names, like the dainty text in this infinity design.

Meaningful Collarbone Tattoo

via @inkdoctor_mark

24. Out of This World Planet Tattoo. Planetary tattoos always produce stunning results, and this collarbone tattoo proves it! Opt for tiny planets and fine details to re-create this soft curved tattoo design.

Feminine Planets Collarbone Tattoo

via @1920tattoozhub

25. Sparkles and Stars Collar Bone Tat. Getting a tattoo inked is all about emphasizing your beauty. And what better way to make your collar bone shine than with tiny star motifs? These night sky tattoos frame the bone perfectly without being too loud.

Small Stars Tattoo Under the Collar Bone

via @blanink_

26. Cute but Minimal Planets. Collarbone tattoo ideas span all genres, but sky-inspired designs are one of the most popular neck and collarbone options. With this option, you can place subtle stars, planets, and moons around your bone and breast area to highlight your features.

Dainty Moon and Stars Collarbone Tattoo

via @inkscooltattoos

27. Zodiac Sign Tattoo. We all have a friend who loves zodiac signs, and if that’s you – check out this minimalist astrological tattoo. While this doesn’t sit on the collar bone, it highlights the shoulder area instead. A perfect tiny tattoo for anyone keen on the stars.

Zodiac Sign Tattoo Design for Women

via @naomink_.tattoo

28. Decorative Chest Pattern. Why keep it slight when you can be proud of your tattoos? This idea is an excellent choice for anyone that’s a fan of larger tattoo designs. Keep the design perfectly placed under your collar bone for symmetrical results.

Full Chest Tattoo Design for Women

via @dentaldamage

29. Dot Work Collar Bone and Neck Tattoo. Allow your tattoo artist to showcase their skills with this large and detailed collar bone tattoo. Most collar bone tattoos are smaller, so this dot-work pattern will make for a one-of-a-kind result. Just be careful, as this design might be more painful on the bone areas.

Ornamental Collar Tattoo Design

via @papercranestudio

30. Cute Ornamental Tattoo. Have you ever seen a pattern so beautiful you want it inked forever? Use his tattoo as inspiration. With delicate lines and under bone placement, this collarbone tattoo turns an ornamental design into an art piece.

Small Ornamental Collarbone Tattoos

via @laceydawn.tattoo

31. Striking Red Tattoo. Tattoo loves amongst us take notes – this beautiful red and black design could be yours! With an intricate design and a realistic red planet in the center of the piece, this is a collar bone framing tattoo you’ll cherish forever.

Large Lace Tattoo with Red Planet on the Sternum

via @invictus.tattoo.budapest

32. Dragon Fly and Short Quote Tattoo. Quote tattoos are one of the most popular tattoos for women, but did you know you can pair them with your favorite animal? From flying birds to dragonflies, leveling up your quote design is a must.

Dragon Fly and Short Quote Girly Tattoo

via @el.aesthetic.tattooer

33. Flying Birds and Cursive Text Design. Combine feathers and cuteness with this flying bird collarbone tattoo. We love the vivid ink here, especially the bright blues. Note this down for your own design!

Carpe Diem Tattoo Idea for Women

via @tattoo_maker_sunny_mahapure_

34. Simple Linear Quote. Getting your collarbone tattooed can be extra meaningful with a quote that’s close to your heart. Remember to check out fonts before you arrive to ensure your text tattoo lies flat across your collar bone.

Linear Collarbone Quote Tattoo

via @tattooss.alkaya

35. Woven Flower and Quote Tattoo. If you’re getting tattooed soon, consider choosing an elegant flower design. This eternal motif can be mixed with words or a name, a perfect idea for any mothers out there.

Cursive Word and Florals Collar Bone Tattoo

via @natattoostudio

36. One Word Collarbone Tattoo. Why say it with many words when you can use just one? A one-word collarbone tattoo takes simplicity to the max.

One Word Classy Feminine Collar Bone Tattoo

via @tattooistkunal

37. Geometric Flying Bird Tattoo. Take feather designs to a whole new level with this geometric-inspired bird design. One wing represents real feathers, and the other focuses on unique shapes making a modern feather effect.

Geometric Colorful Hummingbird Colibri Tattoo

via @tattoo.spayk

38. Three Little Birds. Want to immortalize your loved ones? Take inspiration from this cute bird design and add a bird for each of your family members. A great mother tattoo idea!

Simple Line Heart and Birds Collarbone Tattoo

via @devilientattooz

39. Phoenix Rising Tattoo. If you often feel inspired by feather tattoo designs, the vibrant phoenix rising tattoo could be for you. With gorgeous purple and blue tones, this style sits perfectly underneath the collar bone – you can hide it if needed and show it when you want to. Super!

Phoenix Tattoo Under the Collar Bone

via @harsh.sethi02

40. Infinity Collarbone Design. This infinity collarbone tattoo combines a range of popular patterns and motifs. However, you could add your own stamp to it with small text, butterflies, or even some pastel flowers.

Infinity Sign and Feather Clavicle Tattoo

via @jelena.gajic76tattoo

41. Matching Hand Collar Bone Tattoos. Cement your friendship with your BFF for life with these matching collar bone tattoos. Each uses the infinity symbol and two hands to represent everlasting love – so sweet!

Matching Collarbone Tattoos with Hands and Infinity Signs

via @nadyahopetattoo

42. Neck and Collar Bone Tattoos. Why choose one area when you can cover two? These tattoos use different words to cover the skin and show off the artist’s skill.

Short Cursive Quote and Feather Tattoos in the Collarbone Area

via @mona_lissa_tattoos

43. Tiny Wave Design. Adorn your collarbone with this tiny collection of waves. Whether you’re a true water baby or not, this modern collarbone tattoo is gorgeous.

Delicate Waves Collarbone Tattoo

via @uzunovtattoo

44. Mountain Inspired Collarbone Tattoo. Keep the mountains close to your heart with this line-style travel tattoo. Collarbone tattoos can capture your favorite places, an essential idea for any tattoo lovers with wanderlust.

Mountains Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @inspiredarttattoo

45. Ocean Critter Collarbone Tattoos. Classy women’s collar bone tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, but some of the best feature alternative designs. This whale offers a beautiful illustration and offers something different from typical collarbone tattoos.

Whale Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @poizonberryink

46. Koi Fish Collarbone Illustration. There’s beauty in movement, and the koi fish illustration perfectly captures fluidity. If you’re a fan of traditional tattoos or Japanese designs, getting a koi fish tattooed will work well with the aesthetic.

Inked Fish Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @nst.bessarab

47. Fish and Flower Tattoo. Any designs can complement each other when in similar color palettes, just like this pastel pink blossom and fish sensation. This collarbone tattoo sits just under the clavicle, but you can change the position if desired.

Colorful Fish Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @o.ri_tattoo

48. Aqua Jellyfish Tattoo. Jellyfish and their unique shape are a perfect match for tattoos. This tattoo design flows across the collarbone and breast area for an unforgettable finish.

Blue Jellyfish Collarbone Tattoo Design

via @electricinktattoostudio

49. Snake Illustration with Leaves. Considering getting a snake illustration tattooed? Add your favorite plant or herb for a personal touch to get a tattoo design that combines nature and snakes.

Snake Tattoo Under the Collar Bone for Women

via @peledaitis

50. Realistic Tiger Tattoo. Collarbone tattoos can work with every design, and this photo-realistic tiger design proved it! Perfect for anyone who has a soft spot for cats – large or small.

Tiger Tattoo Design for Women

via @haening_tattoo

51. Spooky Spider Tattoo. Collarbone tattoos don’t have to be pink and girly… This spider illustration proves that getting tattooed can be spooky and stylish.

Realistic Spider Clavicle Tattoo

via @familiatattoo_bali

52. Watercolor Collarbone Tattoo. Calling all color lovers! This tattoo design replicates paint strokes, giving a realistic watercolor art effect. A collarbone tattoo that will wow all viewers.

Playful Cat Watercolor Collarbone Tattoo

via @mr.jones.tattoo

53. Sternum and Collarbone Tattoo. Want to combine two of the most popular tattoo placements? This dragonfly tattoo spans from between the client’s collarbones to their sternum, fitting in between her breasts perfectly.

Centered Sternum and Collarbone Dragonfly Tattoo

via @kriya.ink

54. Simple Name Tattoo. If you admire complex tattoos but don’t want to commit to a large one, consider this simple name design. With a dainty cursive font and meticulous collarbone placement, everything about this tattoo design is purposeful.

Simple Collarbone Name Tattoo

via @ashleylorrainelimon

55. Tiny Initial Tattoo. Tattoos don’t have to be attention-grabbing, and this simple initial design proves it. While we love the small text, you could easily replace letters with roman numerals if you want an alternative design.

Small Initials in the Collarbone Area

via @mafaldadiegotattoo_artist

56. Heartbeat Collarbone Tattoo. Who does your heart belong to? Celebrate your nearest and dearest with a medical heartbeat tattoo. Whether you get a true ECG reading or not, is up to you!

Heartbeat and Date Collarbone Tattoo

via @senimemori.tattoo

57. Decorative Heart Tattoo. This decorative heart tattoo takes vintage patterns and turns them into an everlasting design. Let the artists assess the specific features of your body to decide if it’s better to place it towards your shoulder or closer to the collarbone area.

Intricate Heart Tattoo Design

via @auua.tattoo

58. Fingerprint Heart Tattoo. Ask your loved ones to make a stamp on your body with this realistic fingerprint heart tattoo. This tattoo design is extra meaningful, as the client has small roman numerals beneath the motif.

Fingerprint Collarbone Tattoo Idea

via @1920tattoozhub

59. Rainbow Bubbles Tattoo. We see rainbow ink in many designs, but this bubble tattoo takes it to an even cuter level. With expert shading and a soft color palette, this design is perfect for all Kawaii style fans.

Watercolor Bubbles Collarcone Tattoo

via @palette.tt

60. Mix & Match Collarbone Tattoo. With so many collarbone tattoo inspirations on the list, it can be difficult to choose one design. This design mixes hands, moths, plants, and bones for a unique effect. But you can add what you want! From a feminine rose tattoo to a bold nail tattoo design, all options are on the table, so be creative!

Matching Female and Skeleton Hands Collarbone Tattoos

via @blxckcraft.ink

So, which collar bone tattoos are currently on your list? Are you planning a sophisticated crescent moon design or would you rather have a bright and sunny sunflower tattoo? The options are endless. We hope this blog has inspired you! We want to know your thoughts. Let us know which design was your favorite in the comments!

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