Just like a little black dress or a bob haircut, a French manicure has stood the test of time and is seen as a symbol of class and elegance. With its neutral base and immaculate white tip, it has become a universal design that looks good with any outfit and any occasion. And just like many classic things, it sees its comeback in new colors, shapes, and designs.

What is the best way to rock French manicure designs? What shapes work best with French tips? What designs and finishes are in this year? Read on for all the answers.

1. French Manicure with Square Nail Tips and Delicate Shimmer. A simple way to add a little something extra to your French manicure without going all the way overboard is to apply a shimmery top coat over a light pink polish. Crisp white square French tips give particular emphasis to the overall look.

Classic French Manicure with Glitter Rosy Polish Base

via @glossyglow_bycintia

2. Classic French Manicure with Chevron Nail Tips. Starting with a soft touch of pale pink, this traditional French manicure design takes a dramatic twist with swoopy V-shaped white tips. This dashing nail design would complement the dressiest outfit for the night out and wouldn’t look out of place in the corporate environment.

Long Square Nails with Chevron French Tip

via @diamondshine.beauty

3. Criss Cross French Manicure. Update a classic French manicure design with this geometric rendition in deep shades of teal with a glitz of silver. Slim lines of paint in rich colors help you visually elongate the nail, while shimmering silver invites a play of light and makes your French manicure festive.

Rounded Coffin Nails with Dark V Shaped French Nail Tips

via @_mejzi

4. Mint and Olive Tonal French Tips. Having trouble choosing only one yummy color for your French nails? Go for tonal nail tips! They eliminate the need to land on one shade, putting the pressure aside. Go even further and paint or incorporate decals with animal prints to create an accent on the ring finger.

French Manicure with a Twist and Feature Nail Art

via @zmalowana_ana

5. Negative Space Blue French Nail Tips. A semitransparent nude base polish and a skinny tip line will generate extra negative space for you, keeping your short square nails looking fresh and tidy between your nail salon appointments. A colorful French tip design like this is a wonderful alternative to a classic manicure.

Short Nails with Thin Royal Blue Tips

via @raelondonnails

6. Ombre French Tip Manicure. A trend that is sure to make your nails the talk of the town is this super hot ombre French manicure design. Ask your nail technician to create a soft gradient down the center of the nail and then reverse the gradient on the French tips. This mirrored effect creates an optical illusion of light hitting just right.

Ombre Nails French Manicure Design

via @nailcocktail

7. White Swirls French Manicure Design. A cute and feminine take on a classic French mani, this nail design features French tip detailing in loose erratic shapes. Complemented with thin swirly lines, it looks even prettier.

Swirl Nails French Manicure Design

via @bettynails

8. Cotton Candy and Cow Print French Nail Tips. The popularity of cow print is hardly overrated. It’s super versatile, perfectly complementing everything in your wardrobe, from brights to neutrals. And this French nail art is an excellent point in case. Paired with soft pastel colors of cotton candy, cow print French tips look as gorgeous as ever.

Funny Matte French Manicure with Color and Cow Print Tips

via @napaznokciach

9. Bubble Art White Tips. Take your French manicure designs a step further with this inventive technique. Simply apply dishwashing liquid suds over a wet French tip to achieve this cool frothy effect. It’s effortless in performance and yields stunning designs.

Stiletto Nails with Textured French Nail Tips

via @a_angelika31

10. Neon Yellow and Black French Manicure. These French nails combine a perfect coat of neon yellow nail polish on the index and pinky fingers with awesome black nail art on other nails. This French manicure is creative and will surely make you noticed.

Yellow and Black French Tips Nail Design

via @minimani_klaudia

11. Pop Art French Nails. Comic nails, also known as cartoon nails, are one of the coolest trends in manicure design. Bold painted-on lines around the borders of the nail create a 3D effect, just like the lively drawings in comic books.

French Tip Comic Nails

via @heluviee

12. Red French Tip Nails. Red French tips pair nicely with a dash of gold, bringing about a festive vibe. Add a pinch of reflective glitter, which looks equally good both in daylight and candlelight.

French Manicure with Red and Clear Nail Polish

via @vwnails_

13. Minimalistic Zebra Print French Nails. Such a cool way to incorporate animal print in a classic French manicure design! Start with a basic French mani and then paint thin black stripes. Paint each nail slightly differently, because – remember? – no two zebras are alike!

Square Nails with Zebra Print French Tips

via @holliebarkernailartist

14. Cheerful Summer French Manicure Designs. Update your French mani with a host of playful prints in juicy summer colors to uplift your spirits. Flowers and summer berries, picnic blankets and blue skies are a perfect fit.

Summer Nails with Different French Tip Design on Each Finger

via @crystalnailshu

15. Matte and Gold French Manicure Design. Put a modern twist on a classic French manicure with matte milky-pink nail polish and a fine line of gold glitter at the tips. A subtle but perfect style that goes with any look.

Milky Pink Nails with Gold Glitter French Tip

via @aaginails

16. Colorful Nails French Manicure. This adorable design incorporates soft pastels with neon colors. Just sweep a different color on the tip of each nail for a rainbow effect. It’s a fun and creative design for all ages.

Different Color French Tip Nails

via @neonailpoland

17. French Manicure with Butterfly Stickers. French nails with designs are becoming more and more popular these days. Simple monochrome designs, like these dainty butterflies, are easy to create. Alternatively, you can use nail stamps or decals.

Nail Design with Blue Side French Tip and Butterfly Decals

via @denisaalina.nailtech

18. Citrus Swirl French Tip Nails. Longing for vacation-ready summer nails? Rock orange French tip nails with playful white swirls. Go for acrylic nails; they are long-lasting and look gorgeous.

Square Acrylic Nails with White Swirls on Bright French Tip

via @nunu_nailss

19. Metallic French Manicure. In this French manicure design, a clear base stands in stark contrast with metallic nail polish. They create a perfect backdrop for barely-there stardust, creating a truly magical captivating image.

Metallic French Tips on Pale Pink Marble Nails

via @nonadoesnails

20. French Manicure with Rhinestone Accent. Add a little glam to classic nail design with a pretty rhinestone accent on a ring finger. Square nails work perfectly with this design, ensuring a healthy look and durability.

French Manicure with Rhinestones of Ring Finger

via @glossyglow_bycintia

21. Magenta French Manicure Design. French manicures with a distinctive element are a modern classic. Start with a light pink base color and crown the French tips with a pop of s brighter shade. Add a line or two of rhinestones to elaborate the design even further.

Square Pink French Tip and Small Diamonds Nail Design

via @diamondshine.beauty

22. Reverse French Nails. Want another twist for a classic French tip? Use nude nail polish as a base and accent the nails with nail polish at the nail bed instead of a tip. Alternating white and black polish and the application principles makes the design even more interesting.

Black and White Reverse French Manicure Design

via @holliebarkernailartist

23. Floral Matte French Manicure Design. These elegant floral French tip nails are a perfect choice for a wedding or a gala night. They look dainty and sophisticated with an intricate design in matte white polish and the glitz of crystals.

Unusual Bridal French Manicure Idea

via @nailcocktail

24. Dark Matte Nails with Glossy French Tip. French nail designs in rich colors look fantastic on all nail shapes, but almond nails will guarantee you an exceptional look. Tapered to a point, they provide you with enough space for creativity and showcasing your favorite colors.

Stiletto Nails with Matte Nail Polish and Glossy French Tip

via @klawsbysonia

25. Neon French Tip Nails. These radiant French tip nails are sure to make a lasting impression! Keep the neon line slim to emphasize the beauty of natural nails. A perfect choice for vacation or warmer weather.

Short Neon French Tip Nails

via @raelondonnails

26. Refreshing Mint French Manicure. This cool shade of green is soothing and chic at the same time. It’s easy on the eyes and makes an awesome color combination with plain white polish. Pick the tone that works best with your skin tone for the wow effect.

White French Nail Tips over Ombre Nails

via @zmalowana_ana

27. Very Berry Glitter French Tips. If you are obsessed with glitter, don’t let anything stop you. Add it to your French manicure designs for a sparkling effect. Skinny French nail tips don’t seem enough? Cover a nail or two with glitter polish.

Fully Covered and French Tip Sparkly Nails Design

via @vwnails_

28. Rainbow Side Tip French Nails. For a style outside the routine French manicure designs, try these colorful nails. This cute but daring design features slanted French tip nails painted in neon shades of a rainbow.

Side French Nail Tips in Different Colors

via @napaznokciach

29. Citrus Fresh Floral French Manicure. Looking for cute flower designs to welcome spring? You can’t go wrong with pastel yellows and pretty florals. With pretty dotted daisies and neat lines, this French manicure design screams springtime.

Spring Nails French Manicure Design

via @minimani_klaudia

30. Dreamy Lavender French Manicure. A delicate purple French tip is a perfect choice for Valentine’s Day or when you feel extra romantic. Adorned with a graceful heart on a ring finger, it looks worthy of an engagement ring.

Clear Base and Purple French Tip Nails

via @heluviee

31. Holiday Edition French Manicure Design. Show off your creativity and invoke the festive spirit with a Christmas nail design. Long coffin nails will ensure plenty of space for your creative outlet. Ruby red French tip nails embellished with intricate snowflakes are just the right choice.

Red French Tip and Snowflakes Christmas Nails

via @nunu_nailss

32. Tiger Print French Tip Nails. This fierce and chic print is a great way to demonstrate your own unique style. Go for a pointy tip and vibrant orange to create zesty hot nail art.

Tiger Print French Nail Tips

via @a_angelika31

33. Raspberry French Tip Nails. This delicious nail art looks fantastic on oval nails. Start with a thin layer of a neutral base coat and add several shades of pink to the nail tip to create the bubbly raspberry effect.

Classy French Manicure with Pink Tips

via @evesxnails

34. Unconventional Black French Manicure. This nail art has it all: baby pink and black nails, shimmer and matte finish, simple lines, and exquisite heart designs. A French manicure design that speaks for itself!

White and Black Nails Unusual French Manicure

via @zmalowana_ana

35. Crocodile French Tip Nails. If you love exclusive French manicure designs, go for rare color combinations and design solutions. Bright shades of green and rich blue are reminiscent of tropical fish, while angled French tip designs make your nails visually longer.

French Manicure with Crocodile Nails Design

via @nailspace.__

36. Ornamental Wedding Day French Manicure. Make your special day memorable with an outstanding rendition of a French manicure design. Pearls, crystals, and 3D flowers work perfectly with a fancy gown and help you complement the look.

French Manicure Design with Rhinestones and 3d Flowers

via @bettynails

37. Silver Lining French Manicure. A sweep of silver glitter lends this French manicure design a jubilant atmosphere. No matter what your nail shape or length might be, sparkling metallic polish is sure to make your French manicure design stand out.

Silver Glitter French Tip Nails

via @nailsbypaulin

38. Orange and White French Tip Nails. Put a modern twist on a French manicure design with a pop of fiery orange. It’s a cute and cheerful nail design that will complement your summer look, whether you have long or short nails.

Nail Art Mixing French Tip Swirl and Flower Nail Designs

via @_mejzi

39. Cheerful Cherry French Manicure Design. This sweet French manicure design starts with a nude base. Crowned with a pale green French tip, the design is spruced up with a subtle cherry design. You can ask your nail tech to copy the design or use nail stickers for a DIY French manicure.

French Manicure with Cherry Nail Art

via @nailsbycaroline_

40. Tender Leafy French Manicure Design. Freehand drawings make each French manicure design unique and unforgettable. Begin with a nude polish and go for petals, leaves, or feathers to add a delicate touch to your nail art.

Botanic French Manicure Design

via @nailsmuaa

41. Subtle Natural French Manicure Design with a Twist. These natural-looking French nails are a pure delight. It used a time-tested and functional French manicure design that looks equally good with jeans and formal attire, but the iconic line is drawn along the side of the nail. Creamy nude shades look great on natural short nails.

French Manicure with White Nail Polish Along the Nail Side

via @raelondonnails

42. Stylish Summer French Nail Design. A little bit of summer is what the whole year is about. Get into the summer mood with these bright and cheerful summer French tip nails. Opt for warm shades of sunny yellow, coral red, and apple green for a French manicure to remember.

Interesting French Manicure for Summer

via @bettynails

43. Funky Multi-Colored French Manicure Design. A blazing swirl of color is an attractive alternative to a classic white tip for those who love to stand out. The beauty of this French manicure design is that you can go for any color combinations you like and can get as creative as you want.

Long Rainbow French Tip Nails

via @nailsby_gxx

44. Black Tip French Nail Art. Swap a traditional white polish for a black one to create a French manicure design with a difference. Experiment with the nail shape and the style of the lines to develop a unique look.

Nude and Black French Manicure Design

via @evesxnails

45. Funny French Manicure. Who’s your favorite book character? Show love for the book you are reading with exclusive book-themed French manicure designs, like the owner of this cute Alice in the Wonderland mani does. This look might be difficult to pull off at home, so save this image for your next nail appointment.

Funky Custom French Manicure Nail Art

via @anna.and.nails

46. Stardust French Manicure Design. These fantasy glittery blue French tips are truly fairy-god-mother-worthy. Sophisticated and magical, they look as if they have still got a touch of magic dust on them. Hand-painted stars and butterflies perfectly complement the look.

Rounded Glitter French Tip and Seamless Nail Art on Clear Polish

via @sansungnails

47. Chocolate Sundae French Manicure. In the mood for something sweet? Try decorating your French manicure design with delicious swirls of rich chocolate brown and ice cream white nail polish. Add a layer of clear nail polish for an extra glossy effect.

White and Brown French Tip and Swirls Nail Design

via @sandynailsbeautysalon

48. Stiletto French Tip with Flame Design. If you are looking for a modern approach to French manicure designs, consider a stiletto nail shape. They make your nails appear visually longer and more slender. With bold color choices and an edgy flaming design, your French manicure is sure to turn heads.

Flame Nail Design on Long Pointed French Tips

via @clawed.by.allison

49. Cute Polka Dot French Manicure. Embrace the pastel color palette with this adorable polka dot French nail design. Swoop a line of nail polish of your choice at each tip and then add a color that pops with a dotting tool.

Pastel French Tips with White and Black Polka Dots

via @nails_bykalli

50. Autumn-Inspired French Manicure Design. Warm up your seasonal look with deep earthy shades. This French manicure design will match well with warm knits and a pumpkin spice latte.

Nude Acrylic Nails with Autumn French Manicure Design

via @iiselarodriguez

Just like all classy things, French manicure finds their way into our style and our hearts over and over again. With the variety of nail shapes, color combinations, and finishes, everyone is sure to find something that complements their personal style.

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