Experimenting with graphic eyeliner is a great way to change up your usual makeup routine. With vivid colors, unique shapes, and no boundaries, graphic eyeliner is a must-try makeup look in 2023.

Unsure where to start? Take some inspiration from the graphic eyeliner trend pictures below!

1. A Pop of Yellow Graphic Eyeliner. Yellow might seem like an odd eyeshadow choice at first, but this fashion-forward look proves any haters wrong. Created with a light shadow dusting in the corner of the eye and a thin cat eye wing, this design is subtle yet attention-catching. Move over beige – yellow is here to stay.

Classic Black Graphic Eyeliner Design with Yellow Shadow

via @makeupbytham_

2. Full-On Sparkle Glam. If you’re about all things glamorous, add this makeup look to your list. This graphic eyeliner design pairs sharp black winged liner with silver gems and lower lash line shadow – a must for any evening event.

Floating Line and Gemstones Makeup

via @eweska77

3. Teal Lid Liner. Prefer eyeliner to eyeshadow? This teal eyeliner style could be your next go-to. Start with a simple wing style, and connect the line across your eyelid until it connects with your inner eye again. This shape creates negative space, and you can turn the volume up by adding another bold color or neon liner. Unique, but not too over the top!

Simple Graphic Liner Daytime Makeup

via @julien_rol_official

4. Precious Pearl Graphic Eyeliner. Pearls have been an important beauty trend lately, and we love this pearl-inspired eye makeup look. With glittery eyeshadow, thick black eyeliner, and 3D pearls, this eye-catching style won’t be forgotten anytime soon. Remember to apply glitter to your lower lash line, too!

Thick Eyeliner Glitter Shadow and Pearl Stickers Makeup

via @makeupbykatarinna

5. Classic Blue Eye Makeup. Blue eyeshadow has been a beauty industry favorite for decades. But this graphic eyeliner gives the style a modern twist. Here, blue liquid eyeliner is paired with baby blue shadow for a multidimensional look. Just make sure you have a steady hand to complete the fine lines!

Blue Eye Makeup with Graphic Eyeliner

via @grimmfairyfaces

6. Neutral Shade Graphic Eyeliner. Graphic eyeliner usually involves striking colors and geometric shapes. However, you don’t have to opt for super bright tones. This neutral eyeliner look is created with a light brown pen, and the result is much more minimal. Ideal if you want a floating line minus the extra sparkle.

Naural Brown and Yellow Winged Liner Look

via @alexandra.halastauan

7. Timeless Cat Eye Liner. Let’s face it, cat eye liner will always be a win. This look creates sharp lines with a black liquid liner on the upper lash line and the lower lash line. This completely lined finish defines your eyes, leaving a sultry result. Perfect for date night!

Cat Eye Makeup with Black Graphic Ligner

via @alexandra.romanescu_makeup

8. Half-Block Cat Eye. Want to try a modern take on the cat eye style? This graphic liner look converts the sleek wing into a triangle block shape, leaving negative space across the eyelid. This is a great way to draw attention to your eyes, and the style looks extra sophisticated with a neutral lip color.

Simple Triangle Block Graphic Eyeliner Design

via @julien_rol_official

9. Tonal Graphic Liner. In love with too many liner shades to choose just one? Use them all! Draw sleek lines from the opposite ends of your lid in different shades of one color to create this bold look. Create an extra emphasis on your eyes by adding a lighter tone in the middle – this will draw attention to your lids. This is a makeup artist’s favorite!

Two Tone Graphic Eyeliner Makeup

via @alexandra.halastauan

10. Neon Dreams Graphic Eyeliner. Boost your confidence with bright graphic liner shades and vivid eyeshadow. This style mixes different colors of liquid eyeliner across the outer corner and under the eyes. Finish the look with a small flick for an abstract winged eyeliner effect. You can also add dramatic lashes if desired! Take time and experiment to find out what suits your features.

Creative Multicolor Graphic Liner Makeup

via @chikilindamakeup

11. High Fashion Graphic Eyeliner. Makeup can be as complex or as simple as you like. If you want to test your makeup artist skills, try this bold black liner style. Cover your lid with a cat eye shape, but miss out sections and add extra sharp lines above and below. This look might require some artistry skill, however, anyone can nail it with some line practice!

Dramatic Cat Eye Black Graphic Eyeliner Makeup

via @kyolaen

12. Simple White Graphic Liner. White graphic eyeliner is your new BFF if you’re not keen on rainbow looks. This two-line design can be created with a liquid eyeliner or an angled liner brush – just make sure you have micellar water on hand in case the wings go wrong!

White Eyeliner Lines Look

via @muagiorgiag

13. Black Cat Eye with a Pop of Glitter. Why fill a wing with one color when you can add sparkles? This look takes empty space on the lid and corners of the eye to create a sparkly ‘cut out’ effect. Ideal if you’re obsessed with glitter or silver shadow.

Black Liner and Silver Glitter Shadow Makeup

via @keithbeauty_

14. Super Minimal Liner in the Crease. A graphic liner can be used for all areas of the eyelid, but a simple line along the crease never fails to impress. Anyone can pull this off, but the look works especially well with voluminous lashes and a thin line on the lash line.

Nude Makeup with Thin Graphic Winged Line

via @yohanna.montano

15. Bright Sunset Eyeshadow. Creating a powerful eye makeup look is easy in any bright shade, but this vivid orange shadow takes the cake. Pair it with an electric blue pencil wing for an unstoppable contrasting effect.

Dramatic Red Eye Makeup with Contrasting Royal Blue Eyeliner

via @makeupbytinnash

16. Curved Wing Tips. Grab your concealer, this look is about covering your lid with a neutral base and letting the lines do the talking. However, instead of adding shade or eyeshadow, pull your liner brush into a sharp wing tip. This look is perfect for those wanting to experiment – new tricks are always welcome in the graphic eyeliner world!

Nude Makeup with Simple Black Graphic Eyeliner Design

via @andrabuicu

17. Blue Eyeligner Flames. Baby blue is a hot trend this year, especially if your eye makeup features an emphasis on your outer corner. Draw flame shapes coming away from your inner corners to nail this design.

Blue Graphic Eyeliner Frames Design

via @poliina.m

18. Neon Dots and Green Eyeligner. It might seem like crease lines and geometric shapes are the only elements of graphic eyeliner looks, but these bright dots prove this theory wrong. Add tiny dots along your classic liner shapes for a fun and quirky detail.

Classic Eyeshadow Makeup with Creative Neon Eyeliner Design with Dots

via @itsaliciasmakeup

19. Gold Shadow and Defined Wings. This is a go-to makeup artist look, and it’s all about creating drama with liner and a strong coat of gold eyeshadow. To perfect it, ensure your lid is well-covered in shimmery gold. Then delicately frame the crease with black or gray pencil, starting from your inner corner.

Gold Glitter Makeup with Graphic Eyeliner in the Corner

via @maria_ghintan

20. Romantic Red Makeup. Get date-ready makeup in no time with this red liner look. Use a red liquid eyeliner or pencil to frame your inner corner and then carefully add a wing at the edge of your eye. Place a fun heart by the bridge of your nose for a complete design! Never worry about Valentine’s Day makeup again.

Red Graphic Liner and Red Lip Makeup

via @alexanemua

21. Butterfly Line Makeup. If you’re not a fan of minimal graphic liner, this design could suit your taste more. Take your pencil or liner brush and slowly create a butterfly wing. Add a blush-toned shadow to your crease for a warm effect and add extra dots for even more detail. Makeup artists worldwide are loving this girly style! Follow the source link for the tutorial, but mind that this design needs a seriously steady hand.

Monarch Butterfly Wings Graphic Eyeliner Makeup

via @raincornelius

22. Yellow Crease Line. If you already have some experience with graphic eyeliner, try this crease line design. Apply classic smokey eye makeup for a base color. Then, take a neon yellow pencil or liner and outline your lid for a finishing touch. Bold, effective, and unique.

Smokey Eye Makeup with Winged Neon Graphic Liner on Top

via @johannastorme

Ready to try the graphic eyeliner trend? If you are looking for something new or want to make a show-stopping entrance at a party, do master the new technique. Experimenting with it is so much fun!

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