Haircuts for Women Over 70

In this article you’ll find many good ideas of hairstyles for women over 70 that you’ll love to try! Many women prefer to dye their hair, and there’s nothing wrong with this approach. But, at the same time, embracing your silver has never been as appealing as now. Whether you dye it or keep naturally colored, read on!

1. Jaw-Length White Bob. Short bobs are among the best short haircuts for women over 70 because they help you frame your face and are perfect for women who wear glasses.

2. Medium Two-Tier Cut. When we’re talking about haircuts for women over 70, we say texture, volume, and layers. Of course, a beautiful color can considerably upgrade your look.

3. Medium Layered Gray Hair. Getting a layered medium-length hairstyle for women over 70 is a great way to make your hair look fabulous by subtly highlighting your naturally gray hair. The different shades of gray within this style are beautifully discreet.

4. Short Wavy Cut. If you want a look that makes you feel fresh every day, choose a pixie haircut. Your waves will look so good with this new hairstyle.

5. Curly Bronde Hairstyle. Ladies over 70 with medium hair will love this excellent haircut that shows off some cute curled ends. It’s a romantic look appropriate for any age and it won’t go unobserved.

6. Side-Parted Layered Gray Bob. Struggling with fine hair? Get a layered haircut that will give volume to your hair and embrace your gray color with some natural-looking face-framing highlights and lowlights.

7. Bronde Hair with White Bangs. A haircut that beautifully frames your face and features layered bangs of a contrasting color is the perfect choice for a woman with round face.

8. Voluminous Layered Haircut. If you are among the lucky ones that have thick hair over 70, you should make the most of it. Try a cute classic bob that will draw attention to your beautiful hair.

9. Short-to-Medium Choppy Haircut. Most women want to look younger. A layered hairstyle with razored ends in the back and shiny highlights should do the trick for you.

10. Long Layered Pixie for Thin Hair. If you want a haircut that is easy to style and frame your face beautifully, choose a longer pixie with wispy bangs.

11. Blonde Cut with Pink Peek-a-Boo Highlights. Who says that if you’re in your 70 s you can’t get a younger look? A bob haircut with a pink peek-a-boo layer is perfect for a nonconformist look.

12. Jaw-Length Stacked Cut. Women at this age experience hair loss and the best trick to cover it is a proper haircut. A muted blonde color will also make the thinning at the roots less visible.

13. Long Messy Pixie. A messy hairstyle will give you the volume and dimension you’ve never had. Sweep your bangs to the side and tousle your hair with a bit of product applied to wet hair. Air-dry or blow-dry if necessary. You’re good to go!

14. Short Textured Style. Keep your natural color and add volumizing balayage highlights sprinkled throughout like some mist. The contrast is amazing!

15. Classy Blonde Mob. This haircut is flawless, and the flyaways only add to its charm. The long side bangs work great for older women as well.

16. White Asymmetrical Haircut. For 70 y.o. women, white hair color is something you achieve naturally. If it’s not pure white, use a purple shampoo to get rid of unwanted yellow tones. You can get a beautiful hairstyle only by choosing an asymmetrical haircut.

17. Classic Lob with Half Moon Bangs. A lob is something you need if you want an elegant look. Keep a shoulder length and complete your cut with the popular half-moon bangs.

18. Medium Length Cut with Swoopy Bangs. The sleek shiny lob hairstyle looks very well with glasses, especially if you choose to pair it with long layered bangs.

19. Gray and Lavender Hair. Looking feminine with short hair is easy even when you are over 70. Choose a soft romantic shade to tone your short layered hair.

20. Edgy Pixie with Colored Bangs. There’s no better way to draw attention to your hairstyle than to add an accent color to your bangs. Pair with fun eyeglasses frames.

21. Elegant Hairstyle. Do you want to look elegant every day? This beautiful blonde color and perfectly shaped bob cut will make you shine!

22. Blonde Lob with Cropped Bangs. If you want a beautiful frame for your face, long hairstyles are the best choices out there. Get some layered ends and short bangs, above your eyebrows.

23. Salt-and-Pepper Crop. Pixie haircuts are not only for young girls! If you are 70 plus, this neat modern haircut is so easy to style and wear!

24. Short Gray Pixie. This hairstyle cancels age limits. You can easily see it on a 20-year-old girl and her grandma. The gray tapered pixie is every woman’s dream, indeed!

25. Ash Blonde Pixie Bob. All women with fine hair must pay attention! This pixie bob is short in the back and goes so well with longer layers and highlights in the front. You’ll get that voluminous hair you’ve always wanted!

26. Short Gray Pixie. The excellent layered pixie haircut that gives you the glow you deserve is a worthy look for a 70 year old woman. You may want to slightly upgrade your naturally gray hair color with highlights and lowlights.

27. Straight Hair with Piece-y Bangs. If you want softening layers around your face, choose a hairstyle with piece-y bangs evenly spread across your forehead.

28. Short Textured Pixie. Coarse salt-and-pepper hair looks gorgeous in short textured cuts. Try a tapered pixie with textured layers and a sprinkling of warm highlights on top.

29. Classic Bronde Pixie. If you want to cover gray, get a low-maintenance bronde balayage. Combine it with a cut that suits your lifestyle and flatters your face shape.

30. Piece-y Gray Cut with Lowlights. Those ladies who don’t like flat, boring gray hair will appreciate the piece-y layered pixie haircut with some lowlights that will make your hairstyle look astonishing.

31. Simple Short Pixie. Most women over 70 yrs old prefer simple fuss-free hairstyles. A cut that looks neat and suggests the effortless wash-and-wear routine is often the best choice.

32. White A-Line Haircut. Thinning hair is a problem that affects most people at some point. In this case, a mob hairstyle is a good option. The A-line bob is very pretty.

33. Brown Hair with Purple Highlights. If a brunette pixie is your signature hairstyle you will not trade for anything else, think of how you can upgrade it. Little color accents make a big difference.

34. Short Crisp Straight Bob. What an impressive look! If you have straight hair that looks too simple, get a well-shaped textured cut and give it a multi-tonal hair color.

35. Pixie for a Square Face. This cut builds layers on the top of your head to complement the square face shape. The color and texture also deserve your attention.

36. Long Messy Pixie. In case your hair is slightly wavy, this hairstyle will look lovely on you. The salt-and-pepper color pairs well with the tousled texture of the cut.

37. White Hair with Pink and Purple Accents. If you’re turning 70, that doesn’t mean that colors are not for you anymore! Get creative and show all the people around you that you enjoy life with a young pixie haircut.

38. Pixie Bob with Baby Bangs. A well-structured geometric cut is flattering for women who have managed to keep a good bone structure or those who want to get a nice lifting effect with a simple haircut.

39. Two-Tone Pixie. At 70 years of age, you may also want to look glamorous. For a bold, eye-catching look, consider a high contrast pixie with edgy layers.

40. Bronde Lob with Chunky Highlights. Shoulder length haircuts are perfect for women who wish to look feminine and harmonious. Get a lob and complement it with some wide blonde highlights.

41. Sassy White Hairstyle. Older women don’t need to dye their hair to get that beautiful silver-white color. Maintaining it clean and fresh is easy with a purple shampoo.

42. Sleek Brown Hairstyle. All those who want to look like they’re in their 40’s should get a natural look like this cute walnut brown bob.

43. Metallic Salt-and-Pepper Hair. Women in their 70s don’t need to struggle to get the perfect hair color. The mix of colors you get by growing older is truly gorgeous. Working with a good colorist, you can only enhance what you have.

44. White Blonde Taper. Bring out the feminine woman you have always been. The streamlined shape and the pure color make this pixie an eye-catcher!

45. Short Honey Blonde Hairstyle. If you are aiming for more volume in your hair, get some almost invisible layers that will make your hair bouncy.

46. Dark Pixie. For bright women out there, black hair is perfect if you want a cute face frame and a nice hair color to pair well with your vivid wardrobe.

47. Silver Haircut. 70 and older is the perfect age to embrace gray hair. Tone it to a darker gray or make it bright silver and pair with an accurate cut. The classic bob springs to mind.

48. Voluminous Platinum Bob. Layers are the key to very fine hair that gives us headaches. Your hair will get the volume you need, and this platinum blonde color will make you feel young again.

49. Layered Hairstyle. Look at that texture! This pixie is a self-styling cut for low-maintenance women. Most of us with age want less and less fuss in our life.

50. Inverted Haircut with Feathered Layers. You’ll look gorgeous with a feathered blonde bob. An inverted shape makes the look even chicer!

You don’t need to be young to play with shapes, colors, and textured layers! There are so many hairstyles for women over 70 you can pull off, and you’ll love them. You can have that elegant classy look or aim for a fresh fashionable haircut.


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