You might think that haircuts for round faces are limited because you need to take into account your face shape, and there are many no’s, however, you couldn’t be more wrong! We’ve got a list of beautiful, chic styles that you can try if you’ve got a round face shape.

1. Shag with Bangs and Highlights. Bangs for a round face can look so beautiful when they are wispy and tailored to your best facial features. Opt for eyebrow-skimming bangs so you can have more movement and texture in your style.

2. Teased Rose Gold Bob. Adding a side-swept fringe to a bob cut helps with dynamics and elongating lines around your face which results in a flattering, statement look.

3. Long Bob for Thick Hair and a Round Face. Longer hair without any bangs is also a good solution for a round face. If you like to wear your hair split in the middle or slightly off-center, try the basic no-bangs lob.

4. Choppy Comb-Over Bob. When sorting out hairstyles for your round face shape, you should try a bob cut with choppy layers to get that texture and bounce.

5. Bob with Shaggy Messy Layers. To contour a round face, opt for a cut with uneven choppy ends to bring the edge necessary for a modern look. Add light waves to enhance the popular messy vibe.

6. Classic A-Line Bob. If you have a round face and thin hair, this style is for you! Keep your hair one length for a sleek bob and it will help to frame your chubby cheeks beautifully.

7. Side-Parted Perm Lob. A medium-length hairstyle for women with round faces can feature tight curls but try also to add height to it balancing out the added volume on the sides. The deep side part copes with the task. Keep your curls hydrated and healthy by adding anti-frizz cream after styling.

8. Gray Peek-a-Boo Bob. The peek-a-boo bangs are a famous slimming trick for a round face, but this bob also stuns with its silver brown color combo. The contrast of warm eyes and a cool hair color is amazing!

9. Large Tousled Waves. Long and medium hairstyles for round faces are easier to pull off because the length makes up for the excessive width of a full face. We love how chic and edgy this look is.

10. Shag Hairstyle with Bangs. Choppy layers add so much character and texture to your style – if you are looking for layers, try choppy next time you go to your salon.

11. Sleek Extra Long Bob. Going short scares you? Opt for a mid-length haircut to get the feel of shorter hair while still having some length to play with.

12. Textured Shag. Shaggy cuts look best on round faces because you can build an elongated silhouette and add flattering angled layers.

13. Curly Shag with Cropped Bangs. The thicker the hair the better the shag. There’s something about thick hair and round faces that works so well!

14. Beachy Layers for Longer Hair. As you see, you don’t need blonde hair to rock beachy waves. Long layers may encourage them naturally and you won’t have much work to do with a curling iron.

15. Wavy Bob for Fine Hair. To look slim, try a longer angled bob with an off-center parting. Bangs are optional. It looks cute even without any fringe.

16. Long Center-Parted Hair with Waves. Long hairstyles for round faces are a big YES. If you like waves, make them start lower, below the chin-level, so that you don’t add unnecessary bulk around your face.

17. Long Asian Shag. We love shags as much as the next girl in our gallery. The bangs enhance the shattered look. When styling, remember that the key is to look messy.

18. Soft Balayage Waves. A long bob leaves you with the length to play with ombre or balayage. Making it soft, you go in tune with the natural softness of your round face.

19. Long Off-Centered Hairstyle. We love how seamlessly these colors blend and brighten up her complexion.

20. Long Wavy Shag. A middle part and long waves flowing along the sides can look so great on women with chubbier faces! If you have always had a side part, you can try a middle part and you’ll probably be amazed at how great it works.

21. Long Pixie Cut. For ladies with thin hair, a pixie cut will look great because you can have the root volume you’ve always wanted and long slimming bangs.

22. Shiny Thick Waves. We love how thick and strong her waves are. Stay hydrated and try to follow a healthy diet for healthy and shiny hair.

23. Choppy Bob with an Off-Center Parting. Choppy ends look so sexy on bob haircuts because of how much texture and thickness they give to straight hair. You get the messy chic vibe with little styling needed.

24. Shag with Piece-y Bangs. Shags can easily build not width, but height which is welcome for round faces. This makeover has worked perfectly.

25. Off-Centered Choppy Lob. Look how stunning this lob is?! Getting a new color and an off-center part can transform your entire look immediately.

26. Chic White Bob. Go for a bright color and wispy texture to revamp your look. Complete with choppy and razored ends.

27. Hollywood Curls. For a special look consider a downdo with sleek loose waves. The side part creates a slimming and tempting peek-a-boo effect you’ll win from.

28. Luxurious Long Shag. Long healthy hair is a jewel. Enhance it with a delicious color and apply the same tricks that work for round faces and hair of any length – a side part, loose waves, choppy ends, etc.

29. Medium Side-Parted Perm Hairstyle. If you have a round face, small curls can make you look matronly, but in this case, they are flattering. Opt for a layered side-parted shape when you want to succeed with tight perm curls.

30. Curtain Bangs and Feminine Waves. Sassy long layers look great on a mid-length cut. Try adding soft curls with a medium-sized curling iron. Make sure the color you choose for your balayage brightens your complexion.

31. Medium Layered Cut with Flipped Ends. Play around with color even if you’re an older woman! If you’re over 50, ditch the traditional brown highlight colors and go for a youthful bronde balayage style – you won’t regret it.

32. Feathered Bob Shag with Bangs. Short hairstyles for round faces can look so beautiful if you find the right style that fits your vibe. Feathered bangs add a delicate touch to your look without taking away from your short bob.

33. Angled Wavy Lob. Try an angled cut and soften it with waves and a hot hair color. You can add long layers or short layers as well to get the body you want if you have thin hair.

34. Chic White Bob. We are obsessed with the way the wispy layers balance out her round face. This tousled bob is a stunner!

35. Layered Bob with Choppy Bangs. The perfect way to hide or distract people from your double chin (if you have one!) is to have shorter layers start at your cheekbones and front bangs that graze your brows. All eyes will be on your textured layers!

36. Teased A-Line Bob. The gorgeous sleek style is perfect for the new season and a chic date night. Choose whatever color you like for your highlights.

37. Effortless Waves. To get looser waves towards the bottom of your hair, use a larger curling iron and wrap your pieces loosely around the barrel. Make sure to keep your hair in the iron for about 10 seconds to get the waves you want. Add anti-frizz hair oil after styling.

38. Long Curly Hair with Bangs. Who said curly-haired ladies can’t have front bangs? Curly front bangs add a playful touch to your look. Keep your curls hydrated so the style can last long.

39. Long Hair with Supple Waves. Go for grey highlights if you have light brown hair to get this chic look. You can style it with a middle part or a side part and it will look amazing in both cases and flatter your face shape.

40. Cute Curled Lob. When in doubt which hairstyle to choose, go for a long bob with waves to achieve that effortless vibe. Curl your hair around a medium-sized barrel for about 15 seconds to get the cool beachy look.

We hope you’ve enjoyed our list of long, medium, and short styles and now you know what haircut for a round face to ask for at your next salon appointment. Be brave and confident, and try something you’ve never tried before!

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