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The laundry room is a relevant space that every home needs and an important aspect of your interior design efforts. A clean and well-organized laundry room can change it all about your laundry day routine. The following ideas will help you renovate or plan a stylish and fresh laundry space with tip-top organization.

Best Ideas for Laundry Room Renovation Project

If you still don’t have a separate laundry room in your house or the space is far from being an attractive spot that you’d like to show off, the following ideas might set you on the pass to an immediate laundry room makeover. Don’t forget to Pin the best ideas that will ensure the best use of your space.

1. Beautiful and Functional Small Laundry Room. It does not matter if your laundry space is big or small, it can still be beautiful and functional. This room features shiplap trim walls with a hanging shelf and matching table. The natural light coming from the window brightens up the space.

2. Open Wall Cabinets. Laundry supplies should be stored where they are easy to access. This laundry room features open wall cabinets with seagrass baskets that beautify the laundry room and give it a farmhouse vibe.

3. Farmhouse Design. Sage green cabinetry with the marble countertop resonates with the backdrop colors of the floor and walls to give the room a modern farmhouse vibe. A framed painting is a great addition.

4. Snug Windowless Laundry Room. This laundry room’s design speaks of having fun while working efficiently. This windowless laundry room has a cheerful look with the appealing gray and white rug that complements the white walls and barn door cabinets. Well-arranged baskets and vases add to a charming look.

5. Farmhouse Sink. This laundry room features a stylish farmhouse sink that makes the workspace appealing and can be used for hand washing. It is combined with a Spanish tile floor that makes the laundry room look exquisite.

6. Wooden Design. A wooden countertop can be used for sorting clothes and gives a cozy and warm look to the utility room. The potted plants and a stylish poster add to its liveliness and make it stand out. The hamper with dirty laundry – or puppets – is a finishing touch.

7. Statement Brass and Framed Photos. Brass makes a statement no matter where it is used. The Perrin and Rowe brass tap speaks elegance and attraction in this magnificent match with a quartzite stone countertop and a deep Acquello fireclay sink.

8. Subway Tile Walls. Tile walls define whatever space they are in, having a very large impact on interior design. White subway tiles make the laundry room brighter. The countertop and laundry appliances blend with the wall to give the room a fresh look.

9. Organize with Laundry Baskets. Prevent clutter and give your walkways and tiny laundry rooms extra space by concealing dirty laundry. In the picture, three laundry baskets are placed below the wide shelf that can be used for separating and organizing the laundry, thus maximizing the functionality of your laundry area.

10. Laundry Signs. Laundry signs are winning laundry accessories that beautify and add character to the room. The sign in this picture adds a sense of humor into the room, too. Well-organized laundry baskets on the shelves set a good example of how the space can be managed.

11. Smartly Stored. The trio of hampers placed under the folding table increases the space by getting them out of the way. These hampers also have their purpose, as they allow the easy movement of laundry around the house. We also love the multitude of drawers that can be used to store lots of small items you need around the house.

12. Dark Cabinets. Many modern-day laundry designs are masculine-themed, and this is achieved by using dark colors. This picture shows a spacious room with dark olive-green cabinetry that looks sophisticated when paired with stainless steel appliances.

13. Mud Room Laundry Area. A combination of white and woody texture in this laundry room design gives off a warm feeling that makes you feel at home. The wooden countertop holds the small sink beside the washer and dryer machines. White cabinetry houses laundry essentials and looks perfectly ok in the mudroom.

14. White Cabinetry. This light-flooded laundry room design gives a peaceful feeling. A good scenery outside the door, doing laundry won’t be boring. It is also functional as the white open and closed cabinets above the countertop create much space to store laundry items, a spacious countertop can be used for folding clothes, and laundry baskets are kept inside the shelves, out of your way.

15. Sweet and Functional. Messed up laundry rooms can be discouraging. With a basic but well-kept and organized room, doing laundry becomes easier. Seagrass laundry baskets are used to sort and separate your laundry. A laundry machine is down below the wooden countertop for folding maintain the functionality of this space.

16. Using a Blank Wall and Black Hangers. For a tiny laundry room converted from a closet, make use of any space available, but do not install big upper cupboards to make the room look more spacious. A wooden shelf installed above the countertop and black hooks for all sorts of items is a great solution.

17. Minimalist Laundry Room. This small laundry room has both a washer and dryer, along with all the necessary storage spaces and items. The natural colors give it a simple and elegant finish.

18. Broom Collection Wall. Tired of the messy drawer full of all types of brooms? Use them to decorate the wall of your laundry area. This makes them easy to access and keeps them out of the way in the laundry room.

19. Colored Laundry Appliances. Colored laundry appliances can easily turn a simple laundry room design into a one with unique character. It is also a good way to support the interior design of other rooms in your house.

20. No Clutter Allowed. A no-clutter laundry room design is a dream come true for everyone. Don’t hide a mess behind a cupboard, but have boxes and baskets for all sorts of different items. Lighter shades against a deep gray wall look super modern and make laundering a bliss.

21. Stacked Machines. Before you choose a layout for your laundry room, consider the space you have at your disposal. Here, the washer and dryer are placed on each other vertically, which minimizes the space they take and help you store dirty laundry lower, away from your eyes. This layout is good when you have a tiny laundry room or when your laundry room doubles as a guest bath.

22. Gray Walls and Cabinets. The combination of custom gray cabinets, matching walls and open shelves, a white countertop, and mosaic tile floors fills the room with style and personality. Add some greenery or a colorful décor for a well-rounded design.

23. Dark Tiles, White Cupboards. With the blue three-dimensional wall tiles complimented by blue patterned floor tiles, this laundry room gets a certain marine look. Combined with the white cabinetry and appliances, it gives a refreshing feeling.

24. Statement Wall Shelves. For a small laundry room that is running short of space, try not to overwhelm the space with big cupboards. The two wooden wall shelves installed above the washing machine will be enough for both the essentials and the laundry room décor. The shelves complement the wooden floor to give the room a warm rustic feel.

25. Brick Floor. One of the catching features of this laundry room is the floor. The herringbone brick floor used in this laundry room, combined with the woven laundry baskets, sage green cabinetry, wall art, and white countertop, gives the room a distinct farmhouse vibe.

26. Navy Blue Laundry Room. A navy blue cabinetry pairs incredibly well with a white marble countertop and walls. Houseplants add a touch of nature and freshness to the room!

27. Custom Subway Tile Design. First of all, the floor of the laundry should be easy to clean. But why not use it to make a statement, too? Subway tiles come in different designs and you can even use mosaics to create something totally unique.

28. Green and White Galley Laundry Room. A galley laundry room may seem too narrow and uninteresting. Change that by playing with the height of your cabinets and colors. Olive green cabinets, wooden countertops and a patterned tiled floor with a rug create a cozy and functional space.

29. Marble Countertop. Choose a durable countertop that is also easy to clean. Marble countertops may be quite an investment, but they will also look expensive and last for ages, so you may not be afraid that water spilled while hand washing will ruin the countertop over time.

30. Shelves with Laundry Room Decor. Simple floating shelves with greenery and décor can fully transform your laundry room design, taking it from mundane to elaborate. Better yet, if you install them in a niche.

31. Nature’s Mix. A mixture of wood and stone is a great tool for implementing calm and classical interior design ideas. Soft brown and gray are set off by a white slate countertop and a shelf that catch the bright white color of laundry appliances, giving the laundry room a refreshing look.

32. Wall Hooks. Installing wall hooks come in handy, especially when you need to hang clothes that need to be laundered or dried. Make sure they blend with the decoration of your laundry room to maintain the style of the space.

33. White Laundry Room with Green Backsplash. Covering the space between the countertop and upper cabinets is a good way to make your design last longer. It is also a great way to add a statement color to your white laundry room.

34. Serene Touch. Neutral colors in your laundry space give a calm and peaceful feel, which is supported by the sitting statue used as accent decor. Despite the serenity of the room, it is highly functional, as laundering machines are positioned under the countertop that can be used for folding the clothes.

35. Black and White. You don’t have to rob a bank before you can give your laundry room that luxurious look. A white marble countertop with black cabinetry already gives it a unique look. Exquisite tile patterns tick all the boxes.

36. Laundry Room that Doubles as a Home Office. Laundry chores can take a lot of time. A countertop can serve as a folding table and a workspace to catch up on news or answer your emails. White cabinets and countertop will be well-matched with a wooden stool for this purpose.

37. Wardrobe and Shelves. Why not use a wardrobe instead of custom cabinets you need to store laundry supplies. Wooden texture is a splendid match for olive green color and using olive leaves for décor is perfectly on point.

38. Bold Emerald Green. The combination of green and black against the white background makes this laundry room quite unique. Wall design hints this room may double as a craft room.

39. Golden Touch. Adding a golden touch to a utility room that is decorated in neutral colors gives it a touch of elegance. The golden faucet, cabinet doorknob and hanging rod enhance the charm of the space.

40. Airy White Laundry Room. Just a few stylish elements such as cute words on the laundry appliances, a wall sign and a chalkboard may infuse the room with character and interest. Repeat the same colors in your design and do not have more than three in your room.

41. Hidden Laundry. You can choose to place your laundry machines in a cabinet that can be closed to keep them hidden. A very useful design idea if your laundry is a tiny space found in the kitchen, the bathroom, or even in the hallway!

42. Beautiful Blue. Give your utility room a soft and fresh look with a touch of sky blue. Pale blue cabinetry on white walls gives the room a beautiful and relaxing look.

43. Bathroom Laundry Space. Front loading machines can be a perfect addition to the bathroom, especially in an apartment. Split the space with a wall for a comfortable walk-in shower, and you will have a great niche for your laundry appliances.

44. Add a Spray Tap. Spray taps have a pull-out hose that you can use to target water to where you need it. If your laundry area is near the backyard exit, it can be used to clean pet’s paws or comfortably fill the bucket with water. Needless to say, the gold spray tap will double as décor.

45. Storage Space Combo. A combination of open and closed storage space is the best idea for a small laundry room. Keep the laundry appliances, detergents, cleaners and other necessary items away from the eyes in cabinets to avoid a cluttered look. At the same time, a few open shelves with nice décor and a rail with black hangers will make the arrangement look more lightweight and stylish.

46. Mismatched Sink. Washer and dryer machines are big and fit deep cabinets, but you don’t have to stick to this depth with other cabinets too. A narrower sink cabinet and a small shelf balance the space well. Again, white and deep blue is a perfect color combo to use.

47. Never too Many Baskets. Laundry baskets have become a great decor for a stylish space, so you can never have too many. In the design below, the baskets make the laundry area with white cabinets look vibrant. They are used to store smaller items as well as dirty clothes piled up for laundering.

48. Custom Bottles for Cleaning Supplies. Cleaning supplies like laundry detergent, stain removers, dryer sheets and softeners are essential in your laundry room. If you don’t want to store the colorful brand’s packaging on your open shelving, consider getting custom containers. Better yet if you can refill them when buying the products for a more sustainable approach.

49. Completely Exposed Laundry Area. Laundry spaces in exposed areas that cannot be hidden have to be organized nicely. Consider getting minimum furniture and just store the essentials on a nice shelf or in a niche.

50. Drying Rack. Want your clothes to dry naturally? Hang a functional drying rack above the appliances and the folding table. Also, steal the idea of the sink design. The shelf and the picture above it allude to the fireplace organization and makes it a statement design element.

We hope you have found some laundry room design ideas that will be a perfect fit for your home. Safe them to our inspiration boards and get down to work! Be sure that creating a stylish and functional laundry room is worth the efforts!

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