Sometimes all it takes is a little know-how to make you look and feel your best—and in this case, it’s about knowing what long hairstyles for round faces are the best to enhance your beauty. Now you can take a deep breath because everything you need to show off your hair and compliment your face is right here!

So, sit back, relax and scroll through these long hairstyles for round faces that we’ve hand-picked for you to take you from day to night and everything in between.

1. Loose Chocolate Brown Waves. With long loose curls and slimming face-framing layers, this long wavy hairstyle is absolutely perfect for a chubby or round face. The best part is you don’t have to spend a lot of time on styling to look great!

2. Long Hair with Highlights. This is one of the best long hairstyles for round face shapes because of the way the textured waves cascade around the face. Also, the soft, flattering highlights add depth and dimension that creates the illusion of a more angled facial structure.

3. Long Shaggy Layers. In case you didn’t know, a long shaggy hairstyle is one of the easiest solutions to flatter your round face, and it requires very little daily effort. With its middle part and slightly feathered bangs, this shag deserves to be your signature hairstyle.

4. Rockstar Waves with Chunky Bangs. Having long hair and bangs when you have a round face is a stylish way to add the necessary edge to your look and draw the eye to your beautiful lengthy locks.

5. Swoopy Bronde Layers.Let the hair flow along the sides of your face caressing your cheeks. If you also choose a delicious hair color, you’ll be eye candy!

6. Long Peek-a-Boo with Feathered Ends. A peek-a-boo is one of the best hairstyles for anyone to try, especially if you happen to have a round face. It’s sexy, modern and low maintenance—all the attributes you want for your hair.

7. Feathered Shag with Highlights. You’ll have instant rockstar vibes with this feather cut that definitely refers to the messy bedhead looks that many women try so desperately to achieve. The striking contrast of black and golden blonde is also a sure way to turn heads.

8. Thick Wavy Bob. Whether you live in a warm, beachy climate or not, a long layered bob hairstyle like this one can certainly make you feel summer-ready all year long. For your round face shape, this works well because the chunky waves frame it and draw the eye down.

9. Long Thick Curls. Having long, thick hair and a round face means that you can play around with several hairstyles and boast a ton of texture just like this shag does. Simply place curls on the bottom half of your hair, tousle them, and you are all set!

10. Dark Brown Romantic Curls. Live out your romantic dreams courtesy of this gorgeous hairstyle that is impossible to ignore. Not only is it one of the best hairstyles for long hair and a round face, but also there’s a feminine look to it that’s perfect to enhance your beauty.

11. Flowy Waves with Short Bangs. Here’s a lovely slimming haircut for a round face, and it’s also practically fuss-free! The short, wispy bangs frame the face while the cascading waves provide texture.

12. Brunette Shag with Caramel Highlights. This medium long haircut with side bangs has just the right amount of sexiness with little effort. Since the bangs are thick and side-swept, they perfectly accentuate the best features of your round face.

13. Platinum Blonde Lengthy Waves. If you have long thin hair and a round face, this is one of the best hairstyles to try. As a styling rule of thumb, remember to always place your curls or waves towards the bottom of your hair.

14. Long Choppy Cut. This hairstyle is ideal for both straight hair and a round face. The choppy ends are one of the latest hair trends that make this look a winner!

15. Messy Blonde Waves. On the surface, long curly hair may seem hard to handle—but not when you update it with a few modern tweaks. Give your curls a defined yet unfinished appearance; it flatters a curly hair type without trying to change it.

16. Long Soft Layers. If you want to know the best haircut for long hair and a round face, look no further. While this style isn’t as glamorous as others, it gets the job done when it comes to flattering a round face shape.

17. Long Shag with Frizzy Waves. So, you want a shag that looks perfectly messy, but still stylish? Then you should run to your local salon and request this style immediately because it does wonders for a round face.

18. Honey Blonde Curls. Trying to find the right haircut for a chubby face and long hair definitely isn’t as difficult as it may seem—and these cute layered curls are the perfect example.

19. Medium Brown Long Waves. Get ready to constantly be taking pictures of your hair thanks to this adorable hairstyle. It works for a round face because the waves are sized so they don’t add bulk to your face.

20. Long Romantic Curls. Sweet, flirty and adorably female. These are the best words to describe the look of these soft, romantic curls that will easily complement a round face.

21. Long Feathered Layers for Straight Hair. Your long hair and round face will get a major upgrade if you try a cute feathered hairstyle like this one. The stars of this look are the expertly done feathered layers that provide a nice amount of depth and movement.

22. Long Shag with Short Bangs. Despite what many think, wearing short bangs for a round face can really be flattering. Simply try out this edgy style and you’ll be looking your best in no time.

23. Caramel Blonde Beach Waves. Playing around with different hair colors is one of the best ways to get the most out of your hair and flatter your round face. The hair color of this hairstyle is all-around gorgeous and will certainly turn heads.

24. Collarbone-Skimming Layers. There are brilliant hairstyles for long hair and a round face – they do really work. Layers that start under your chin and feather down to the ends of your long hair visually elongate your face and neck.

25. Tousled Blonde Curls. Soft curtain bangs should definitely be added to your must-have list to make your round face stand out from the crowd. Also, when you combine them with soft, barrel curls the result is gorgeous.

26. Long Slimming Cut. This chic hairstyle features slimming vertical lines around the face and disheveled layers on the bottom to frame the cute chubby face by a flattering edgy hairstyle.

27. Long Layered Curls. Can you ever really get enough of beautiful long hair? Well, the answer may be “no” after you take this gorgeous hairstyle for a spin.

28. Tight Black Curls. If you’re in the mood to experiment with hair extensions, this would be a cool long weave hairstyle to try on your next trip to the salon. It also looks amazing styled in a variety of ways, which means that you will always look your best.

29. Highlighted Waves and Choppy Bangs. Once you get your first balayage, you just may become addicted—and this look is proof.

30. Dark Blonde Curls. The round face feels great being framed by these long, messy curls. Have you noticed that the lighter strands are places near the face? A great trick!

31. Pink Waves. The extra long bob hairstyle is chic and flattering. Add a little rockstar flair with chunky pink waves around the face.

32. Light Brown Razored Layers. Here’s an ideal straight hairstyle to make a round face stand out.

33. Red Curls. The height-adding bangs and elongating curls complement the round face pretty well!

34. Straight Sleek Hair with Layers. A classic look like this never goes out of style. Plus, it has a slimming effect.

35. Feminine Waves. A beautiful blonde color and bright face-framing highlights bring these delicate waves to life.

36. Combover for Long Hair. Check a perfectly messy highlighted look that’s always flattering. Comb it over to add height and balance out your round face.

37. Pink Curls. A round face needs some sharpness to look slimmer. You’ll be the star of the show when you rock this edgy and feminine hairstyle.

38. Feathered Layers and Swoopy Bangs. A combination of long lengths and sharp layers works really well for a chubby face. Go from the office to a night out with this classy look.

39. Mermaid Waves. Flattering, feminine, and fun, this lovely hairstyle is not just eye-catching. It balances out your face shape and brings out your gorgeous eyes and lovely smile.

40. Messy Waves with Jagged Bangs. Round faces will definitely appreciate a chopped and tousled hairstyle like this. A little mess won’t hurt!

So, as you may have noticed, long hairstyles have a special way of making women feel sexy, confident and totally beautiful, which are just a few reasons why they’re ideal for a round face. Good long hairstyles for round faces really exist; you just need to find your perfect option!

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