Short Hairstyle for Thick Straight Hair

Going for a short style is liberating. There’s nothing like a choppy pixie cut to help you feel refreshed and revitalized. If you’re looking for a change of style, your hair is the best place to start.

Deciding on a new hairstyle can be challenging, but you shouldn’t be losing sleep over your choice! We’ve curated a list of 50 flattering long pixie cuts to help you decide. From tapered cuts with long bangs to trendy pixie bobs, here are all the best styles to consider.

1. Dark Side Swept Bangs Pixie. Want length and cropped style? Side-swept bangs add some length to this short haircut. This is a great trick for thin hair, giving you extra volume thanks to the bangs. Layers can also be added to create the illusion of volume.

2. Pixie with Long Curtain Bangs. Want to add a trendy twist to your short hair? Consider opting for face-framing bangs, which can be achieved with or without a middle part. Finish with some hairspray for a sleek style. This is a popular look in high fashion, and it goes especially well with edgy fashion styles.

3. Taper Fade and Long Top. A textured pixie always looks on-trend, but the contrast with the undercut and chic chocolate brown highlights really make this one stand out. A choppy fringe completed the hairstyle perfectly.

4. Pompadour with Blonde Wispy Bangs. Blondes do have more fun, especially when it comes to the pixie haircut. Keep your dark roots for extra depth, this also takes the pressure off frequent bleaching! Just make sure you’re using purple shampoo to keep the brassy tones away.

5. Long Blonde Pixie Cut. A pixie cut doesn’t have to be super short. You can keep the sides longer for a sophisticated finish and a more feminine look. This blonde balayage adds a stunning dimension and hints of silver create an icy cool vibe.

6. Curly Pixie Cut. A pixie hairstyle is ideal for curls as it makes sure the curls are not stretched due to excess hair weight. Of course, it is a good idea to keep pixie on a bit longer side to let hair form these beautiful curls. Add some texturizing mouse or gel for a frizz-free finish.

7. Cute Pixie Crop. Forget the messy choppy layers, this sleek long pixie cut is just as cool. This style is low maintenance and ideal for any busy ladies. If you don’t like wasting time styling, this is a cut for you!

8. Long Undercut Pixie with Choppy Highlights. The temple undercut and a deep side part that allows for high swoopy bangs are such great ways to jazz up your long pixie. Highlights can add extra charm and brighter your face, just be sure to choose the shade that complements your skin tone.

9. Rose Gold Long Choppy Pixie. Do you still think balayage is only for long hair? Just check what stunning color you can pull off on your pixie. This dimensional rose gold is the ultimate envy.

10. Long Pixie Haircut with Dark Brown Waves. Naturally wavy hair looks good when paired with long pixie haircuts. If you have thick hair, opt for a nape undercut – this will reduce the weight and make the style much easier to manage.

11. Long Pixie Haircut for Fine Hair. Fine and thin hair types can look more voluminous in long pixie cuts. Pair the cut with long bangs and a soft lilac color, and you’ll get a style that is really head-tuning.

12. Long Shaggy Pixie Cut. A pixie cut with bangs suits all face shapes. If you want to get this shaggy, wolf cut look, bottleneck bangs with framing layers will be the way to go. Try this style in a bleached silver color if you want to take it to the next level.

13. Metallic Platinum Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs. If you have thicker hair, you may think that with side-swept bangs, you’ll have an uncomfortable bulk of the hair on your face. However, a good hairstylist will easily fix that with smart layering, giving your locks effortless and sassy shape. Perfect for any hair that has excess volume.

14. Honey Blonde Textured Pixie Cut. Embrace your thick hair with this long pixie cut. Long curtain bangs, long sides, and layers come together for a long shaggy pixie that’s worth admiration.

15. Choppy Pixie Bob for Fine Hair. Here is a great example of how flattering a chin-length layered pixie bob can be for thin hair. Keep your bangs at cheekbone length to achieve nice face framing. This long pixie cut requires minimal styling, which is perfect for girls on the go.

16. Long Pixie with Stunning Hair Texture. With shadow roots and feathered layers, this pixie is all about texture. Here, the top and bands are kept long but the back is closely tapered for contrast in length. Ideal for anyone who loves short touchable hair.

17. Asymmetrical Long Pixie Cut. Long pixie haircuts don’t have to be symmetrical! This asymmetrical pixie cut keeps long bangs on one side and cropped hair on the other. A great long pixie hairstyle for curly hair that allows your natural curls to gently tumble down your face. So effortlessly stylish!

18. Ash Blonde Pixie with Long Bangs. The nape fade and longer strands on top make a perfect combination. The layers of this pixie are tousled with a texturing spray to give it a laid-back vibe. Cool ashy highlights complement the look.

19. Undercut Pixie with Dramatic Fringe. Temple undercut looks bold and edgy but it’s, first of all, a great tool to ease the styling of coarse thick hair. This stacked style angled toward the face frames facial features and makes a breathtaking contrast between long thick side bangs and the faded side.

20. Blonde Pixie Cut for Thick Hair. A blonde pixie hairstyle always works like magic. More so, if you get dimensional short hair balayage with the elaborate transition of hues. If you have tanned skin, consider warm blonde tones to turn the temperature up. The hint of curls and layers in side-swept bangs add a finishing touch.

21. Long Pixie with Volume on Top. This textured long pixie cut with wispy bangs and choppy layers is so elegant! With a bit of root powder, you’ll be able to create mind-blowing volume even in naturally fine hair. Bright platinum blonde color is an added bonus that will help easily disguise any silver strands growing in.

22. Long Pixie Bob with Framing Highlights. Ginger and red hues look chic, especially with pale skin tones! If you are lucky to have this color, you may further spice it up with a trendy money piece and the attention-grabbing short style. The blunt ends make the features look sharper and skillfully contour the jawline.

23. Rich Chocolate Brown Long Pixie Haircut. Stacked back and long side layers allow this long pixie bob to ace both movement and face framing. Pair it with rich dark brown hair color —. an excellent choice for young ladies!

24. Long Pixie Haircut for Straight Hair. Long pixie hairstyles with layers add sassy natural texture to straight hair. Do you also want to make your face look slimmer? Then, long side bangs is the way to go.

25. Long Layered Pixie Cut for Curly Hair. An asymmetrical pixie cut looks really sexy on naturally curly hair. Keep curly bangs that is an at least cheekbone length to show off your curls. Try micro-plopping your short curls for optimal definition.

26. Long Pixie Cut with Pink Balayage. A pixie bob haircut can be in any color you like, but if you want to turn heads, opt for a smart balayage technique with a smooth transition of hues. Blush pink tones on a brown base are one love!

27. Long Pixie Hairstyle with Full Coverage Bangs. There are so many ways to style a pixie haircut with dramatically long bangs: push it to one side and tuck it behind your ear, part in the middle for the framing bangs look, or comb up and towards the back for a bold quiff style. You choose!

28. Copper Brown Pixie Cut with Long Layers. If you have long hair, pixie haircuts might seem like a big change. If you are still longing for change, a short bob or a long pixie cut can be a good starting point.

29. Long Jet Black Pixie. Alternative hairstyles are an excellent option if you want to express yourself. This long pixie haircut gets its rock points due to the shiny jet black color and cute temple undercut.

30. Long Pixie Haircut with a Shaved Side. The asymmetric difference in lengths is not a hairstyle anyone can pull off. But if you want to cater to your rockstar nature, consider pairing a long pixie with a short buzzed side.

31. Long Pixie Cut with Bangs and Framing Layers. Sleek straight hair and dark hair color make this style truly sophisticated. Front bangs and layers frame the face to bring your features into the spotlight.

32. Straight Hair Long Pixie Cut. We love how neat this long pixie cut looks in the nape area, drawing attention to a sensual long neck. Flipped side bangs also make the cut seem delicate and feminine.

33. Swept Back Long Pixie. Open up your face with a sleek swept-back pixie hairstyle. With some gel or hairspray, your pixie cut will be looking good to go in no time.

34. Platinum Choppy Pixie with Purple Roots. Playing with color is a perfect way to spice up your look. This long pixie cut uses purple dye at the roots to create an ombre effect and make the style unique to its wearer.

35. Long Pixie Cut with Honey Blonde Curls. This curly pixie cut has the hair on your crown long while the sides are neatly cropped. A perfect pixie for curly girls! Naturally light color spiced up with subtle blonde highlights complements the look in an excellent way.

36. Choppy Long Pixie with Curtain Bangs. Choppy layers add texture, style, and edge to any pixie cut. We cannot turn our eyes away from the way cut incorporates trendy curtain bangs and dark chocolate tones that match the model’s eyes.

37. Messy White Blonde Pixie. While going blonde isn’t for everyone, a blonde long pixie cut is a stylish fashion statement you won’t regret. Keeping the length on the longer side will let you experiment with sleek straight and wavy hair styling for change.

38. Dark Ear Length Pixie Cut. The longer layers allow for a naturally tousled look with low-maintenance styling. Whether you use a curling iron or Flexi rods, short hair length will make styling take no more than a few minutes.

39. Long Pixie Style for Thick Hair. We love how this long layered fringe skims the chin. Complimentary to any face shape, this pixie style looks best when hydrated and nourished, so invest in some healthy products for that signature sheen.

40. Wispy Layers with a Bright Twist. Long pixies with choppy layers are excellent for thin hair. Want to add an unusual twist to your cut? Shadow roots in a funky shade can do the trick.

41. Ash Blonde Pixie with Lavender Face Frame. This ash blonde is an ultimate stunner, but a pop of lavender makes it even more exquisite. It is amazing what color experiments you can pull off with pixie short hair!

42. Short to Long Pixie. A gradual transition between the short and the long side allows tuning the edginess of the cut on the day to day basis. Tuck the longer side behind your ear, and a neet work-appropriate style is here.

43. Bright Purple Long Pixie with Undercut. Opting for a long pixie doesn’t mean you have to follow the rules. This long pixie cut embraces a vivid purple tone and a shaved undercut for an edgy on-trend finish.

44. Long and Thick Swoop. This photo shows just how beautiful a swooping fringe can look. To achieve this level of sheen, make sure your haircare is at the top level.

45. Choppy Silver Pixie Bob. Women over 50 often opt for shorter styles that are low maintenance and make thinning hair look full of volume. This long messy pixie with short wispy bangs is one of such cuts and looks great in natural gray color.

46. Cute Pixie Ringlets. It can be tempting to go super short when cropping your hair. But, if your hair forms perfect ringlets, hold off on the chop! Choose a long pixie to give your ringlets time to shine. Add some gel to your routine for curls that last all day.

47. Pastel Indigo Long Pixie Cut. Pastel shades are difficult to achieve without bleaching your hair first. However, once you have bleached blonde pixie, you may experiment with temporary colors on your own, watching the color fade seamlessly, giving you a new shade every couple of days.

48. Long Pixie with Rounded Back. Keeping long layers on top makes pixie very easy to grow out if you want to. You might not want to refuse from this flattering and eternally on-trend style, though.

49. Bowl Cut Pixie. This trendy bowl-cut pixie is full of fine detail like a precise curvy design on the sideburns. The dark color isn’t necessary, but it can add some extra drama to your look!

50. Long Pixie Cut with a Dramatic Quiff. Compared to a short pixie, a long one gives you so much more styling options! With some trusty hair products and time, you can create this edgy quiff style. Perfect for evenings out and making a statement.

Whether you want a short cut with sleek long bangs or choppy layers, there are options for all ladies, which make the long pixie cut one of the best short hairstyles we’ve seen. We hope you feel inspired after reading, make sure you show these photos at your next salon appointment!

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