Black is a universally flattering color that goes well with different hair colors and skin tones. It’s also a safe bet for most events and occasions. No wonder we are so obsessed with wearing black dresses!

But do you know the best part?

You can pull out practically any look with a black dress, whether you aim for a delicate and subtle or a bold and sultry vibe. Scroll down for black dress makeup ideas that will ignite your inspiration next time you assemble a black outfit.

1. Iconic 90s Lip Makeup. Inspired by the iconic looks of 90s supermodels, this technique sees its powerful comeback. For makeup like this one, start with a rich dark brown lip liner and line out your lips. Finish the look with nude lipstick leaving the edges bold and in striking contrast with the lips.

Dark Lip Liner and Cat Eye Makeup for Black Dress

via @laviinechifor

2. Smokey Eyes and Nude Lips. A smoky eye and nude lip is a timeless classic makeup that looks just right with a black dress. Sweep a lighter shade over the eyelid and then add deeper shades around the eyelashes to create soft drama and dimension. Finish with a few coats of black mascara. Keep your lips neutral and let the eyes do the talking.

Elegant Bronze Eye Makeup and Nude Lips

via @ozoriomakeup

3. Metallic Eye Makeup. Kohl-rimmed eyes and a nude pout exude an air of sultriness like no other makeup looks. Add gleaming gold tones to your eye makeup to glam it up. It’s the perfect makeup to pair with a black dress for a special occasion.

Night Out Golden Glitter Makeup for Blue Eyes

via @roxigajdamakeup

4. Glorious Neutral. Natural makeup goes well with every outfit, but with a black dress, it looks extra adorable, putting the focus on your features and your glowing complexion. Therefore, make sure you create a smooth base for your makeup and go for earthy nude tones for your eyes and lips.

Subtle Makeup for Black Dress Look

via @evi_trabulsi

5. Cut Crease Eye Makeup Look. Structured eyeliner paired with glitter will get you one of the best makeup looks for a black dress out there. Silver shimmer and accentuated crease help to define eyes and bring sensuousness to an otherwise natural makeup look.

Cut Crease Eye Makeup with Silver Glitter

via @laviinechifor

6. Romantic Pinks. If you are looking for black dress makeup ideas that project subtle glam and underline the romantic side of you, go for the pink color palette. Start with a makeup primer to give your skin a delicate glow. Apply light shadow colors over the upper eyelid and dab a deeper shade along the lash line. A soft contour of the cheeks and shiny lips crown this makeup look.

Romantic Smokey Eye Makeup with Pink Shadow and Lip Gloss

via @gram_mua

7. Aquatic Eye Makeup. Get a sizzling tropical vibe with this cool makeup idea. Unlike darker shades of blue, this calming aquatic hue works better with a range of colors and makes a perfect match for tanned skin. Go for defined brows and clear lip gloss to finish this look for a black dress.

Makeup Idea for Blue Eyes and Blonde Hair

via @rinabaliqi_m.u.a

8. Winged Eyeliner. To recreate this stunning makeup look, start with an eyeshadow base and set it with a nude monochromatic tone of the shadow. Then, use a gel or liquid liner to create a wing. Make sure you keep the shape intact and the shapes match on both eyes as precision is extremely important with a winged graphic eyeliner.

Elegant Black Graphic Liner Makeup to Wear with Black Dress

via @kvn.luong

9. Foxy Eyes. Foxy eyes is a chic alternative to smoky eye makeup looks for a black dress. Just extend your eyeliner towards your brow bone and flick it upwards keeping it thin and elegant.

Special Occasion Makeup using Matte Gray Shadow and Black Eye Liner

via @makeup_by_dominika_szymik

10. Tender Glow Makeup. Warm hues bring a luminous glow to the skin, which is essential while wearing black outfits. When you choose tender colors, enhancing eyebrows and lashes will help you bring definition to the look. Go for shaped brows and neutral lip shades to enhance your black dress look.

Classy Bronze Eye Makeup for Black Dress Outfit

via @tomkowska_makeup

11. Cat Eye. Fierce and glamorous, cat eye has been one of the most beloved makeup looks for a black dress. Smoky eyeliner and a pop of color along the bottom lash line make this look mesmerizing. Keep your lips neutral with a tinted lip balm.

Makeup with Bright Shadow on Lower Lashline

via @roxigajdamakeup

12. Burst of Color. Try funky-colored shadow eyes for an unconventional youthful makeup look with a black dress. Bold brows and pale taupe color lipstick will complement the makeup black dress devotees are sure to appreciate.

Fun Youthful Makeup with Different Color Shadows

via @rinabaliqi_m.u.a

13. Red Lips Accent. Bright lips paired with minimal eye makeup prove that a little bit of color goes a long way. Choose matte bright shades that look best with your skin tone for smashing black dress makeup.

Red Lip Makeup for Black Dress

via @flawlessbyamin

14. Liner All Around. Line out your lash line, especially in the outer and inner corners to enhance your eyes. Glossy lips and glimmering silver bring glamour to a classic black dress.

White Eye Shadow Makeup for a Black Dress Event

via @glammed_by_lorraine

15. Sparkling Eyeshadow and Bold Lashes. Just like a black dress, shadowy silken eyelashes never go out of style. Contrasting them with a shimmering golden eyeshadow is one of the best makeup ideas to go with a black dress.

Classy Brown Eye Makeup Idea

via @amirahalmudhi

16. Smoky Glitter. Take your makeup ideas a step further from everyday trends and look glam in smoky glitter and a black dress. Choose cooler purple eyeshadow, like mauve or plum, to emphasize a light complexion.

Purple Smokey Eye Makeup for Black Dress

via @isabelasalgadomakeup

17. Subtle Smoky Eyes and Red Lips. If your black dress has a simple design concept, make a statement with daring makeup ideas. Amped-up ruby or orange-red shades are festive and fabulous and the black dress brings balance into the look.

Natural Smokey Eye and Red Lipstick Formal Event Makeup

via @oriarum

18. Sunset Vibes. Add warmth and softness to your face with the animated shades of orange. Blonde hair and lighter skin would benefit from applying brown mascara to for a more natural feel. A clear glossy lip works wonders with this makeup look.

Sultry Orange Eyeshadow Makeup Idea

via @makeup_by_dominika_szymik

19. Double Line. Double the fun with this inventive makeup technique. It completely revamps the violet-and-pink makeup. Use an angled eyeliner brush for clean and precise lines. Seal the deal with a rose-colored lipstick.

Double Winged Makeup in Soft Lavender Tones

via @katarzyna_wojtycza_makeup

20. Blue Smoke. Looking for sensational black dress makeup ideas? Use a distinguishing color for your makeup looks. Eyeshadow primer is an absolute must to pull out this eye makeup.

Bright Blue Eyeshadow Makeup for Black Dress

via @glamdivapl

A black dress is a wardrobe staple that many of us can’t do without. With the right makeup, you’ll make certain that you always look your best, whether it’s a sleek and stylish everyday look or a fascinating evening wear.

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