Mandalas have been around since ancient times and had great significance in art, religion and meditation practices. Mandala is a Sanskrit word for ‘circle’ and classic mandalas are comprised of overlapping circles and symbols that radiate from the center, symbolizing balance, harmony, and eternity. Getting a mandala tattoo is a way to feel connected to spiritual traditions and invite peace and mindfulness in your life.

Check out some of the best mandala tattoo designs to get in 2023!

1. Upper Arm Bejeweled Mandala Tattoo. This beautiful off-the-shoulder mandala design blends a traditional geometric pattern with the mehendi-style tattoo. The tattoo artist has chosen delicate line work and dotting to create this elongated piece that will look equally good both with a gorgeous evening gown and a casual cami top.

2. Blackwork Zentangle Mandala Tattoo. Both based on geometric shapes, mandalas and zentangles create a smashing combo. They are characterized by a collection of repeated patterns and are meditative in their nature. Achieve calm and balance with this amazing feminine forearm tattoo.

3. Geometric Mandala Shoulder Tattoo. This intense mandala tattoo lies right on the shoulder, emanating a sense of harmony and balance. Expertly shaded petals create a nearly embossed-feel tattoo design. With its pleasing arrangement, this tattoo is sure to turn heads.

4. Crescent Moon and Lotus Combo. A real gem for all tattoo lovers! This regal lotus flower – a major Hindu symbol – is delicately shaded to demonstrate the silky texture of the immense petals. It is designed to be paired with a flower-and-feather adorned moon with repeated mandala motifs.

5. Full-Sleeve Dotwork Mandala Tattoo. This mandala tattoo design is an exceptional example of versatility in body art. By starting at the shoulder and working downward, this tattoo develops freely and instinctively without breaking the main mandala principles of balance and unity.

6. Lotus Mandala Tattoo Arm Cuff. Arms are a more visible body part that allows you to flaunt your ink art in warmer weather. It makes a perfect location for a delicate feminine lotus arm cuff. You can use it as a starting point to add extra details to your hand.

7. Heart Mandala Tattoo Design. That is the shape of my heart! Irradiating kindness and love, this heart-shaped mandala tattoo is beautiful and unique, just like everyone’s heart is. The central point that starts to extend into a network of intricate patterns makes us want to wear our hearts on our sleeves!

8. Half Mandala Wrist Tattoo. Small-sized pieces lend themselves well to slender parts of the body. The half-mandala design makes this tattoo seem like a crown sitting on your wrist. If you are looking for stylish mandala tattoos with an elegant finish, definitely try this queenly crown jewel.

9. Underboob Mandala Tattoo Ideas. Balanced symmetrical tattoos are go-to pieces for breast tattoos for ladies. That’s why mandala tattoos make the top of underboob tattoos. They are perfectly shaped to the curves of your body and can be both minimalistic and ornate. You can also incorporate other pieces into the tattoo designs, like flowers, animals, or dangling jewels.

10. Hexagonal Inner Arm Mandala Tattoo. Unlike most mandala tattoo ideas, this astounding iteration of a mandala tattoo exploits a mix of uncommon designs. In this creative tattoo, we see how a honeycomb structure filled with tribal arrowhead symbols gives way to a blackwork line with name inscriptions above and beneath it, and finally blooms into a graphic straight-line mandala.

11. Crescent Moon with a Fade Out Mandala. The crescent moon is central to this magnetic tattoo design. Festooned with pendant jewels and adorned with opulent roses, it immediately grabs attention. The subtle dotwork mandala peeking from behind the moon complements the overall design.

12. Beautiful Mandala Tattoo on Woman’s Back. If you are a fan of mandala tattoo designs that visually impress, explore the possibility of extensive tattooing. And your back makes the best canvas for unparalleled spine tattoos. With plenty of space, you can develop your design gradually. This grand tattoo design includes a reversed bib on the upper back with an embedded lotus flower, a mandala-style snake that slithers along the spine, and symmetrical mandala patterns on the lower back.

13. Lotus Mandala Tattoo with Inscription and Unalome Symbol. Go for a unique mandala design that has a rich symbolism behind a handsome picture. Your spine lends itself well to elongated mandala designs that are ideal for including a motto or an inspirational phrase together with another meaning-loaded emblem of unalome.

14. Half-Sleeve Tattoo with Mandala Design. This captivating mandala tattoo layers a selection of ornamental fans one over another, adding a butterfly tattoo and plant motifs. The skillful shading creates a distinctive 3d effect that we can’t take our eyes off.

15. Lacy Black-and-White Tattoo. Looking for airy and girly mandala tattoo ideas? Look no more! This is one of the most beautiful mandala tattoo designs out there! With refined swirls and a cameo-style centerpiece, touches of pearly-white, and half-sleeve placement, this lacy tattoo looks exquisite.

16. Graphic Arm Mandala Tattoo. The multiple layers of petals overlapping each other and a perfect combo of dark and light shading help reveal the depth and aesthetic appeal of this magnificent mandala tattoo.

17. Floral Mandala Tattoo. Mandalas often serve as a symbol of inner beauty and perfection of the world. When combined with full-blown flowers, it receives a metaphorical meaning and at the same time offers a unique design.

18. Elephant Mandala Tattoo. Elephants make for great shoulder tattoos because of their longish but full appearance. They fill your shoulder and upper arm nicely, without any loss of details. This elephant, enchantingly decorated with different patterns, stands out on a petal grid backdrop.

19. Lion Mandala Cover-Up Tattoo. A powerful cover-up tattoo, just like the animal it is modeled after! A lion is often seen as an embodiment of the fight of good against evil and combined with such a design as a mandala, it gets filled with deep meanings.

20. Neo-Traditional Mandala Tattoo. With bold black outlines and vivid colors, this modern spin on the vintage style of American tattoos is simply stunning. This flower-meets-mandala tattoo showcases graphic imagery with attention to detail. A beautiful choice of tattoo for the collarbone area.

21. Full Front Skull and Mandala Tattoo. This cool tattoo depicts a realistic skull framed by an intricate pattern. Its sockets and nose let us see what is behind the skull, revealing serene repetitive mandala motifs. The afterlife world doesn’t seem so bleak anymore.

22. Negative Space Full Sleeve Tattoo. This popular technique uses black ink to forge a dual image effect by contrasting the ink with the empty space on the skin. The absent area silhouette creates a cool dramatic effect. This style is getting more and more popular with those who seek originality outside of mainstream mandala tattoo ideas and trends.

23. Small Mandala Tattoo on an Ear. Calling all micro tattoo fans! Ear mandalas are a new it! True, they might be painful, but they are so worth it. Subtle and enigmatic, they will look amazing with a selection of ear piercings. We love how this beautiful flower mandala peers right from behind the ear shell rim.

24. Hip Mandala Tattoo. Of all the placement options, the hip has got to be one of the sexiest. It accentuates your femininity and works well with mandala tattoo designs. This mandala with a teardrop necklace looks luxurious and seductive.

25. Ornamental Octagonal Flower Mandala. Not all flowers are meant to be girly and flirty. This bold black ink neck tattoo is extremely emphatic and hefty. The symmetrical pattern of the flower is contrasted by the irregular arrangement of stipules, lending it an organic feel.

26. Spine Lotus Mandala Tattoo. In contrast to other, more ornate mandala tattoos, this refined spine piece has fewer details to it. The lotus flower is a focal point of the body art arrangement. With gentle dotting flowing down the spine and a crescent moon up above, it has a very clean and polished style.

27. Pink Ribbon Mandala Tattoo. Almost uniformly black, this design has however one color accent to it – a pink ribbon. It’s an international symbol of breast cancer awareness. A great piece for a cancer survivor or as a sign of appreciation and support to someone who battles against the disease.

28. Beaded Sun Mandala Tattoo with Pendants. Solar symbols were attributes of many religions and they still carry a deep philosophical meaning in modern times. The unfurling stubby sunrays on this tattoo create a sense of movement while the distinctly feminine facial features suggest softness and sensitivity. The diamond-shaped pendants help to lengthen the design so it’s better suited to the shape of the arm.

29. Leg Mandala Tattoo with a Lion. If you are looking for some fierce but meaningful mandala tattoo ideas, this boisterous full-leg piece is definitely for you. It includes a black-and-gray fine line inked lion, surrounded by an elaborate mandala pattern.

30. Shoulder Dotwork Mandala. This ethereal mandala flower blooms with layers upon layers of delightful patterns. One of the best mandala tattoos that integrate dotwork, linework, geometric shapes, and organic elements.

31. Feminine Wrist Band Tattoo. This eye-catching body art looks just like a beautiful bejeweled bracelet. It is completed in an ornamental style and includes numerous layers of petals arranged in a circle and a chevron-shaped cuff that ends with shiny jewels. The tattoo artist skillfully uses white ink to create a dimension to the pattern.

32. Owl Mandala Tattoo. This stunning tattoo hits two birds with one stone: owls carry a unique meaning of intelligence and wisdom and paired with mandalas and flowers, it creates one of the most aesthetic designs.

33. Matching Half Mandalas in a Cohesive Piece. Some people choose to get their mandala tattoos in two pieces so that they complete the cohesive design. It takes a lot of artistry and professionalism on the part of the tattooist to create such a design. Or should we say two designs?

34. Ornamental Floral Mandala Tattoo. Delicately shaded petals, negative space armbands, smooth lines, and a custom fit all come together to create this terrific ink art. The mandalas framing a larger tattoo look whimsical and sublime.

35. Neo-Traditional Elbow Mandala. The elbow is one of those super special placements on your body that are tricky to work with: they are pointy, bendy, and bony. But this is exactly where mandalas fit the bill. With their circular design that radiates from the center, mandala designs make perfect elbow tattoos.

36. Extensive Back Mandala Tattoo. If you are one of the die-hard tattoo fans that see their whole body as a canvas, go for a large-scale back mandala. Cozily nestled between the shoulder blades, the pointy shape mimics a dome of a temple. One of those tattoo designs that invoke spiritual development.

37. Ornamental Full Sleeve Tattoo. This conspicuous mandala sleeve is sophisticated and covers the whole arm with elaborate pattern work. Dot after dot, line after line, it brings the symbolism and deep meaning of mandalas to life.

38. Linework Lion Mandala Tattoo. Few animals inspire as much reverence as majestic lions. They are vigorous and graceful and will always remain a symbol of power. This lion also looks cleverly cunning and elegant thanks to neat linework and stylish lotus flower addition.

39. Sternum Dotwork Mandala Tattoo. Lotus mandala tattoos are one of the most popular mandala tattoo ideas for a good reason. They create a proportional design that can rest under your breasts and stretch over along the sternum. Besides, lotus flowers relate to femininity and charm which a lot of women find appealing.

40. Geometric Forearm Mandala. If your tattoo aesthetic leans toward heavier blackwork designs, consider this geometric mandala for your next tattoo. The complex dotwork that creates a faded-out effect stands in stark contrast with crisp black lines in this awesome forearm tattoo.

41. Floral Chest Mandala. The sprawling florals bloom into an intricately dotted mandala that resembles a rising sun over a valley. This detailed design rests beautifully over the breasts and possesses the power to capture attention with ease.

42. Fineline Lower Calf Mandala. If you want a tattoo that is both elegant and subtle, then try this pretty-looking mandala that is lodged right above your ankle. The fine lines and teeny dots lend a heavenly look to your legs.

43. Dainty Shoulder Lotus Mandala. One of the most delicate and feminine mandala tattoo ideas for the dreamer and believer in you. If you fancy a very personal and discreet tattoo, then there is no better option than this simple but elegant piece.

44. Tribal Mandala Tattoo Designs. It takes skill and imagination to marry two such distinct styles as mandalas and tribal tattoos, but if it hits the right note, it’s sensational. Bold saturated lines are intertwined to create perfectly symmetrical patterns surrounding a circle in the middle of the design.

45. Wrist Bracelet Mandala Tattoo. Unlike most wrist mandala tattoos, this chic piece doesn’t feature a half-mandala style. With straightforward lines containing the pattern inside their boundaries, this mandala looks like a handsome jeweled bracelet.

46. Horse Mandala Tattoo. Unlike elephants or lions, horses are not commonly used in mandala tattoo ideas. The natural qualities of horses, such as agility and endurance, are the main reasons why people want them incorporated into mandala tattoos. This noble horse makes an incredible focal point of a circular mandala with overlapping petals and beaded swags.

47. Mirrored Flower Mandala. This fascinating tattoo literally depicts how nature can be translated into geometry. Divided by a thin line, the ostentatious mandala mirrors the floral arrangement above it. Not only does it make a great choice for nature buffs, but it also carries an enormous amount of symbolism.

48. Tiny Sternum Mandala Tattoo. If you crave a sexy tattoo that can be easily hidden from curious eyes, try a small-scale lotus tattoo on your sternum. It’s lightweight and elegant and looks perfectly placed. The secret of a colossal appeal lies in clean lines and symmetry.

49. Petite Mandala Tattoo Behind the Ear. Behind the ear mandala tattoos is a perfect pick for bold personalities who love flaunting cool tattoos. This triple lotus flower surrounding the ear creates a beautiful and intriguing look.

50. Grand Geometrical Mandala Backpiece. Grand pieces like this demand attention to detail and a proper understanding of contrast and symmetry. This is a huge effort by both the artist and the prospective owner of the tattoo. But the outcome is astounding.

With all the gorgeous mandala tattoo ideas it might be tough to find the one that is perfect for you. We hope this round-up provides you with ink inspo to suit your style and agenda.

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