White and Pink Nails with Diamonds

Nail design with diamonds is a timeless style that works for all occasions. Whether you opt for a minimalist style or shiny patterns, there are nails with diamonds for all tastes. Unsure which style suits you? Keep reading! We’ve collected the top nails with diamonds to help you decide.

1. Pink Nails with Nail Jewels. Nail designs with diamonds don’t have to lack color! Add some pink color to your diamond jewels for a feminine touch.

2. French Manicure Style. French manicure designs work with every nail trend. Try pairing it with coffin nails and diamond nail art for a modern vintage look. There is so much detail in this nail art, you can look at it for hours without getting bored!

3. Warm Orange Nail Design with Diamonds. This nail look plays with warm tones instead of cool whites. Warm oranges look great with all skin tones. Add some real diamonds to give this summer style some extra sparkle.

4. Pink Nails with Extra Sparkle. If you want to avoid white nail paint, try this pink coffin nails style instead. Add swirls of glitter through accent nails for a unique element. This design works well with gel nails or clear nails with diamonds too.

5. Diamond Nails with a Difference. Why keep your nails the same when you can play with different diamond designs? This nail art plays with light ombre nails, diamond nails, and gemstone nails for a creative mix! Any nail shape can rock this trend.

6. Nail Stickers with Diamonds. Want to experiment with something new in diamond nail design? Add some color and a floral nail design with the help of nail stickers. These cute nails are essential for tropical summer vacations.

7. Blue Color Nails with Diamonds. Powder blue is a color that will always be on-trend. Take this classic look and add diamonds on an accent nail to complete the style. This is ideal for any skin tone and any special occasion too. Alternatively, you can use a deeper shade like royal blue.

8. Dramatic Wedding Nails. If there’s one day you can be dramatic, it’s your wedding day! These nails with diamonds are perfect for any bride’s wedding day look. Play with the traditional french ombre nails and add sparkle for a show-stopping finish.

9. Pink Nails with a Fun Twist. Diamond nails don’t need to be silver glitter. Opt for multicolored jewels for a modern take on nails with diamonds. This rhinestone nail design can work in all colors and the style works with both natural and acrylic nails.

10. Geometric Gold Glitter Nails. If you want to keep your short natural nails, add gold glitter to level the style up. Nails with diamonds work on any shape or style, so get experimental with your nail polish. Diamond nail designs aren’t for everyone, so use this style to get more creative.

11. Long Acrylic Nails with Diamonds. Long coffin nails add extra drama to your style. Pair these long acrylic nails with an accent nail or some diamond nail art for a complete manicure.

12. Classic French Manicure Nails with Diamonds. The French manicure style never goes out of fashion. French tip nails with diamonds suit all ladies too! Personalize this look with nail art and sparkly diamonds for formal events. This is a perfect nail gem design for weddings.

13. Ombre Nails with Diamonds. Long nails look great with nail art. Pair nude and white polish in ombre nails for a cohesive style. This nail design is completed with statement diamonds on a middle finger.

14. Blue Nail Diamonds. Who says diamond nails need to be clear? Combine abstract French manicure patterns with blue color diamonds in this long coffin nails style. We love this nail gem design for evening events or summer parties.

15. White Coffin Nails with Diamonds. White nails add some sophistication to your hands. Combine this look with an accent nail and pink nail art for a girly style. Coffin nails look best with acrylic nails!

16. Red Nails with Sparkles. Red nails always make a statement. Add minimalist nail art or diamonds to make these classic colors pop. This color is perfect for a date night or dinner celebration.

17. Matte Nails with Silver Glitter. Matte nails give you a subtle look, but you can pair them with silver glitter or nail art to add some extra sophistication. Try this design with pink nails for a unique twist.

18. Short Coffin Nails with Nail Art. Short nails can be eye-catching too! Try this pink ombre nails style with bright colors such as neon yellow, green, or blue. Gold flakes or diamonds can give this style an extra pop. Try this for graduation nails or a summer style.

19. Long Coffin Nails with Heart Nail Designs. Got a date night coming up? Try these acrylic nails with diamonds and heart nail designs. These nude nails are definitely a style to remember. Jewel nail design has never looked so romantic!

20. Pink Coffin Nails. Nails with diamonds can come in any shape or form. These pink coffin nails mix ombre nails with shiny glitter and diamonds for a glam look. Pink nails with diamonds are always a winning combination and will suit any girl who likes feminine styles.

21. Nail Designs with Diamonds and Gemstone Effect. Why pick between diamonds nails and gemstone nail art when you can have both? These nails with diamonds combine white nails and nude shades for a complementary color palette.

22. Diamonds Nails with Sparkles. These gel nails pair long coffin nails with glam glitter. Keep all nails pink with one accent nail for drama. This style will surely inspire you to add some sparkle to your manicure the next time you go to the nail salon.

23. Gold Glitter Acrylic Nails. If you want nails with diamonds, but prefer gold to silver, try this style. Don’t cover the entire nail in gold, let it sit on the top of the nail for ombre nails with diamonds design. Gold nails with diamonds will always be popular!

24. One Color Nails with Colorful Diamonds. When choosing your nails with diamonds, consider playing with the same color. This gives your nail designs an even look and it can work with long coffin nails or round nails too. Pink or white acrylic nails are popular for this style.

25. Coffin Nails with Purple Jewels. Coffin nails look great in all colors. Consider opting for purple for stunning nails in a unique shade. You can even choose to add one finger in jewel or glitter polish too, for extra emphasis. Nail designs with diamonds rock in any color!

26. Purple Acrylic Nails. Acrylic nails are a popular choice. These nails with diamonds give your manicure a professional finish and the nail designs last longer. Experiment with different tones of purple for a winter style.

27. Red Nails with Pink Nail Art. If white acrylic nails aren’t your style, try these nails instead. Keep your nails red or deep pink, and add a unique design to your ring finger. This nail color is flirty and fun, so try these nails on a date night.

28. Blue Nails With Diamonds. These coffin nails with diamonds are stunning. Whether you opt for blue ombre nails with diamonds or subtle blue nails with jewels, this manicure looks amazing. Play around with the elements of these nails to create your own version.

29. Nude Coffin Nails with Diamonds. This nail style combines nail designs with diamonds and white ombre nails. Intricate jewel patterns are essential here! If you like long coffin nails, this is a must-try.

30. Gel Nails with Diamonds. If you want something different from white nails, consider diamond nails with unique nail color. This simple design works best with baby pink, but pastels are popular too.

Nails with diamonds come in many shapes and sizes and vary from delicate additions to your nail art to ultimate attention grabbers! Make sure your next appointment at the salon is successful with these one-of-a-kind nail designs.

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