You may wonder why some people decide to get neck tattoos. Well, for the same reason, people wear makeup, jewelry, or cute outfits. Female neck tattoos look dope, they are original, and they are an excellent way to express yourself, your interests, and your passions. So, welcome to the universe of neck tattoo for women to help you choose your next best accessory.

1. Wings Side Neck Tattoo. Commonly associated with angels and fairies, wings have always held a spiritual and mythological meaning to them. They serve as symbols of virtue, faith, freedom, and love. Or maybe it’s your guarding angel lurking over there, guiding and protecting you? This subtle delicate neck tattoo is pure elegance and mystery.

2. Bird in Flight Neck Tattoo. In this black-and-white tattoo, the intricate grayscale shading makes the bird’s wings appear weightless and feathery. It almost feels as if the bird was captured in a freeze-frame shot while taking off the ground. A wonderful piece for anyone who wants to emphasize lightness and freedom.

3. Collarbone and Neck Rose Tattoo. Consider extending your tattoo down your neck and onto your collarbone area for a stylish and unique design. This rose neck tattoo seems to be growing right from your heart as a symbol of undying love.

4. Red Tassel and Knots Tattoo on Neck for Women. This traditional Korean knot-based jewelry has successfully traveled from formal attires to body ink art. Today, it’s a common design for neck tattoos for women because of their whimsical and feminine looks. Go for the scarlet tattoo to show your passionate and emotional side.

5. Words Throat Tattoo. Spell it out for the world to see! Your motto or inspiration can be channeled to the world through a meaningful phrase or even a single word.

6. Hibiscus Side Neck Tattoo. Flower neck tattoos will never go out of style because of their tenderness and effeminacy. Lush and gorgeous, hibiscus often symbolizes charm, delicacy, and fragility. If you want to show off your flower tattoo in its whole beauty, opt for color ink instead of black-and-white.

7. Elegant Camellia Tattoo. This graceful camellia tattoo is incredibly ornate and displays complex layering and details. With its frilly petals and gentle curves, camellia represents desire, passion, and devotion. Get a mirrored camellia tattoo on both sides of your neck to double the loveliness.

8. Enormous Iris Neck Tattoo. Although not as common as other floral tattoos, iris tattoos are positively smashing. Just like the real iris, they can be completed in an array of colors. But if you want to focus on the flower’s features, enhance this innovative bold design with black ink.

9. Goldfish Shoulder and Neck Tattoo. Welcome good fortune and prosperity with an adorable goldfish tattoo. This vibrant tattoo finds its perfect placement on the neck and shoulder, smoothly flowing down. Make a wish!

10. Blackwork Rose Tattoo Behind the Ear. Small neck tattoos for women always have an emphatic appeal. With its elegant appearance and flat design, it looks almost like a decal image transferred to a body. A classic tattoo design that will always be popular!

11. Swallow in Flight Neck Tattoo. Ah, the joy we feel while watching swallows flutter in the sky! The promise of freedom, journey, and exploration is in the air. Swallow tattoos come to symbolize just that. If you feel like you could fly for joy, get a swallow tattoo on your neck area.

12. Minimalistic Sun and Moon Tattoo. The juxtaposition of the sun and moon in a single tattoo can carry tons of meanings. From classic day and night symbols to contrasting male and female energy. But it can be a whole different story for you. The beauty of tattoo meanings is their deeply personal attribution.

13. Organic Geometric Pattern on Woman’s Neck. Get the best of two worlds and blend pure organic patterns with the finesse and complexity of geometry. The lacy fern, a symbol of resilience and resourcefulness, is optimal for a new chapter in your life. This intricate mind-boggling piece is sure to become a conversation starter!

14. Peony Full Neck Tattoo. From the chin to the collarbone, full neck tattoos are striking and eye-catching. They are sexy and expressive and make a perfect accessory for those feeling bold. The fine-line technique looks amazing when paired with a glorious peony tattoo.

15. Extended Norigae Neck Tattoo. Looking for exclusive neck tattoo ideas? Try building your tattoo up the arm and onto your neck. This oriental ornamental tattoo playfully ties intricate knots for good luck, weaving in some glimmering gold.

16. Neo Traditional Floral Neck Tattoo. The beauty of neo-traditional neck tattoos lies in their rich over-the-top style, with augmented pop culture elements. This peony rose neck tattoo is an impeccable example of a dotwork tattoo set in all its geometric excellence.

17. Name Neck Tattoo for Women. Honor a special bond between you and your loved one with a very personal tattoo. Get your partner’s or kid’s name inked as a symbol of forever love. Some people may choose to get inked in remembrance of someone who has passed away to hold them close.

18. Dotwork Chain Tattoo. Shrouded in controversy, chain tattoos seem to represent very polarized ideas. Having been used for centuries as a symbol of imprisonment and oppression they come to stand for something absolutely different these days. A broken chain expresses release, freedom, and broken bonds.

19. Meaningful Script Tattoo. Send a message about your beliefs, values, and life mission with a momentous message. Play around with fonts to emphasize the meaning of the inscription. Lettering styles cover a wide range of fonts, from lightweight cursive to blackletter gothic.

20. Japanese Themed Feminine Tattoo. Colorful and graceful, plum blossom tattoos are a paragon of feminine neck tattoos. They represent hope, perseverance, and eternal youth. The delicate branches dotted with dainty pink blossoms form an attractive floral composition.

21. Fineline Full Neck Tattoo. While colorful floral tattoos have their appeal, grayscale flowers have undeniable charm. Completed in fine line technique, they are subtle and airy, with softer shading and delicate linework. They pair well with dotwork elements, creating an alluring ensemble.

22. Gothic Ornamental Neck Tattoo Ideas. Show off your dark side with a gothic neck tattoo. While they often feature dark and dismal themes, their magnetism is hard to ignore. They often feature sophisticated designs, strong linework, and deep symbolism that reflects gothic aesthetics.

23. Sword Micro Neck Tattoo. They are small but they are mighty! If you are looking for cute neck tattoos for women, try the latest craze of micro tattoos. The back of the neck is an optimum placement for those who prefer the freedom of concealing their neck tattoo under the long hair or want to finish off a spine tattoo in a nice way.

24. Minimalist Wavy Lines Collarbones and Neck Tattoo. Minimalist tattoos are a noticeable trend in neck tattoos for women. A tattoo artist creates discreet undulating lines that have an unmistakable organic feel. These oblique lines with wavy distortions seem to be veiling the upper body in care and love.

25. Mandala Throat Tattoo. Gripping and daring, throat tattoos are a go-to piece for tattoo enthusiasts. Mandala design is a popular pick for this particular placement because of the symmetry front neck tattoos offer. Part flower, part abstract pattern, a mandala always offers a unique design.

26. Monochromatic Back of the Neck Tattoo. Turn a nostalgic image into a stylish and memorable tattoo with a simple monochrome outline tattoo. The back of the neck is a tattoo placement with medium exposure that will let you hide your treasured memory from prying eyes.

27. Inscription Neck Tattoo. Inscription tattoos make a great daily reminder to push on and possess a sizeable sentimental value. To make them even more special, consider the color of the ink, the style of lettering, the length of the phrase, and specific placement. It’s an excellent idea to collect some visual references to show your tattoo artist before you commit to a tattoo.

28. Rose Neck Tattoo with Inscription. This intricately detailed side-neck tattoo of a tender rose in full bloom is a great example of neck tattoo design. The expert shading and detailing make it look almost real and the fine cursive inscription in the corner adds something unique.

29. Delicate Linework Flower Neck Tattoo. Delicate and subtle linework lets you be involved in tattoo culture without having to commit to chunkier pieces with heavy aesthetics. A top choice for feminine tattoos that emanate elegance and boost your confidence with prominent placement.

30. Butterfly Neck Tattoo Ideas. A butterfly tattoo is one of the popular motifs of neck tattoos for women. Cute and dainty, they don’t need much space. Place them behind the ear or at the back of the neck and they will still make their home.

31. Japanese Style Peony Neck Tattoo. Flower throat tattoos are a powerful blend of feminine grace and strong character. And peony makes a fabulous fit as it stands for brilliance, charm, bravery, and the victory of life. Japanese-themed grayscale peonies are a wonderful way to focus on the shape and accurate details of the flower.

32. Mistletoe Neck Tattoo. Get into the festive spirit with a Christmas special! Flaunt a pretty mistletoe twig on the place where you want to be kissed. This refined design is a prime choice for side-neck tattoos.

33. Geometric Full Neck Tattoo. Embrace the all-consuming beauty of full-neck tattoos! This wonderful piece layers a mehendi-inspired geometric pattern with luscious floral arrangements completed in different tattooing techniques.

34. Custom Unalome Neck Tattoo. Consisting of spirals, swirls, and straight lines, the elegant unalome symbol represents our life path. It goes through all the ups and downs to reach a beautiful lotus flower on top. If it’s your first tattoo or you are looking for small neck tattoos, this might be it!

35. Japanese Dragon Neck Tattoo. Prominent in eastern countries, this majestic mythical creature is an integral part of tattoo art. Japanese-style dragons are usually graceful and slender, with just three claws and no wings. They are seen as noble, wise, and honorable beings and represent strength and wealth in tattoo culture.

36. Old School Rose Neck Tattoo. Traditional old-school tattoos are a feasible option for women who prefer traditional styles with bold black outlines. The vibrant colors of this eye-catching flower neck tattoo also carry rich symbolism. Red traditionally stands for love and passion, while yellow represents joy and happiness. A top-notch combination for a content life!

37. Inscription Small Neck Tattoo. Apart from being extra budget-friendly, simple neck tattoos are also extremely cute. The best part about small symbol designs is that they are particularly easy to disguise if your corporate environment frowns upon visible tattoos. Just let your hair down or wear a turtle neck and you are all set.

38. Secret Garden Chest and Neck Tattoo. If you can’t make up your mind about the type of florals you want to be included in your ink art, you can totally have it all! Get a selection of plants, florets, berries, and even a honeycomb for a cohesive piece of a flourishing garden.

39. Barbed Wire Neck Tattoo. Despite certain prejudice and gruesome appearance, barbed wire in tattoo art is a robust symbol of coming of age and breaking bonds. It can also signify that the person is protective of their personal boundaries. A wonderful piece to show the ‘rebelle fleur’ in you!

40. Elegant Alstroemeria Neck Tattoo. Not so widely popular as other botanical neck tattoos for women, alstroemeria is immensely tasteful and artistic. It represents prosperity, fortune, and good luck in your job. Great next ink for anyone starting a new job or setting up a business!

41. Abstract Face Outline Neck Tattoo. Looking in opposite directions, these abstract outlines of faces are a beautiful representation of a conflicted soul. Embrace your duality and complexity with this beautiful black ink piece.

42. Abstract Red and Black Neck Tattoo. This abstract image with a primitivist design displays crisp outlines woven into an intricate pattern. The combination of red and black grants depth to edgy designs. A wonderful choice of a neck tattoo to show your strong attitude.

43. Laurel Leaf Wreath Neck Tattoo. Laurel leaf wreaths are classy and sophisticated. Wear your laurel wreath proudly as a symbol of your achievement and strength. Honestly, not everyone can sit well for a neck tattoo!

44. Symmetrical Leaf Side Neck Tattoo. A neck tattoo with perfect placement and symmetry! Our eye sees symmetry as aesthetically pleasing because it renders order and stability. Go for an identical image on the right and left side of the neck to create a delightful piece.

45. Spider Lily Neck Tattoo. Frilly and delectable, spider lilies are not only a feast for the eye, but they are also full of expressive symbolism. Many believe that tattooing a spider lily will bring luck and goodness into their lives.

46. Ornamental Berber Neck Tattoo for Women. Originating from North Africa, these tattoos have a rich history and powerful imagery inspired by nature. They were traditionally worn by women and just as they are done now, they were completed for therapeutic and cosmetic reasons as well. Getting a Berber tattoo is a pretty obvious way to honor your heritage or become a part of an ancient culture.

47. Gossamer Grayscale Rose Tattoo. This rose tattoo is a celebrated example of how a facile tattoo can still be beautiful. This neck tattoo features a single rose lightly outlined in black ink, with slender leaves framing the flower.

48. Minimalistic Angel Wings with Halo Tattoo. A small and subtle neck tattoo that makes a big statement! A potent and romantic symbol of love and protection, it can also represent the purity of the owner. Just like a cross neck tattoo, it can have a spiritual significance, making it perfect for religious girls.

49. Mandala Bib Neck Tattoo for Women. Bib-style neck tattoos for women are so graceful and glamorous that they can easily be worn as an accessory instead of jewelry. Choose the size and placement of your neck tattoo that complements the collar cuts you prefer to wear.

50. Raven Skull with Mushrooms Neck Tattoo. Skull tattoos have been a popular motif since olden sailors’ days. They can mean different things to different people: some get a skull tattoo as a symbol of accepting their mortality and for some, it’s a lasting reminder to enjoy life while they still can.

Tattoos are getting more visible and present each day. With modern tattoos featuring finer lines and softer imagery, and corporate environments becoming more casual and relaxed, getting neck tattoos for women is becoming an entirely individual choice.

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