As legendary Aerosmith said in their song, ‘pink, it’s not even a question’. And yes, for many of us pink is a natural pick when we strive for something feminine but flamboyant. Pink is unbelievably versatile – from pale pink to hot pink, your nail art designs can vary from lacy to sassy. It looks good on any nail length and shape and comes in a bounty of finishes. Dive in to explore pink nail ideas we’ve rounded up for you.

1. Matte Pink Nails with Glitter Accents. These light pink nails with a matte finish look delicate and feminine. Use pink glitter polish to create dynamic swirls and french tips to bring interest to your manicure.

Berry and Soft Pink Nail Art Designs


2. Pink 3D Hearts. 3D-embossed features are a new word in modern trends in nail art designs. Cute pink hearts on two accent nails are a great choice for St Valentine’s Day or just as a shout-out to the world that you are in love.

Pink Nails with 3d Heart Nail Designs

via @nailsbypaulin

3. Pink Nails with Different Finishes. Wearing different finishes of pink nail polish on your fingers is definitely a hot trend right now. If you can’t decide on a particular effect, be it matte, sheer, or glitter nails, try them all in one manicure and see how you like them.

Glossy Matte and Glitter Pink Nails Manicure

via @agalorynowicz

4. French Manicure with Tiny Dots. If you don’t want to go all french, there is always an alternative. Try this classic french manicure with a contemporary touch. Deceptively simple, this different color pink nail art is eye-catching and elegant.

Clear and Pink Nail Art Designs

via @nailartistrybykylie

5. Gift-Wrapped in Ribbon. Ribbon-embellished pink nails become popular for the cute look that makes them indispensable during the holiday and party season. Opt for gold or silver depending on the choice of your jewelry and throw in some sparkle or rhinestones for the festive vibe.

Pink Nails with Flitter Fade on Accent Fingers

via @makaromero_nailsart

6. Pink and Orange Color Combo. If you are looking for a stunning look with a fun twist, go for double french nail art in vibrant shades of hot pink and orange. Perfect choice for a summer vacation!

Summer Nails with Magenta Pink Nail Art Designs

via @gelpolish_bar

7. Pink and Black Nails with Animal Print. This mani features square nails in rich shades of pink with an accent nail adorned with a whimsical rendition of an animal print. Thin lines of silver glitter are a fun way to add dimension and sparkle to your nail art.

Bright Pink Nails with Accent Zebra Print Nail Art

via @elynails_gm

8. Pink Nails With Flowers. Pink nail art designs and flowers are a match made in heaven. These short nails blooming with free-hand painted flowers on an accent nail are all but spring ready.

Spring Pink Nails with Floral Nail Art on One Finger

via @valefraan

9. Rose Quartz Nails with a Touch of Gold. These gorgeous rose quartz nails mimic light pink and white tints of the crystal. They look adorably cute on almond-shaped nails. A touch of gold foil lends this manicure sheer elegance and class.

Blush Pink Marble Nails

via @follow_beauty_studio

10. Long Coffin Nails in Baby Pink. Of all the pink shades, baby pink is one of the most feminine and cute hues. It softens the extravagant coffin shape and gives them a tender velvety feel.

Baby Pink Manicure on Long Coffin Nails

via @annailz

11. Dark Pink Nails With Black Accents. To recreate this statement-making nail idea, use dark pink nail polish as a base. Add some spray dots and slanted wedges of black to the nails of your choice. Finally, seal it with a matte top coat to ensure a chic look.

Dark Pink and Black Nails


12. Iridescent Light Pink Nail Design. Are you getting some unicorn vibes with these pink nails? Cause we are. If you want to spin a fairy tale through your nail art, definitely go for iridescent pink nails. Get your magic wand (we mean nail polish brush) and paint your nails light pink. Then top it off with some chrome powder and you are all set for your dream world!

Olive Shaped Nails Covered with Rosy Pearl Polish

via @nailsbypaulin

13. Swirly Pink Nail Art. If you are on the lookout for trendy nail art, look no further than abstract swirl nail design. Characterized by its undulating shape, this unique nail art is easy to achieve and chic to wear.

Swirls Manicure Featuring Pink Shades

via @noemi_ibba_nails_magnetic

14. Neon Pink Nails with Funky Heart Accents. Take up your spring nail art a notch with a loud shade of pink and hip hearts on negative space nails. Hand paint these charming hearts or use stamps or stencils for more precision.

Funny Pink Nail Art Design

via @nailartistrybykylie

15. Silver and Pink Graphic Nail Art. The coolest color combination you could ask for! The subdued light pink paired with glitter nails add a little sparkle to your nail design. Incorporate a trendy sharp pattern into your pink nail art for a sophisticated look. Alternatively, use nail glue to incorporate some rhinestones or chunky pieces of glitter into your pink nail art.

Pink and Gray Nails Art on Square Nails

via @elynails_gm

16. Cute Pink French Tips. These short almond-shaped pink nails with french tips are too delicious! This adorable style is sweet, innocent, and ideal for a date night.

Short Rounded Nails with Light Pink French Tips

via @yadrianasnails

17. Barbie Style Pink Nails. Channel your inner Barbie into this vibrant pink nail art design with fuchsia pink tips. Perfect wear for a girls’ night out or a summer pool party.

Hot Pink Nails with Violet French Tip

via @gelpolish_bar

18. Pale Pink Ombre Nails. A perfect blend of pink and white results in a cute pink marshmallow effect. These ombre nails come off as glossy and refined. This pink nail art is universally suitable and easy to integrate into just about every wardrobe.

Pastel Pink Ombre Nails

via @follow_beauty_studio

19. Translucent Pink Nails Embellished with Gold. There is something about gold and pink nail designs that screams divine elegance and femininity. Pink tones bring out the luxe of precious metal while gold makes cute pink refined and posh. Try pairing them on a translucent negative space to make your pink nail art really pop.

Unusual Pink Nail Art Designs

via @nailtechnextdoor

20. Sparkly Pink and White Nails. The pink and white colorway is a feast for your eyes and extremely easy to wear. Spruce up your sparkly baby pink nail design with fun white nail art on one nail. A cute Easter bunny is excellent nail art for spring.

Lovely Pink Spring Nails with Bunny Nail Art

via @agalorynowicz

21. Pink V-Cut French Tips. The v-cut french tips feature two thin lines running diagonally on both sides of the nail. This two-toned nail idea is twice as enchanting. This design will work great with long nails making them even longer visually.

White and Pink Nail Art Design

via @lu__nails

22. Classic Short Pink Nails. Basic pink nail designs like this one are essential in everyone’s manicure repertoire. They go from workday to nightlife without missing a bit. Unlike with other designs, you never get fed up with strong nail art designs.

Pink Manicure on Short Natural Nails

via @lupaenails

23. Skinny Light Pink French Tips. Add your own unique flair to timeless nail art with a super-thin blush pink line on your nail tips. Sleek, chic, and easy to achieve, this pink nail art is sure to become one of your favorites.

Milky White French Nails with Light Pink Tips

via @queennailsccs

24. Gradient Pink Nails. Instead of the typical top-to-bottom to side-to-side gradient, take a fresh take on your pink nail art designs. Regard your nails as a canvas for a masterpiece, where all pieces add up to the picture. Use two complementary shades of your favorite color to copy this pink nail art.

White and Pink Gradient Nails

via @jbunny_dips

25. Pearly Light Pink Nails. Pointed tips give an edge to this cute pink nail art and toughen it up just the right way. You can take your pink nail designs a step further and go for nail piercing. A simple ring or a fancy charm will give character to your nails.

Pearl Pink Nails with Nail Ring

via @nailsby_lie

26. Pink Nails with Floral Design. This cute pink nail art is inspired by blossoming meadows and features lots of pretty shades of pink polish from clear pink to magenta. The beauty of floral nail art designs like this is that you don’t have to get a similar look on every nail. Instead, let your creativity run wild and get this perfect summer look.

Flower Stickers on Pink Nails

via @noemi_ibba_nails_magnetic

27. Candy Pink Nails with Subtle Shimmer. Bright pink is an awesome starting point for this cute pink gradient. It slowly fades into pastel pink with a subdued shine. Pair it with your favorite dress and you are all set for candy tasting.

Dark to Light Shades of Pink Nails

via @eliff_yavass

28. Pink Chevron French Tips. Chevron french art is one of those nail art designs that are dearly loved by all nail art enthusiasts. It looks classy, offers variety, and optically elongates the nails. In this pink nail art, the chevron tips are enhanced by thin streaks of black and glitter. Simply charming!

Pink Chevron Tips Manicure Design

via @cape_naildesign

29. Sheer Pastel Pink Nails. Feminine and delicate, these neutral nails emanate elegance and grace. If you are looking for pink nail designs that bring charm to your style, go for these cute pink nails.

Short Baby Pink Nails

via @annailz

30. Pink Nails with Wavy Lines. Add a playful twist to your pink nail art with gradient wavy lines and a pinch of glitter. These small touch-ups elevate simple nail designs and make your nails look fabulous.

Accent Finger Idea for Pink Nails

via @encantode_unas

Pink nail designs are undeniably beautiful. From flirtatious to daring, they can be everything you want them to be. I don’t know about you but for me certainly, ‘pink, it’s my new obsession’.

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