Natural or edgy, smokey eye makeup look is downright hot. It draws attention to your eyes creating alluring depth and dimension. The sultry and dramatic 90s look has seen its revival in blurred eyeshadows, smudged kohl, and major-league eyelashes.

Although smokey eye makeup sounds easy, it can be tricky in performance. If done wrong, it could make you look drab and tired. Perfect eye makeup, however, will lend you a sexy and edgy look. Read on for foolproof tips and examples of a perfect smokey eye makeup.

Step-by-Step Smokey Eye Tutorial

First, you don’t necessarily need a black shadow for a smokey eyes makeup! You can choose any eyeshadow color, but you’ll need at least two different shades — a dark and a light one — to pull off the look. Here are the basic steps to follow:

  1. Start by prepping your eyes with a primer so your makeup can stay on longer.
  2. Blend a dark shade of eye shadow into the crease of your eyelid and lower lash line.
  3. Proceed to soften the edges with a lighter shade.
  4. Lighten up the inner corner of your eyes for an awake and bright look.
  5. Apply multiple coats of mascara for added drama and secure the look with a touch of eyeliner near the top lash line.

It is also important to master the right way to use eyeshadow brushes and achieve that desired smokey eye look!

Best Smokey Eye Looks to Try

1. Classic Smokey Eye Makeup. The best thing about classic smoky eye makeup is that it suits every eye shape, creating the illusion of bigger, more expressive eyes. It also goes well with any occasion. Use matte shades for everyday wear or add a touch of shimmer for a night out.

Natural Smokey Eye Makeup with Nude Lips


2. Dramatic Smokey Eye Look. When it comes to dramatic looks in deep colors, eyeshadow primer is a must for flawless long-lasting makeup. It ensures your eyeshadow stays put all day (or night!) long.

Dramatic Brown and Gold Smokey Eye Makeup

via @kaniamakeup

3. Nude Smokey Eye Makeup. There is something both disarming and empowering in neutral smokey eyes. Source three shades of brown for this look: dark, mid-tone, and light. Start with dark brown eyeliner along the lash line and work it up to the crease. Apply a mid-tone shade over the smudged-out darker shade and fade it out with a fluffy blending brush. Finally, blend the light shade from the socket to the brow bone.

Neutral Makeup Look for Tan Skin


4. Classic Smokey Eye with a Twist. Invent a signature look by adding a bright pop of color to your smokey eye makeup. Create a traditional matte smokey eye look on the upper eyelid. Then, apply a bright sparkling eyeshadow along the lower lash line to accentuate your look.

Matte Smokey Eyes with Teal on Lower Lash Line

via @kaniamakeup

5. Natural Brown Smokey Eyes. One of the ways to create attractive smokey eyes is to add warmth to the look. Natural shades of beige and brown give dimension and definition to the eyes. A subtle smoky eye is absolutely perfect for everyday wear.

Day to Day Natural Smokey Eye Look

via @joannastolar_makeup

6. Brown Black Smokey Eye Makeup. Craft a gradient from dark to light to achieve unbelievable expression and depth to your eyes. Keep the darkest shade at the lash line for a sultry look. Dip a small eyeshadow brush in the dark brown eyeshadow and soften it out towards the edges.

Dramatic Brown Black Smoky Eyes

via @annaazoyanmakeup

7. Smokey Red Eye Makeup. To copy this fiery look, go monochromatic. Stick to no more than three shades of auburn and an eyeliner. Apply a lighter shade to the inner corner and work your way darker toward the outer corner.

Monochromatic Reddish Smoky Eyes

via @stephanieholidaybeauty

8. Red and Black Smokey Eyes. This bold but cute makeup will definitely make your eyes pop. It projects confidence and shows your fun-loving nature at the same time. Adorn your look with playful graphic liner hearts and lines.

Fun Black and Red Smokey Eye Makeup

via @anjieluvsyou

9. Black and White Smokey Eye. For this stunning look, you’ll need white or ivory matte eyeshadow on the upper eyelid and black eyeshadow for the outer corners. If you are a confident eyeliner user, use black eyeliner or kohl to the lash line and waterline. You can smudge it with your fingers or leave it be to create a more defined look.

Black and White Smokey Bridal Makeup

via @anitasoleckamakeup

10. Smokey Eye Glow Makeup. Use gold, bronze, or copper makeup products for a hypnotic look that complements any skin tone. Start with a light wash of gold and build the look step by step by adding different shades of rich bronze and copper.

Minimalistic Glowing Smokey Eye Look

via @nebamakeupstudio

11. Smokey Eye with Glitter Eyeshadow. For smokey eyes with a metallic touch, create a shimmering look with gorgeous molten gold eyeshadow. Apply a dark eyeshadow in the outer corner and blend it for a smokey effect.

Metallic Smokey Eyes with Glitter

via @matyldabojdamua

12. Smokey Eyes with Eyeliner. Why not combine two of the most classic looks – smokey eyes and a winged eyeliner look? For a trending and daring look, start by creating smokey eye makeup and then outline your eyes with black eyeliner designing a winged shape. Finish with a coat of mascara.

Winged Eyeliner on Smokey Eyes

via @justinebeqs_makeup

13. Fall Smokey Eye Makeup. This voluptuous velvety smokey eye gets a radiant spin thanks to shimmering bronze eyeshadow. It looks incredible with a darker smoke along the upper and lower lashline and makes brown eyes really pop.

Deep Bronze Fall Smokey Eye Makeup

via @makeupxviri

14. Gray Eyeshadow Smokey Eyes. Gray eyeshadow is really handy for smoky eyes as it can be used for both dramatic and laid-back looks. Use slate gray for expressive or rebellious looks, or go for pale gray to create a subtle smoky eye.

Elegant Gray Smokey Eye Makeup

via @lisanaughtonmua

15. Silver Smokey Eye Shadow. A simple smokey eye can be easily elevated to a party mode with the glimmer of silver. A hint of shimmer in the inner corners returns the light to the eyes. It’s also a great option for someone with smaller eyes.

Shimmering Silver Smokey Eyes for Special Occasions

via @laurenedenmakeup

16. Soft Blue Smokey Eye. A delicate shade of periwinkle blue literally brings blue to your eyes. Experiment with pure matte colors to find the one that suits you best. Load the lashes with mascara or try faux lashes for a special occasion.

Pastel Blue Smokey Eye Look

via @arybicka_makeup

17. Neon Blue Smokey Eye Makeup. If you love color, you don’t have to settle for grays or browns. Follow the same steps of smokey eye tutorials but opt for fun bright shades. If you are a beginner though, you might need the help of a professional makeup artist.

Vibrant Turquoise Blue Smokey Eyes

via @magdalenaadamczykmua

18. Gold Smokey Eye Makeup. The gold-hued shimmery eyeshadows that cover the entire eyelid are complemented by intensive dark shadow in the outer corner. Apply mascara to finish off the look.

Classic Gold Smokey Eyes

via @litsa.bartza.mua

19. Pink Smokey Eye Makeup. Pink eye makeup is a perfect smoky eye to wear in spring. Think pastel tones, creamy textures, and matte finishes.

Romantic Pink Smokey Eye Makeup

via @kaniamakeup

20. Purple Smokey Eye Makeup. Purple is one of the easiest colors to pave your way into a color-loaded smoky eye look. It works well with all colors of eyes and offers a variety of hues to choose from. As you are getting used to adding color, try monochromatic looks (like this one!) first.

Purple Cat Eye Smokey Look

via @magdalenaadamczykmua

21. Green Eyeshadow Smokey Eye. Liquid chromes or loose pigments spruce up your eye makeup. Use a fluffy brush to blend the pigments and create an ombre effect with the darker shades.

Chromatic Green Smokey Eye Makeup

via @sylwiawasik.makeupartist

22. Bronze Smokey Eyes. If you crave natural looks, smoky eye is there for you too. You don’t have to go extremely dark. Choose lighter shades instead and smudge your eyeliner just enough to avoid harsh lines.

Minimal Bronze Smoky Eye Makeup

via @makeupwith_tash

23. Orange Smokey Eyes. Using orange for smokey eyes is a super easy way to add warmth and color to your look. From sheer to neon, it gives you a chance to play with your look.

Warm Orange Smokey Eyes

via @staicu_catalina

24. Soft Daytime Smokey Eye Makeup. This light daytime version of a smoky eye offers ease of completion as it only uses two eyeshadow colors. Craft a smooth transition between the colors and emphasize the eye shape with eyeliner.

Easy Daytime Smoky Eye Look

via @senseofbeautybystephanie

25. Neutral Smokey Eyes. If you want to tone down your look for daytime, opt for lighter neutral tones of eyeshadows. For even more low-key makeup looks, skip the heavy eyeliner and use mascara in moderation.

Low Key Smoky Eyes in Natural Shades

via @qrist_makeup

26. Rainbow Colored Smokey Eye Makeup. Creative and dazzling, this bright smoky eye makeup is the purest fun. Combine your favorite colors to create a unique look that shows your personality.

Multi Colored Smokey Eyes


27. Smokey Eye and Graphic Liner. Create a one-of-a-kind makeup look with eccentric color choices and exclusive additions. These hot pink smokey eyes with graphic hearts are sure to be cupid’s favorite.

Edgy Pink Smokey Eyes with Graphic Liner

via @stephharwoodx

28. Smokey Eye Makeup for Hooded Eyes. Women with hooded eyes normally have a smaller visible portion of the upper eyelid. To create a youthful lifted look, apply eyeshadow past the crease and blend it outwards. This simple trick creates dimension and makes your eyes look bigger.

Smokey Eye for Hooded Eyes Before and After

via @ashley_little22

29. Smokey Eye Makeup for Round Eyes. Elongate round eyes with a shade that aims towards the eyebrow tail. It’s a clever way to create a different eye shape.

Smokey Eye for Round Eyes Before and After

via @ilianarmakeup

30. Smokey Eye Makeup for Almond-Shaped Eyes. Emphasize the natural outer corners lift of the almond-shaped eyes with makeup. Apply a light color to the inner half of the eye and a dark shade to the outer corner to highlight your eye shape.

Smokey Eye on Almond Shaped Eyes

via @tiaralongkumer

31. Smokey Eye Makeup for Deep Set Eyes. To balance your features and make the brow bone less prominent, pull your eyes forward with light warm natural colors. Use a darker color to line your lid, working upward from the outer corner.

Smokey Eye for Deep Set Eyes Before and After

via @gandre_mua

32. Smokey Makeup for Brown Eyes. The best way to make dark eyes pop is to brighten up the area around them. Make silver eyeshadows one of your go-to colors. The lighter hue you choose, the more your eye color will be highlighted.

Gray Smokey Eye for Brown Eyes

via @litsa.bartza.mua

33. Smokey Eye Shadows for Hazel Eyes. The natural palette is especially flattering to hazel eyes, enhancing brown and green flecks in your eyes. If you prefer brighter looks, experiment with pinks or purples to play on contrasts.

Hazel Eyes Smokey Eye Makeup Look

via @alex_bakhrakh

34. Smokey Eye Shadows for Green Eyes. Basically, anything with red undertones is your best friend. From reddish brown to lavender, everything works to add to the beauty of green eyes.

Green Eyes Rosy Smokey Eye

via @adnana.adam

35. Smokey Eye Shadows for Blue Eyes. There is such a thing as too much smoke. And with blue eyes, too much black eyeshadow can get overwhelming. Instead, opt for chocolate brown, warm gold, or mauve-pink.

Dramatic Smokey Eye and Blue Eyes

via @anitasoleckamakeup

36. Smokey Eye and Red Lip Look. For those feeling a little bit more daring, try coupling expressive metallic smokey eyes with vibrant red lips. Keep the rest of your look pared down: a glowing complexion and a simple hairdo will make your makeup stand out.

Smoky Eyes and Red Lips Combo

via @gf_insaf

37. Smokey Eye Nude Lip Makeup. Keeping your lips neutral makes your eyes more prominent. Taupe mid-tone with black shadow outlining the eyes creates a truly mesmerizing look.

Smoky Eyes and Nude Lips Combo

via @matyldabojdamua

Smokey eye makeup looks are extremely customizable, making them adaptable to any occasion and individual face features. They unleash your creativity, offering you a swarm of options from original brown or black looks to bolder, unexpected colors. They might seem pretty elusive at first, but with the right step by step tutorials and a pinch of practice, you are sure to create a perfect look for yourself.

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