Six Enlightened Thoughts on Photography

Photography, at its best, is a powerful language that speaks at the level of emotion. It allows us to tell our story and show other people the world we create around us.

 1. Our photos tell us what is important to us.

If you ask people what property they would rush to save in the first place, if a fire suddenly happened in their house, then most often they answer that a photo album or a computer with digital images. When panic strikes, we tend to grab photographs rather than valuable jewelry. We act impulsively to save our memories. This fact proves how much photography means in our life, keeping the most precious moments of life and images of the dearest people.

We document birthdays and ceremonies, weddings and anniversaries, holidays and housewarmings with photographs because they all matter to us. Photos are our personal story, where we are of different ages, with different people and in different places. And we can share it with our friends. Hundreds of images add up to a story about our life.

2. Photos are part of our heritage

How often each of us participated in traditional photography, for example, for a school photo album. We were lined up in an even line, our teachers stood next to us, and we posed motionless, not thinking that these photographs might outlive us. A few generations later, such a photograph may gather dust among old papers in the attic, and someone will look for his grandfather among fresh young faces on it. Photographs freeze moments of our lives, the significance of which we realize only years later. And also with their help we can find a person whom we once knew. It can be small pieces of the puzzle that complete the big picture of our lives.

3. Photos allow us to share and communicate.

An image is much more than just a picture. Photography touches the best and most generous aspects of our human nature. It is the desire to share with other people what we find beautiful and interesting. You probably know a considerable number of photo sharing sites, and you know how it works. Millions of people share their personal, passionate and sometimes bizarre pictures. Our images can attract new people into our lives.

4. Photography makes us artists

Photography allows us to express ourselves through art. We notice a beautiful landscape or an old man’s wrinkled face and want to capture it. Each of us has different reasons for this, but we all want to create something. By creating images, we create, and this makes us feel like an artist.

5. Photography is a complex language

Through images, you can express joy and sadness, surprise and compassion. Every human emotion can be reflected in a photograph. Some people don’t appreciate overcast landscape photography because they think there’s no beauty in a land with muted tones and leaden skies. They want to see the earth alive, colorful and bright. However, the lack of color in the landscape forces us to look for other things that often go unnoticed in bright sunlight. It can be symmetrical hills or a tree that stands out from a thousand others. When suffering from depression, we can turn to photography. It helps to express feelings for which there are not enough words. Our vocabulary is quite poor for mental disorders, and with photography, for some of the more complex emotions, we use visual language.

6. Photography can change us

Photos can grab our attention and speak directly to our emotions. For example, Nick Ut’s photo of a screaming Vietnamese girl whose clothes have been burned embodies the power of one image. On a more subtle level, we can learn from a whole range of emotions. Grief has the power to wash away the color in our lives. There is no magic way to restore the colors at will. We must be patient. But while waiting, we can look for forms and images that are still there in the grayness. They will eventually lead us to color. In moments of sorrow in our lives, we can use an image to express hope for the return of color.

What is a photo sharing site?

A photo sharing site is a website where users can upload and share photos with others. Some popular photo sharing sites include Flickr, Instagram, and Pinterest. These sites allow users to browse photos from other users, comment on photos, and “like” photos. Some sites also allow users to order prints of their photos.

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