Invited to a 90s party and have no clue what to wear? We’ve all been there! From preppy chic to grungy looks, this decade was packed with unforgettable trends.

Choosing what to wear to a 90s party might feel challenging, but we’re here to help. Find the ultimate 90s party outfit ideas and styling points today! Scroll down to start your outfit planning.

1. Windbreaker Chic. A classic look that fits any 90s theme is windbreaker chic. Designed as a functional garment, windbreakers went from hiking wear to style wear in the 1990s! Pick a jacket with vivid colors and an oversized fit for the best effect. Plus, your mom might have one in the cupboard!

90s Windbreaker Outfit Female

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2. Laidback Starter Jacket Style. Want to turn up to the party in laid back style? A Starter jacket is your best friend. These unforgettable jackets were popular during the early 90s and featured sports teams’ logos and names. Add some baggy jeans and platform shoes for the ultimate 90s party outfit.

90s Outfit with Starter Jacket


3. Clueless-Style Outfit. When it comes to the 1990s, many of the best fads were captured in iconic films. And what film is more symbolic of the 90s than Clueless? Pair plaid with miniskirts to capture Cher’s timeless look. However, many fancy dress stores sell pre-styled Clueless costumes – ideal if you don’t want to hunt for separate clothes.

90s Clueless Outfit Ideas

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4. Plaid Flannel Shirt with Low-Key Denim. If you want a 90s theme party outfit on a budget, thrift shops are your best friend. These stores almost always stock typical 90s plaid flannel shirts and these simple pieces are symbolic of the era. Pair your thrift store find with blue denim for an everyday 90s look.

Casual Easy 90s Themed Party Outfit

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5. Plaid Skirt Outfits. Plaid was everywhere in the 90s. From Kate Moss in Chanel plaid to typical plaid shirts, you couldn’t escape this trend. For a 1990s-themed event, experiment with plaid skirt outfits. These are more low-key, and you can wear the skirt after the party too! A win for the party and your wardrobe.

90s Decade Day Outfit with Plaid Skirt

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6. 90s Shirt Trend. The humble t-shirt has been cool for many decades, but 90s oversized shirt styles win every time. This t-shirt trend includes quirky logos, band t-shirt options, and logo designs. While many t-shirts were loose fitting, you can also opt for crop top styles too.

How to Dress 90s Female

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7. 90s R&B Outfit Inspiration. R&B music defines the 90s, and this is a popular style for any 90s party. These cool outfits pair bright pops of color, mini skirts, and sky-high platform sandals for a funky effect. Thrift stores may carry these items, but online second-hand stores are another good place to look for 90s party garments.

R&B 90s Themed Party Outfit

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8. Denim Mini Skirt & Oversized Shirt. A plaid shirt isn’t the only everyday 90s trend you can explore, denim mini skirts are another go-to for 90s party outfit ideas. Pair your denim skirt with a jean jacket and an oversized tee for the full effect. Bonus points for chunky sneakers!

Low Key 90s Attire Female

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9. Bowling Shirt & Scrunchie Combination. A 1990s theme party isn’t complete without scrunchies and bowling shirts. Though these picks aren’t a wardrobe staple today, they complete the style and look great when paired with typical 1990s mini sunglasses. A fashion statement to remember.

Costume for a Couple to Wear to a 90s Party

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10. Super High Waist Jeans. Some 1990s trends have disappeared, but we still wear high waisted pants today. You can liven this outfit up with ripped jeans for a grunge look, floral print for a more feminine style, or glitter to be like Britney Spears! The outfit options are endless.

Baggy Jeans and Crop Top 90s Look

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11. 90s Claw Clip Hairstyle. Claw clips may be in fashion again today, but these funky hair clips were originally a 90s staple. Pair your clip with a sleeveless turtleneck sweater, mom jeans, and subtle makeup for a complete 90s party look. Turtleneck sweaters are easy to find, and you might be able to find one at your mom’s house!

How to Dress 90s Turtleneck and Claw Clip

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12. Platform Shoes with Everything. Do you ever find yourself wanting to feel a little taller? This 90s party shoe will give you the height you’ve been dreaming of. From boots to Mary Jane styles, platform shoes were a must in the 90s.

90s Theme Clothing Platform Shoow and Plaid Skirt

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13. Bandana Top Outfit Ideas. Forget Googling ‘What to wear to a 90s party’. We’ve got one top that’ll impress all 90s fans – the classic bandana top. This halterneck style pairs well with jeans, modern cargo pants, and any high waisted trousers.

90s Bandana Top Outfit

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14. Minimal 90s Party Outfit Ideas. Don’t want to embrace the bright hip hop outfits? You don’t have to! Take classic 1990s silhouettes, such as mini skirts and halter tops, and try them in white or neutral tones. Perfect to wear to a 90s party and not too over the top.

Easy Sexy 90s Themed Outfit Ideas

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15. Boho 90s Outfit Ideas. Boho was alive and well in the 1990s. To nail this relaxed look, pair flared pants with a strappy dress for a long and layered look. Complete the style with loose hair braids and a braided belt. Super comfortable and super stylish.

90s Boho Outfit Idea

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16. Fanny Pack Glam. Fanny packs, AKA bum bags, aren’t always thought of as a chic bag. However, fanny packs absolutely can look chic for a 90s party. Wear your bag with cropped pedal pushers or high waisted jeans for a complete look. Opt for light blue pedal pushers for an authentic finish.

Black Woman 90s Fashion

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17. Hip Hop 90s Party Outfit. If you want to make a splash at the 90s party, start exploring hip hop style today. This musical style influenced a generation, and the fashion effects can still be seen today. Mix sports jerseys with bucket hats and leather jackets for the best result.

Hip Hop Outfit to Wear to a 90s Party

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18. Slip Dress. A list of 90s party outfit ideas isn’t complete without the slip dress. These mini dresses were embraced by all women in the decade, from the Spice Girls to Jennifer Aniston. Popular styles include a floral slip dress over a plain white tee, patterned spaghetti strap dress styles, and slip dresses with band t-shirts.

Slip Mini Dress over Tee Throwback to 90s Outfit Idea

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19. Mesh Clothing. Want something saucier to wear to a 90s party? Throw your oversized men’s shirt to the side. Sheer mesh crop tops are here instead, and they’re available in most fashion stores today.

Denim Shorts and Mesh Top 90s Party Look

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20. Complete 90s Costume. Many online retailers provide pre-designed 90s party outfit ideas to make your shopping experience easier. These coordinated options include bright colors and typical 90s party essentials. Easy to buy and wear!

Bright 90s Hip Hop Theme Party Outfit

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21. Double the Denim, Double the Style. Denim is one of the best fabrics to wear to a 90s event – especially if you opt for a denim jacket. This timeless jacket pairs well with most outfits, but we recommend wearing double denim to really nail the look! Opt for Jynco jeans for a genuine outfit.

Double Demin 90s Look Female

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22. Midi Skirt Outfits. Have you ever embraced a midi skirt? Column skirts are one of the 90s fashion trends that is eagerly adopted by fashionistas today, so why not buy one for both a 90s-themed party and an everyday look? Plus, you can style them with chunky heeled clog sandals and slogan tees for a full 1990s homage.

How to Dress 90s Look with Denim Skirt

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23. Knotted Denim Tee Outfits. If you’re not sure what to wear to a 90s party, consider a western-inspired look. A knotted denim shirt is a simple way to embrace casual 90s style. Compliment your shirt with baggy cargo pants or carpenter pants for a low-key costume. Alternatively, high-waisted denim shorts work well for summer events!

Knotted Top Easy Summer 90s Outfit Inspo

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24. Playful Overalls. Capture the playful spirit of the 90s with long leg overalls. Overalls can act as an over layer in the winter, so layer up with oversized knitted jumpers or baggy tees underneath. Finish the outfit with Chuck Taylors if you want to look like a ‘Friends’ cast member.

90s Themed Outfits T Shirt Denim Overal and Chucks

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25. Baggy Knits & Baggy Pants. While the 90s gave us many skimpy looks, much of the fashion was oversized and non-form fitting. Pile on the vintage oversized knitwear for a winter-approved costume.

90s Themed Outfit with Knitwear

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26. Keep It Cool with Leather Jackets. Not fond of the bright colors? The leather jacket fashion is a 90s staple. Pair it with dark gray baggy jeans, and you are good to go. Add in all-black sunnies, and any fan of The Matrix (released in 1999 btw) will immediately love your look.

90s Look with Baggy Pants Leather Jacket and Sunglasses

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27. Feminine The Matrix Leather Looks. A 90s leather style doesn’t have to be boxy and masculine. This sleek leather maxi skirt and glove combination is fierce, yet feminine at the same time, and it gives us strong Trinity vibes. Black leather pants, a leather trench, and small 90s sunglasses are other iconic items that will help you ace the The Matrix fashion.

The Matrix Fashion 90s Attire Ideas for a Party

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28. Tie-Dye Mania. If you’re searching for clothes to wear to a 90s party, tie-dye might seem a little obvious. But this pattern was popular for a reason! It’s also easy to create at home with a plain tee and some grocery store fabric dye. Get creative!

90s Themed Tie Dye Outfit

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29. Bucket Hat Perfection. Bucket hats are a great way to give a simple nod to the 1990s, without buying a whole new outfit. Pair this accessory with a denim outfit or a floral dress to get 90s style points without the stress. Black Kangol hats also work super well with this style.

Everyday Black 90s Party Outfit Idea

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30. Chunky Sneakers with Everything. Not sure what to wear to a 90s party in terms of footwear? Chunky sneakers should be your go-to. These funky trainers will perfectly complete any 90s look and will be the center of attention too.

Footwear to Wear with 90s Themed Party

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With 90s fashion making a comeback, there are plenty of options to choose from to create your perfect look. Whether you go for grunge, hip hop, or preppy chic, make sure you have fun with it and enjoy bringing back some nostalgia.

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