You might have ditched skinny jeans a while ago in favor of looser, more comfortable cuts, but learning how to style wide-leg jeans can take some trial and error. We’ve got you covered: after closely inspecting how fashion bloggers and celebrity stylists tackle wide-leg styles, we have rounded up a selection of failproof outfits. Use them as an inspo the next time you decide to wear wide-leg jeans, whether you are putting together an outfit for a date night, for running errands, or even for an office environment.

1. Wide-Leg Jeans + Smart Blazer and Fitted Top. A slightly oversized blazer over a basic white top balances wide-leg jeans and instantly gives the outfit a classy polished look. Stick with dark wash denim and swap sneakers for loafers or pumps to create a business-casual look.

Classy Wide Leg Jeans Outfit with Blazer

via @michellelin.lin

2. Wide-Leg Jeans + Half-Zip Sweater. Transfer your wide-leg jean and fitted top look to fall with a cropped half-zip sweater. This type of knit has a universal laid-back appeal. It’s easy to wear, comfortable, and can be well-suited to styling wide-leg jeans.

Fall Outfit with Wide Leg Jeans for Skinny Legs

via @nurbilenyavuzer

3. Wide-Leg Jeans + Clogs, Vest, and Tassel Scarf. Embrace the cozy fall vibes with items that bring you to the next level of comfort. A plaid vest over puffy woolen jumper teams up with a voluminous scarf just right. Complete the outfit with a pair of clogs that are about as comfy as slippers but elevate the style.

Winter Outfit with Wide Leg Jeans

via @tinvcb

4. Wide-Leg Jeans + Multiple Layering. Can’t decide what to wear with wide-leg pants? You don’t have to! Incorporate several layers of different colors, textures, and silhouettes to create a signature look. A plain tiny top, a button-down shirt, and a double-breasted blazer create a stylish relaxed combo.

Street Style Wide Leg Jeans Crop Top and Blazer Outfit

via @paucarrera

5. Wide-Leg Jeans + Black Coat. The easiest way to look mod on a cool winter day is to wear a snug coat over your wide-leg jeans outfit. Style wide-leg jeans with a body-hugging jumper or a cardigan. If you decide to tuck the top in, a nice belt will help accentuate your waist and will tie the look together.

Flare Wide Leg Jeans with White Top and Coat

via @leasy_inparis

6. Wide-Leg Jeans + Bulky Cardigan. We love the versatility of cardigans. And who wouldn’t? They can be worn buttoned or unbuttoned, with or without a top, tucked in or out, giving you a myriad of styling options. How about an oversized cardigan in a juicy fresh color paired with crisp white wide-leg jeans and a playful baseball cap? A cute look that is hard to resist.

White Wide Leg Jeans with Sneakers Outfit Idea

via @tineandreaa

7. Wide-Leg Jeans + Big Shoulder Jacket. Play with silhouettes and proportions with an exaggerated-shoulder jacket. The wide-leg jeans and oversized blazer combination flatters all body types. Just remember to button up or use a belt to narrow your waistline.

Wide Leg Jeans with Loafers and Oversized Blazer

via @alina_frendiy

8. Wide-Leg Jeans + Vintage Military Blazer. Military blazers are classy wardrobe staples that are both stylish and functional. Wear them with distressed light-wash wide-leg denim for a casual easy-going look. Upturn the hems and throw in a soft-shaped handbag to intensify the relaxed vibe.

Denim Wide Leg Jeans Outfit with Red Blazer

via @jennifer_casimiro

9. Wide-Leg Jeans + Cropped Button-Down Shirt. Wide-legged pants traditionally have a high-rise waist to provide you with the comfort of wearing them. Opt for a cropped shirt to elongate your legs even more. Raw hems and classic sneakers add a stylish touch to the whole look.

High Waisted Jeans Outfit with Cropped White Shirt

via @josefinehj

10. Wide-Leg Jeans + Cropped Denim Jacket. Pair denim with denim for a chic total look. Play with colors and a wash of denim to bring texture and style to your outfit. Opt for a cropped cut to show some skin, lengthen your legs, and boost your butt.

White Flared Wide Leg Pants and Crop Top Styled with Denim Coat

via @amaka.hamelijnck

11. Wide-Leg Jeans + Leather Top. Leather is chic and timeless. When you shop for a leather item you can be sure it will be in fashion and will elevate your whole look. This fitted top is a case in point.

Outfit with Wide Leg Jeans with Black Leather Top and Heels

via @ceylandurukan

12. Wide-Leg Jeans + Tight White Top. Make a bold statement and style wide-leg jeans with a tight long-sleeved top. By clearly defining a waistline, you create an illusion of an hourglass silhouette, which is universally flattering.

White Top and Wide Leg Jeans Outfit

via @julia_stylelover

13. Wide-Leg Jeans + Bustier Top and Sandals. You can always play it safe when you wear wide-leg jeans with something tight on top. Strappy platform or high-heeled sandals work wonderfully with full-length jeans, helping you embrace the ease and breeze of warm sunny days.

Summer Outfit with Crop Top High Waist Wide Leg Jeans and Heels

via @flaboiarski

14. Wide-Leg Jeans + Turtleneck and Co. You can never go wrong with a turtleneck on a cool winter day. With their fitted design, they pair nicely with wide-leg jeans. Pop on another knit on your shoulders like a cape to add a nice dimension. Opt for pointy boots to finish the look.

Smart Casual Outfit with Wide Leg Jeans and Turtleneck

via @fabianacristinx

15. Wide-Leg Jeans + Light Blazer and White T-Shirt. This wide-leg jeans outfit is sure to become one of your favorite looks. Super comfy, it can be easily adapted for any occasion. Just trade flat shoes for heels and you are ready to sashay your way through any party.

Casual Wide Palazzo Jeans Outfit with Tee and Blazer

via @withorwithoutshoes

16. Wide-Leg Jeans + Classic Trench Coat. Wear wide-leg jeans with a trench coat for an ever-so-chic look. Petite women can shop for shorter ones, as they are available in a variety of lengths and styles.

White Pants Black Top and a Classic Trench Outfit

via @leasy_inparis

17. Wide-Leg Jeans + Casual Monochromatic. A white shirt, wide-leg denim, and white sneakers are basics that you can never go wrong with. It’s a uniform trend you can wear on lots of occasions – tuck the shirt in or out, dress it up or down using accessories – play with your style as you feel fit.

Wide Leg Denim Jean and Button up White Shirt Outfit

via @euthayanef

18. Wide-Leg Jeans + Statement Top and Heels. Wide-leg jeans are perfect pants to wear with heels as slightly flared hems draw attention to your footwear. Go for kitten heels if high-heeled shoes are a bit too much for you.

Wide Leg Jeans and Pointed Pumps Going Out Outfit

via @ceylandurukan

19. Wide-Leg Jeans + Soft Overcoat. Winter looks with wide-leg jeans can be so cozy and chic! A soft overcoat completes the outfit and ties the look together.

Black Wide Leg Jeans and Long Coat over a Crop Top Outfit

via @coco_floflo

20. Wide-Leg Jeans + Pullover and Scarf. A chunky pullover is a great choice if you prefer wearing a top you can lounge in. Pair it with an adorable scarf to add style.

Oversized Wide Jeans and Sweater Outfit

via @tineandreaa

Wide-leg jean is a new superstar. Like it or not, this trend is here to stay. So, if you don’t have a nice pair of wide-leg jeans yet, don’t hesitate to get one and add variety and interest to your wardrobe.

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