The iconic 70’s shag is experiencing a spectacular comeback, however, with a fresh twist and a new name — a wolf cut. Noticed on global trendsetters such as Billie Eilish, Miley Cyrus, and Keke Palmer, edgy wolf cuts are making a major noise in the world of fashion today.

What Exactly Is a Wolf Haircut?

A wolf cut is a sassy combination of the 70’s shag cut and the 80’s mullet. It features longer bottom layers and short choppy layers at the top, blending into face-framing curtain bangs. As a result, you get a flattering lift at the crown and rich texture throughout the length. The longer layers are disconnected from the choppy top, which helps achieve movement and separation.

Check out the best examples of wolf hairstyles on the hair of different length, texture and color.

1. Shoulder Length Wolf Cut. This shoulder-length wolf cut has thinner ends to keep the volume concentrated on the crown. This length is perfect for ladies who are looking for a low-maintenance, flattering style with a strong focus on textured ends.

Wolf Hairstyle on Shoulder Length Highlighted Hair

via @lcs.hairdesign

2. Long Shaggy Wolf Cut. If you crave to spice up your long tresses without removing length, an edgy wolf cut has you covered. Choppy layers on top do a perfect job of removing weight and adding mind-blowing volume that might come in handy if you have thicker hair.

Long Shaggy Style with Bottleneck Bangs

via @brianaguilarhair

3. Short Wolf Haircut. A short wolf cut is a really cute option, especially when paired with blonde hair. It looks especially flattering on younger women — tons of volume and a wealth of texture it provides help achieve an incredibly stylish appearance.

Short Wolf Cut Hair

via @brianacisneros

4. Heavily Textured Wolf Cut. This version of the wolf haircut focuses more on longer layers — they are heavily textured, creating the feeling of movement. Add an eye-catching accent like contrasting color block highlights, and you’ll get a look that is sure to turn heads.

Haircut with Shaggy Bangs and Short Choppy Layers

via @rachelwstylist

5. Mullet Wolf Haircut. The wolf cut can be easily adapted not only to different hair lengths, hair types, and face shapes — you can choose a wolf cut to suit your personality. While heavily textured, excessively choppy layers help create an edgy rockstar vibe, you can achieve a softer, feminine look with a mullet wolf haircut. It allows you to show off your natural hair texture without going too wild.

Medium Shag Haircut for Wavy Hair

via @jayne_edosalon

6. Long Wolf Cut with Thick Bangs. You’ll love this idea if you feel like tapping into the wolf cut hair trend but aren’t ready to say goodbye to your long hair. A textured crown makes the look way more interesting, with shorter layers bringing the volume you might have been dreaming about.

Best Way to Style a Wolf Cut on Long Hair

via @andy_doesyourhair

7. Super Shaggy Wolf Cut. The wolf cut is a great choice for women with fine hair lacking volume. Multiple shaggy layers do a perfect lifting job, creating a volume that would be impossible to achieve with a sleeker style. To keep your trendy wolf cut gorgeous at all times, consult your hair stylist on a texturizing spray to best match your hair type.

Shaggy Wolf Cut with Face Framing Bangs

via @sabrayna_

8. The 80’s Vibe. This version of the wolf haircut is more about the classic shag. This shaggy style is a perfect solution for naturally wavy hair, flattering virtually every face shape.

Voluminous Wolf Haircut 80s Blowout

via @hollygirldoeshair

9. Vibrant Wolf Cut with Micro Bangs. While plenty of layers and tapered ends make this haircut airy and voluminous, the bright copper shade and super short bangs are responsible for the head-turning effect. It’s safe to say that an edgy wolf cut and a vivid color make for a bombshell combination. Still, keep in mind that such colors require proper maintenance to shine bright.

Medium Length Shaggy Style with Short Bangs

via @alecastrohair

10. Wolf Cut for Medium Length Hair. If you’re searching for a wolf cut that can offer a perfect balance of edginess and a natural look, steal this idea. Moderately chopped, with naturally-looking highlights, this wolf haircut is great for ladies who prefer classic hairstyles with a contemporary touch.

Modern Cut with Shaggy Bangs Inspired by Wolf Cut Trend

via @jessica.salonoriana

11. Fuchsia Pink Wolf Haircut. Wolf haircuts don’t necessarily require curly or wavy locks. A wolf hairstyle can look awesome on pin-straight hair as well, especially if you keep it at your shoulder level. Shorter layers translate into a greater lift and more voluminous appearance. Add a vibrant color like this juicy fuchsia, and enjoy all eyes on you!

Shaggy Short Hair with Long Bangs and Pink Highlights

via @shmeggsandbaconn

12. Classic Wolf Cut. Embrace that chic vintage vibe with a classic version of a wolf haircut that is more on the shag side. A wealth of textured layers and elaborately layered bangs makes this cut look really hot.

Voluminous Wolf Haircut on Wavy Copper Hair

via @saltybangs

13. Messy Wolf Haircut. Spicing up your naturally brown hair with blonde highlights and a wolf cut is your best option if you crave more volume. The wolf haircut flatters different hair textures, and, as you can see, it works well on long straight hair too. Shaggy bangs and layers help achieve amazing volume without much effort.

Messy Wolf Haircut on Long Straight Hair

via @heddievanhairlen

14. Pixie Wolf Cut. What about giving your short hair a trendy touch? Getting a wolf haircut could be your way to go! Short layers bring about plenty of texture, while curtain bangs make this wolf hairdo look incredibly feminine.

Short Platinum Blonde Wolf Cut

via @blackbirdxrenee

15. Voluminous Wolf Haircut. A wolf cut can come to save the day if you have thin hair. The sophisticated layering it features helps create the volume thin hair lacks, allowing you to rock your natural texture.

Wolf Hairstyle with Wispy Bangs for Straight Hair

via @jefree_3

16. Ginger Red Wolf Cut. Wolf cuts are an excellent way to tame unruly thick hair, turning the hard-to-tame texture into an indisputable advantage. Coarse wavy tresses make for a more voluminous mane when cut into a multitude of long and short layers. In addition, they become easier to keep in place.

Classic Wolf Cut with Messy Layers

via @hollygirldoeshair

17. Super Voluminous Long Wolf Cut. This chic wolf hairstyle looks feminine and romantic thanks to softer layering and a thick fringe. This cut makes the most of the woman’s natural hair texture, requiring only a bit of the round brush job to achieve amazing volume.

Voluminous Blonde Wolf Hairstyle on Thick Hair

via @rachelwstylist

18. Curly Wolf Cut. Curly hair is definitely among the hair types that are most flattered by a wolf haircut. Layering can make your curls bouncier and more defined, and make your hair more or less voluminous depending on your needs.

Curly Wolf Cut Hair

via @soraverly

19. Messy Wolf Cut Hairstyle. This version of the wolf cut features shorter layers on the crown, which makes it a breeze to style in a wild, messy way. Add a vibrant shade, and enjoy your rebellious look.

Mid Length Wolf Haircut on Fine Hair

via @strandzandthreadz

20. Chic Wolf Haircut. Wolf cuts are not just about going edgy and bold — you can achieve an elegant look with a sleek wolf cut. For a totally fresh style, go for a hue to match your eye color and skin tone.

Wheat Blonde Wolf Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs

via @_bylarajade

21. Shoulder Length Wolf Cut. A shoulder-length wolf haircut is a trendy option for those transforming from short hair to longer locks. It successfully preserves the convenience of a short hairstyle and helps you get used to wearing longer hair. And who knows, probably you’ll decide to keep your wolf cut for longer.

Shaggy Wolf Cut with Short Fringe

via @893hairstyles

22. Sleek Short Wolf Cut. This hair is more on the mullet haircut side, which makes it look incredibly hot and stylish. For a sleek appearance, run a flat iron over your layers. Curtain bangs seal the deal, adding some drama to this sassy wolf cut.

Short Hair Mullet Wolf Haircut

via @dedekind.cut

23. Short Wolf Haircut in Mahogany Red. Your wolf cut will have much more chances to stand out if you pair it with vivid color. You don’t need to go neon pink or acid green though — classic mahogany can get this job done well, too. The only thing to bear in mind is to select the hue that will flatter your skin tone.

Tapered Wolf Cut for Thin Straight Hair


24. Wavy Wolf Haircut. If you’re endowed with naturally wavy hair you find hard to style, a wolf cut can come to save the day. Layering will remove weight and make your tresses more manageable, injecting a wealth of gorgeous texture into your hair.

Red Brown Wolf Hairstyle with Loose Waves

via @brianaguilarhair

25. Juicy Colors. This eye-popping wolf cut is a result of pairing a classic chin-length bob and plenty of shaggy layers. Still, this is definitely the color that makes it so unusual — creamy blonde and red look so daring and bright.

Shaggy Wolf Cut Bob with Underlayer Color

via @eve.frsr

26. Low-Maintenance Wolf Cut. This version of wolf cut is perfect if you prefer air drying. Short choppy layers at the top progressively lengthen toward the ends, providing this hair with volume and movement. Wispy bangs are a great choice to complete the look, doing an awesome job of balancing out an elongated face shape.

Heavily Layered Shag Cut for Thick Hair

via @paulaknecht

27. Feathery Wolf Cut. Feathering is a favored technique to make thick hair look more lightweight and airy. Combine it with the wolf cut trend, and you’ll get a sassy but still feminine and elegant look.

Classic Wolf Cut with Curtain Bangs and Feathered Layers

via @thelooksalonoviedo

28. Tapered Wolf Cut. Shorter strands on the crown and tapered ends look gorgeous in a platinum shade. If you’re endowed with stick-straight tresses, use a texturizing spray to give them some texture.

Asian Pastel Lavender Wolf Hairstyle

via @brianacisneros

29. Long Wolf Cut with Blunt Bangs. Wolf cuts are loved for their low-maintenance chic — air drying and running your bangs through a flat iron typically suffice to look great. Still, if you have fine hair, consider using a volumizing product for a better result.

Heavily Layered Shag Haircut with Thick Bangs

via @hairbycarriegouvion

30. Curly Wolf Haircut. Naturally curly hair can get a totally fresh look with a wolf cut. Cut into layers, your ringlets will thrive, providing your hair with the volume on the entire length. Add heavy bangs for some drama and go turn heads!

Wolf Hairstyle for Curly Hair

via @jayne_edosalon

31. Super Choppy Wolf Cut. If you have long hair, you can consider this edgy look. Choppy layers infuse this wolf hairstyle with a daring vibe, perfect for ladies with strong personality.

Long Mullet Wolf Haircut for Thin Straight Asian Hair

via @hoshiyuta

32. Classic Wolf Cut in Dark Brown. Wolf haircuts come in an amazing variety, making it easy to select one to flatter your hair type and face shape. Here’s an excellent example of a simple but very cute wolf hairstyle that looks great on women of any age.

Shaggy Wolf Cut for Round Face Shapes

via @littlechicaboo

33. Voluminous & Wavy Wolf Hairdo. A wolf cut can be easily adapted to both formal and informal events. For example, you can inject extra volume by applying your favorite volumizing product and creating beautiful loose waves for a special occasion.

Wolf Hairstyle on Thick Brown Hair

via @thehairrobot

34. Long Wolf Cut in Ash Blonde. This is definitely one of the best wolf haircut ideas for women who prefer longer layers. Longer top layers, by the way, create the convenience of gathering your locks in a high ponytail, which is absolutely essential for sporty ladies.

Ash Blonde Layered Wolf Hairstyle for Thick Straight Hair

via @bonniedoeshair

35. Medium Length Wolf Haircut. A shoulder-length wolf cut combines the low maintenance of a short cut and a feminine vibe that only long tresses can deliver. Short curtain bangs look exceptionally flattering with this length.

Messy Wolf Haircut on Shoulder Length Hair


36. Wolf Cut with Wispy Layers. Go for a multitude of wispy layers if you want to achieve an airy, romantic look. Pair it all with wispy bangs, and enjoy a fresh touch on one of the growing hair trends.

Blonde Wolf Hairstyle with Bangs and Framing Layers

via @hairroinsalon

37. 90’s Vibe Wolf Cut Hairstyle. This short choppy wolf cut with emphasized ends and micro bangs delivers a distinctive 90’s vibe, which makes it look so edgy! The good news is that it is pretty easy to recreate — to sport such a hairdo, stock up on hair wax or extra-hold gel. Run your fingers with some product through your tresses and let them dry.

Edgy Mullet with Shaggy Layers and Baby Bangs

via @will_i_amwong

38. Wolf Haircut for Thin Hair. Wolf cuts can be adjusted to flatter any hair type. For instance, it’s a good idea to opt for a longer version if you have thin locks. Also, it’s recommendable not to go too choppy — otherwise, you risk losing precious volume. Long bangs and loose waves play a vital role as well, adding a feeling of fullness to fine tresses.

Platinum Blonde Shaggy Hairstyle with Elongated Bangs

via @hopedomshair

39. Wolf Cut with Short Layers on Top. This eye-catching wolf cut looks like a shag haircut on top but features much longer layers below the chin level. Add bright blonde highlights, and you’ll get an interesting and fun way to rock your wolf cut.

Long Straight Wolf Haircut with Short Razored Layers

via @heddievanhairlen

40. Smoky Purple Underlayer. You can always juice up your classic wolf cut with an unusual shade, such as this dreamy purple. Still, remember that bright colors call for reconsidering your hair care routine to make your beautiful shade glow longer.

Wolf Hairstyle on Two Tone Block Colored Hair

via @hair_by_kyunghee

As you can see, wolf cuts can be incredibly versatile — you can experiment with the length of layers, add feathering, or go super choppy. Not to mention, wolf haircuts come in a variety of lengths — from pixie wolf cuts to very long wolf-cut hair. This trendy cut helps women solve their major hair challenges by providing volume to fine hair and, on the other hand, removing weight from thick tresses.

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