Digital Quality Photography is a full service worldwide company that provides the very best in custom design as well as prepackaged events and live shows for corporations theme parks cruise ships resorts and the fashion industry. Established in 2003, we have experienced continued growth embracing our mission Raise Your Experience. Our main directions are videography and Photo.

We are responsible for executing and editing video and photographic content in conjunction with the Manager of Influencer Marketing in support of the broader marketing and recruitment objectives of the Casting Team.

Responsibilities include managing and overseeing audio and video operations in the creation of marketing content, editing and delivering finalized marketing and promotional materials in coordination with the objectives and aesthetic standards set forth by the VP Talent Casting, recruiting and the Manager Influencer Marketing, overseeing pacing and flow of all video content to drive user engagement and education of the Digital Quality Photography suite of initiatives and projects, building content to match the marketing initiatives set forth by the VP to ensure content exceeds expectations whilst remaining within budget, and remaining up to date on new trends in video production and leveraging those trends to enhance Digital Quality Photography media content.

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