Live Photos have been around for a while. But other than looking cool, it doesn’t have many uses, at least not to me. While you can upload Live Photos to Facebook and Twitter, Instagram Stories doesn’t have that option. You can’t even share the photos as a Live Photo with your friends if they don’t have an iPhone, it will be converted to a standard JPEG file.

However, there are always workarounds to get us through. I was looking for a way to post Live Photos to Instagram Story and I found three. Well, for the sake of simplicity, I have divided this article into 3 parts:

Use Instagram to post Live Photos to Instagram

Live Photos are saved as a collection of individual images, and tapping a Live Photo in the Camera Roll plays it as a short 1.5 second clip. The whole point of capturing Live Photos was to capture candid moments and now with this app you can loop that forever.

One way to post Live Photos on Instagram is hidden from everyone’s eyes. The Boomerang feature uses your Live Photos saved on iPhone like Instagram Stories and can even convert these Live Photos to videos to post as Stories. Let’s see how.

Open your Instagram app on your iPhone and sign in with your Instagram account. After logging in, tap the Camera button or the avatar on the top left. It would open the camera and you can create stories here. You will see a few different options like Live, Normal, Boomerang etc. Tap the ‘Boomerang’ option.

This feature allows you to either create new clips or convert existing Live Photos to Boomerang clips. To select a live photo from the camera, simply swipe up on the screen to open a popup menu. You can tap a Live Photo to select it. There is no special mark for Live Photos to distinguish them from normal images. So make sure you choose the right image.

live photo on Instagram

Turn Live Photos into GIF – swipe up Switch Live Photos into GIF selection

After selecting the Live Photo, it still appears like a still image. Don’t worry, just long press or 3D touch the screen to turn on the Boomerang feature. If your picture doesn’t convert to Boomerang, it’s either a regular picture instead of a Live Photo, or you just didn’t press the screen long or hard enough.

After your picture has been converted into a boomerang, you can share it as your story or share it with your friends on Instagram. Tap ‘Send To’ button below and select an option to post the Live Photo as your Instagram story.

How do you post a live photo loop on Instagram?

There are a few ways to post a live photo loop on Instagram. One way is to use an app like Boomerang or Lapse It to create the loop and then post it as a video on Instagram. Another way is to use an app called LivePhotoKitchen to create the loop and then post it as a photo on Instagram.

How do you post live photos on Instagram 2020?

There are a few ways to post live photos on Instagram. The first way is to post them as a regular photo on Instagram and then select the “Live” option in the bottom right corner. The second way is to share them as a Story. To do this, open the Instagram Stories app and then swipe up. Select the “Live” option and then select the photo you want to share.

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