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Ever had a weird person photo-bomb your family pictures? Or has your nephew decided that wearing swear word shirts is appropriate birthday party attire? There can be many reasons why you might need to crop part of a photo. We’ve already picked up Portrait mode, a useful feature for blurring the background, but blurring an image is another matter and can be very handy in the future.

How to blur part of an image on iPhone

Unfortunately, Apple’s photo editing software doesn’t have the features to blur a specific part of the photo. That means you need to download an app from the App Store. Thankfully, I’ve downloaded and tried a few completely free apps that I find to be the easiest to use and most effective. Blurfoto is a great app for its simplicity and ease of use. Blur Photo Effect Background is another great app specially designed for blur effects. I’ll show you how to use them below.

blur photo app

Blur part of a picture with blur photo app

Blur Photo is an easy to use app that gives you a very opaque blur all over your photo. First, download Blur Photo from the App Store and then we’re good to go. For more cool tips and tricks on using your iPhone, check out our Tip of the Day newsletter!

  • Open the Blur Photo app on your iPhone.
  • Tap Blur to explore your photos.
  • Select a photo you want to blur.
  • Crop the photo according to your needs.
  • Tap Done when done.
  • Tap the Blur tool.
  • Use your finger to drag on the photo where you want to blur.
  • Tap the Invert button to invert the blur and keep only your selection in focus.
  • The undo button is in the top menu to handle quick mistakes.
  • Tap Next when you are happy with your photo.
  • Swipe through the app’s filter options.
  • Click the Share button when you’re done.

Your photo will automatically save to your camera roll. You can also choose where you want to share the photo directly.

How to spill part of an image with Blur Photo Effect background

Another simple, easy-to-use app to blur parts of your image with Effect Background. I will walk you through how to use this app below.

  • Open Background Blur Photo Effect app.
  • Either select a photo from your camera roll or take a new photo.
  • Select a photo to blur.
  • From the bottom menu, tap the Blur Tool.
  • You can adjust the size of your blur tool.
  • Then draw your finger on the photo you want to blur on.
  • You can also invert the blur and leave only where you’ve pulled yourself in focus.
  • To undo or redo, you can tap the arrows on the bottom menu.
  • When you’re done, click the Save button in the top-right corner.

You will receive a message allowing you to save the photo to your camera roll. Tap OK .

And this is how you blur only part of your image! These apps are very similar but produce a slightly different opacity and offer slightly different customization options. Try to decide which one you prefer either. Remember, they’re both completely free, so you’ll never have to emphasize a photo flaw ever again!

Is there a blurring tool on iPhone?

There is no blurring tool on the iPhone, but there are a few apps that offer this functionality. One option is the Camera+ app, which offers a blur tool that you can use to soften the focus of an image. Another option is the Afterfocus app, which allows you to create a blur effect around a specific object in an image.

How do you blur out part of a picture?

There are a few different ways to blur out part of a picture. One way is to use a blur filter in a photo editing program. This will soften the edges of the object you want to blur. Another way is to use a mask. A mask is a layer in a photo editing program that allows you to hide certain parts of the image. You can then use a blur filter on the masked area to blur it out. Finally, you can also use a technique called “layer masking.” This involves creating a second layer of the image, and then blurring it out. You can then merge the two layers, and the blurred layer will be hidden behind the non-blurred layer.

How can I blur a picture on my iPhone for free?

There are a few ways to blur a picture on your iPhone for free. One way is to use the camera app. To do this, open the camera app and select the picture you want to blur. Tap the blur button in the toolbar and select the type of blur you want to use. Another way to blur a picture on your iPhone is to use the keyboard. To do this, open the keyboard and type the letter “F” followed by a number. This will open the keyboard shortcuts menu. Tap the blur button and select the type of blur you want to use.

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