Mermaid Party

Are you planning a mermaid birthday party? Let your daughter be Ariel for a day, but make sure your home looks the part too. Transforming your home into an underwater paradise is any little girl’s dream.

From cool blue color palettes to inspiring birthday treats, there are tons of DIY options that are easy to create. Plus, you can use these exciting party ideas to explain to professionals what you want your mermaid party to be like. Get the party started with these unique choices.

Mermaid Birthday Party Decorations

We’ve explored the top mermaid party ideas online so you don’t have to. Keep reading to see the most popular mermaid party themes and accessories.

1. Mermaid Tail Cake. A sea birthday isn’t complete if you don’t have mermaid party food! Add some mermaid tail cake decorations to the dessert table to impress your guests. A pastel color scheme is perfect for this party theme and it’ll help the dessert table decor match the treats. Make sure you experiment with color and pattern when baking and let this awesome striped design be an inspiration.

2. Sea Side Balloon Walls. Balloons are essential for all events, but you can match them to your color palette for a cohesive theme. Balloons match the sea party decorations and they’re easy-to-find party supplies. Just remember to start blowing these up hours before the party as they always take longer than expected!

3. Coral Reef Decorations. When you’re creating mermaid party decorations, don’t forget to add coral reef-themed party ideas. You can also add starfish, sand dollars and other sea shells for an authentic mermaid party. Match these to the mermaid cake decorations for bonus details. We recommend placing these all around the room for a complete underwater atmosphere. Add a child-friendly soundtrack for extra theming too.

4. Underwater Party for Dolls. When it comes to mermaid parties, always go big and bold. Every detail, no matter how large or small, should be considered for a complete look. You may start planning with your daughter, creating a mermaid party for her dolls.

5. Add an Age Sign. If you want to add a personal touch to the mermaid themed party, find a large age sign. This will focus the attention on your daughter’s birthday, plus it will impress all little girls. Pair this with a number candle on the cake and your DIY mermaid party will be perfect. All young ones love this and it’s a great way to celebrate the day. You’ll love the picture when they’re older too!

6. Cupcakes and Cookies. You can’t throw a little girl party without cupcakes! Make sure there are plenty of mermaid snacks and cupcakes for the little guests to feast on. Decorate these sweet treats with starfish, shells, and ocean motifs. You can also add teal and purple food coloring for cool designs. If you have time, use icing to draw fish scales onto the treats. These finishing touches will impress both the children and the parents!

7. Outdoors Mermaid Birthday Party. Many birthday guides focus on indoor celebrations, but you can celebrate with mermaid party activities outdoors too! Create a waterproof party table and invest in outdoor decorations for a sea birthday to remember. Do focus on weatherproof items and check the weather in advance when planning your mermaid party. Even though it’s an underwater party, you don’t want to get wet!

8. Mermaid Tail Outfits. A mermaid party isn’t complete until the birthday girl and the guests look the part too. A mermaid tail is a must-buy for all your guests. Whether you create a homemade mermaid tail or opt for a store-bought costume, this will complete the day. Keep your children entertained with pink and purple mermaid tale costumes. These costumes can be used for any future parties or Halloween events in the future too.

9. Mermaid Party Food Ideas. Need party favor or food ideas? Try pairing cupcakes and cookies with savory sandwiches and finger food options. Decorate each course with pink and blue mermaid tails and balloons to complete the theme. Remember to provide a mix of sweet and savory options to avoid sugar rushes!

10. Fun Mermaid Silhouettes. Mermaids have a recognizable shape, so find a fun silhouette design for the party walls. This is a DIY mermaid idea that will look cute for any birthday celebration. You can also ask guests to bring their own if you want them to get creative too. This can be an exciting way for the children to get ready for the event.

11. Ocean Snacks. If you want to provide fun sea food ideas, you can try to bake them at home. However, if you want a perfect sea cake, you might want to hire a professional baker. Cake makers will know how to bake a mermaid tail or sea themed cake that looks the part and tastes great too. When in doubt, consult a professional for baking advice. You can also find helpful tutorials online. From complete recipes to design advice, online creators have got your back.

12. Unique Selfie Spots. If you don’t want a complete balloon wall, you can make a selfie spot for taking pictures. This can incorporate your daughter’s name, a mermaid tail, or any other birthday party essentials. Not only does this idea look great, but it will help you remember the party for years to come. Every mermaid birthday needs great photos! This is a good choice for any older children or pre-teens, but younger children might not find it as interesting.

13. DIY Mermaid Themed Party. Not all moms will want to go crazy with the birthday party decor. There are lots of ways to add mermaid fun to your home without buying too many decorations. Find all home decor you have in pink, blue, or purple colors and put them together for a DIY creation. Add balloons and a mermaid cake for extra details. If you’re trying to throw a party on a budget, try this method. Avoid spending unnecessary amounts on pre-made accessories when you can find some at home.

14. Extravagant Mermaid Cake. A great idea for the cake is to add purple mermaid tails and teal icing. Kids love extravagant details, so contact the best baker you know to make this perfect mermaid cake for girls. If your child is older and a lover of Instagram, she’s sure to love this dessert. This style of dessert has been popular on the app for a few years. Ideal for a trend-focused party!

15. Disney Mermaid Parties. When it comes to famous mermaids, you can’t forget The Little Mermaid. Ariel is an iconic princess that all young girls love. Add some Disney magic to your party for an extra exciting touch. Younger girls tend to love this theme, and you can also combine it with additional Disney films if they’re a fanatic. Finding Nemo is a popular sea-based addition.

16. Mermaid Cake Stand. The dessert table is always one of the most popular party spots. Add mermaid party favors and mermaid cookies for a super delicious touch and make sure you have a well-thought cake stand. Whether you design a stand at home or purchase a pre-made option, your cake should stand out at the party.

17. Mermaid Themed Party Games. Alongside mermaid party decorations, a birthday party should always include games. Try underwater versions of classic games, such as “pin the mermaid tail”. You can even try to pass the parcel with pink mermaid wrapping paper. This will keep the guests entertained and everyone will have a great time. You can also curate a playlist of sea-themed songs and princess music for a mid-party disco. We love Disney soundtracks and pop music for kids.

18. Wall Tinsel and Paper Lanterns. If you’re unsure how to make an underwater palace at home, buy some sparkly tinsel and lanterns to add some coastal magic. Sparkles and glitter are perfect for this birthday theme. You should also buy fish-themed accessories to add some wildlife to the ocean theme. Avoid any scary sharks though! Instead, choose friendly and cute pieces. Starfish are great additions too.

19. Mermaid Tail Cake. If you’re throwing a mermaid birthday party, you need to make sure even the cakes have fun details. We keep stressing the importance of mermaid tail accessories since these are key shapes for food and party favor ideas.

20. Clams and Pearls. Looking for a unique mermaid themed party? Instead of mermaid tails, try clams and pearls! These shells are a great alternative to traditional mermaid tails, plus they make any cake look yummy. You can add extra pearl necklaces for the guests to wear too.

Let your daughter enjoy her mermaid dreams with these creative and fun ideas. Hosting a unique celebration is something you will both recall years and years after the mermaid party.

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