Boudoir photography is an excellent opportunity to capture your sensual side, boost your self-confidence, and, of course, create sweet memories to cherish. Commonly presented to a partner as an intimate gift, a boudoir photoshoot is also a rewarding experience for a model.

If you’re thinking of giving a go to this genre of photography but don’t know where to start, stay on this page. In this guide, we’ve gathered the top boudoir photo ideas and a bunch of useful tips to get you ready.

What Is Boudoir Photography Exactly?

Boudoir photography refers to a photography style featuring sensual images of the models typically wearing sultry lingerie. Bedrooms, dressing rooms, and photo studios are the most common settings for boudoir photos.

While boudoir pictures can make an unforgettable gift for your significant other for their birthday or Valentine’s Day, you don’t actually need a reason to get a boudoir photoshoot. Sexy boudoir photos can skyrocket your self-esteem and make you feel more confident — sometimes, a good boudoir photoshoot works better than hours of therapy.

21 Unique Boudoir Photoshoot Ideas for Your Inspiration

If you’ve decided on an intimate photoshoot, there’s still a lot to consider, from the overall theme and setting of your boudoir photoshoot to outfits, makeup, and hairstyle. Your options are virtually endless, so we’ve gathered 21 unique boudoir photography ideas to help you properly plan your photoshoot.

1. Classy Boudoir Photos. You don’t have to be overly erotic — boudoir pictures can be charmingly elegant and sensual. To achieve this, choose more reserved outfits, relaxed poses, and natural lighting.

2. At Home Boudoir Shoot. Erotic boudoir photography gets an absolutely fresh twist when the photos are taken in your usual surroundings, where you’re the queen who dictates the rules. Such a photoshoot can reveal your bold, confident self you might not know about!

3. Edgy Bedroom Boudoir Photography. Bedroom photos are always hot stuff, especially when juiced up with lacy lingerie and sexy poses highlighting your beautiful curves. For a more dramatic effect, play with contrast and light — this will make your silhouette stand out and accentuate your curves.

4. Using Different Lighting. Nude boudoir photography can acquire an unusual, out-of-this-world feel if you accentuate the body with intense light while surrounding it with plenty of negative space, absolute darkness creating the right vibe.

5. Photograph from Behind. One of the most favored boudoir photo poses, a photograph from behind, is no less hot than other options. Such photos look interesting and mysterious, shifting the focus to the model’s back and hair.

6. Get Shots from Above. If you’re looking for dramatic boudoir photo ideas, consider taking shots from above. To amplify the dramatic effect, choose dark colors for your lingerie and background as well as consider vibrant makeup options, such as smokey eyes or graphic liner.

7. Boudoir Pics with Mirrors. There’s no surprise that mirrors are popular props for boudoir photoshoots — they allow photographers to capture the model from different sides at the same time, creating the true pieces of art. Sitting on the vanity top is just one of the multiple poses to use for boudoir pics with mirrors. You can also stand curiously exploring your reflection, unbuttoning your shirt, or putting on some lipstick, just to name a few ideas.

8. Outdoors Boudoir Photography Ideas. Daring boudoir photo ideas don’t end in your bedroom or in a hotel suite — the great outdoors can provide an excellent setting for seductive pics. A forest fairy, a sly fox, or a fearless Amazon — the woods can inspire the right character to help you express your personality through the art of photography.

9. Sexy Beach Photo Ideas. A beach photoshoot is a great starting point for women who want to give a go to boudoir photography but don’t feel comfortable being photographed in lacy lingerie. To get sensual, romantic pictures, it’s best to schedule a beach photoshoot for sunset hours.

10. Boudoir Selfie Ideas. A boudoir selfie is an awesome way to tell your man how much you miss him when he’s away on a business trip on the opposite side of the world or just went for some plant-based milk for your morning coffee. Here’s one of the top poses for an alluring boudoir selfie — sitting on the floor and arching your back to create a pleasing curve, with your eyes down and mouth slightly open.

11. Curvy Boudoir Photography Ideas to Highlight Your Plus-Size Body. Get this: the main secret of a successful plus-size boudoir picture is the model’s confidence that every body is beautiful and deserves a perfect shot. For a flattering effect, avoid full frontal poses and choose colors that match your skin tone.

12. Couples’ Boudoir Photography. Couples’ boudoir photography is a fun way to spend some quality time with your partner, and, most importantly, makes for an excellent keepsake. When deciding on the venue for your joint boudoir photoshoot, consider getting into the bathtub for a few shots — wet bodies look particularly sensual and romantic.

13. Silhouette Boudoir Photography. If you’re looking to highlight your perfect shape, you’ll love this creative boudoir photo idea. By placing the body against ambient light you’ll get a beautiful silhouette shot. To make the most of each and every curve, choose an acrobatic pose like this.

14. Maternity Boudoir Photography. Maternity boudoir photography can be an empowering experience for women having insecurities about their new bodies. Boudoir pregnancy photos are all about tenderness and welcoming the new life, meaning they require an approach different from how we traditionally imagine a boudoir photoshoot. It’s best to wear comfortable clothes and natural makeup, focusing on enjoying the pregnancy rather than feeling sexy.

15. Bridal Boudoir Photography. It’s safe to say that bridal boudoir photography is a separate genre of this art — the variety of outfits, props, and venues that can be used make for endless options for creating unique shots. Still, one of the most popular bridal boudoir photo ideas is mimicking a wife’s-to-be preparation for the wedding. These pics usually include wedding accessories, such as the veil, wedding lingerie, or wedding shoes.

16. Water Boudoir Photography. If you want to get a truly unique boudoir photo shoot, consider water boudoir photography. You can go further than just soaking in a bathtub in lacy lingerie — enjoying the rain can create a far more impressive vibe. By the way, this is one of the most powerful boudoir photo ideas to help you recover from a breakup, symbolically washing away the past and welcoming the bright future.

17. Car Boudoir Photos. A luxury car and a curvy female body can create a mind-blowing combination to inspire tasteful boudoir photo shoot ideas for outdoor settings. A futuristic racer or an elegant vintage car go equally well; however, it’s essential that the model’s outfit matches the style of the vehicle. For example, fishnet tights and a strapped bodysuit perfectly match the vintage theme, while a classy sports car will combine well with latex lingerie.

18. Classy Vintage Boudoir Photography. Vintage boudoir photos are all about glamour and timeless elegance, ideally flattering mature women. It’s a popular choice for a Valentine’s Day boudoir photoshoot to indulge your significant other with hot, luxury pictures of yours. Still, keep in mind that such a photoshoot calls for thorough preparation — the venue, your outfit, hair, and makeup should impeccably fit the vintage theme.

19. Male Boudoir Photos. Men have attractive shapes worth a spicy photoshoot. Still, male boudoir photos are a bit different from female boudoir photography. Men prefer to highlight their upper body, so the most common formula for a male boudoir photo is a naked torso + pants. A quick tip: hard shadows work wonders accentuating sculptured muscles.

20. Using Specific Poses to Add Depth to Your Images. Edgy boudoir photography isn’t limited to sensuous poses and exotic lingerie. If you’re a sporty girl who’s spent hundreds of hours working out a perfect shape, you might love getting a boudoir photoshoot showing your body at its best. To achieve this, use poses and lighting that help reveal your hard-rock muscles and add dimension to the pics.

21. DIY Boudoir Photography Ideas. The great news is that with a bit of practice, you can take beautiful DIY boudoir photos with phone. The best DIY boudoir photography ideas boil down to a clean backdrop and poses you’re most comfortable with (you’ve already practiced them in front of the mirror, right?). Also, make sure you choose a spot close to a window to leverage the daylight as well as prepare a tripod to avoid the hassle of your phone falling over.

Boudoir Photography Tips to Create a Tasteful Shot

Hopefully, the ideas for boudoir photography we’ve handpicked have got you inspired for an intimate photoshoot. But that’s not all — to help you make the most of your session and get a rewarding boudoir photography experience, here are some useful tips to follow:

  • Do more extensive online research to come up with a style of your photoshoot. Explore Pinterest and other resources to figure out what you really want from your boudoir photos, including settings, outfits, and makeup. Pay attention to poses and analyze which of them flatter bodies similar to yours most. You can even create several moodboards to help you choose the best style.
  • Take time to choose outfits. The number one rule here is to pick clothing that makes you feel confident and sexy. You don’t necessarily have to wear seductive lingerie — if you have a T-shirt boudoir photo idea, go for it! Of course, make sure you bring outfits that are your size and clean, and remove all tags, including the inside labels. If you’re going to share the photos with your partner, it would be great if you include something connected with your relationship, like a piece of jewelry they’ve given to you as a gift.
  • Make sure you’re looking your best. With each and every inch of your body likely to be caught by camera, it’s crucial to ensure you prepare it properly. For starters, book your makeup and hair services but either go for something you’ve previously done or run a trial if you want to try something totally new. As beautiful as it might look on the internet, it might not work with your skin tone or facial features, turning your photo shoot into a disaster. If you do so, book your waxing a few days prior to the session to avoid redness or bumps. This also applies to your eyebrows. Next, scrub your skin the night before the shoot to make it glow and take care that your nails look neat and nice. Last but not least, get a good night’s sleep!
  • Practice poses in advance. Again, use what you’ve found on the net to figure out which poses flatter you most. Practice them in front of the mirror with different lighting and in different outfits. Take selfies or make notes to have the best ideas at hand.
  • Relax and enjoy your experience. Feeling tense and stressed during your boudoir photoshoot isn’t any good. For the best results, you need to feel relaxed and comfortable. As already mentioned, your outfit and makeup play a great role here, so ensure you select what you feel comfy in. Sometimes, taking a little sip of champagne and playing the right music can help models loosen up, too.

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, a boudoir photoshoot can be a powerful experience, allowing you to indulge in yourself and capture your beauty in an artistic way. With these ideas and tips, you can do a successful boudoir photoshoot that will leave you feeling confident and empowered.

Frequently Asked Questions

The main goal of boudoir photography is to show the model’s body in the most flattering way, which can be achieved through a well-thought-out combination of an outfit, makeup, lighting, and setting.

You can take selfies in the mirror, take selfies with your front camera, use a timer and a tripod or something else that can make your phone steady, or take shots of details, such as legs or your hand resting on your hip.

It depends on the level of exposure you plan for. Any kind of lingerie, a bodysuit, a lacy robe, an evening gown, a T-shirt, an unbuttoned shirt, and even a blazer combined with panties are popular choices. Still, you can also explore Christmas boudoir photo ideas or go for a gothic, spooky look with a Halloween-themed photoshoot.

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