As soon as your little boy outgrows the newborn stage, mother and son photography becomes quite challenging, as boys don’t like to pose as much as girls do. Should you refuse from a mother and son photoshoot then? No way! Here are 18 creative and cute mother and son photoshoot ideas that will make the event interesting for both of you and help you capture memories for years to come!

1. Read to Your Son. Reading together not only creates lasting memories but also acts as a source of nourishment for your child’s curious mind. Still, there is one more reason why a book is a proven recipe for a successful mother and son photoshoot! This is an activity a busy toddler would enjoy without moving around much and it gives a photographer a unique chance to capture your son’s genuine emotions.

Mom Holding a Son and Reading to Him Photoshoot Idea

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2. Let Him Be the Star. Your son is the star of this photo shoot, so let him shine. Choose a location and wardrobe that will showcase his personality. If he loves sports, consider taking some action shots on the field or in the batting cage. If he’s a music lover, dress him up in his favorite band shirt and snap some photos while he plays air guitar. Meanwhile, you get the role you naturally own – being his best fan!

Idea for Mother and Teenage Son Photography

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3. Get a Matching Outfit. A matching outfit is not only for mother and daughter photoshoots! It can, in fact, become your central mother and son photoshoot idea that will help you accentuate your bond and just look cool together. When getting matching clothes, think about the level of comfort first! Here are some awesome mom and son matching outfits ideas to copy.

Mommy Twinning her Son Outfit Idea

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Mom and Son Matching Outfits Photoshoot Idea

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Mother and Son Twinning Styles Photo

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Black Mother and Son Photography Matching Outfit Idea

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Lake Mother and Son Photoshoot Idea

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4. Get Out in Nature and Explore! Your son is one of those kids who don’t want to take any photos? Don’t take him to a “photo session”, just take him out for a walk in the wild. The photos of you and your son exploring nature, hiking, climbing trees or roasting marshmallows make perfect mother and son photoshoot ideas! Natural light and a beautiful landscape are sure ways to beautiful photos.

Effortless Mother and Son Photoshoot Idea

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Christmas Mother and Son Photo Idea

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Photoshoot Ideas for Boys Who Won't Pose

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5. Have a Themed Photo Shoot. You could dress up as your favorite book characters, superheroes, or even movie stars! For example, your son might love to be a Spiderman saving you from the hands of villains or a Space Stars warrior. A try-on of his Halloween costume is another great way to make him want to pose. Not to mention that a cowboy theme is a staple among the mother and son photoshoot ideas.

British Style Mother and Son Photoshoot Idea

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Halloween Mother and Son Photoshoot Idea

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Cowboy Theme Mommy and Son Photography

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6. Capture Everyday Moments. There really is no better way to enjoy the simple beauty of everyday life than spending quality time with your little one. Take some photos of you cuddling, playing with Lego, decorating a Christmas tree or enjoying breakfast in your pajamas.

Low Key Home Photoshoot for Moms and Kids


7. Use Props. Using props can add an extra element of fun to your photos! You could use balloons, streamers, signs, or ride-on cars. That’s a fantastic idea if you feel shy in front of the camera and need something to set the tone of your mother and son photoshoot.

Cute Mother and Son Photo Shoot with Balloons

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8. Try a Beach Photoshoot. Water and sand don’t only translate into fun and relaxed vibes, they also create an idyllic backdrop for mother and son images. Additionally, beach photoshoots take advantage of the fabulous natural lighting and scenery that beaches have to offer, allowing unforgettable moments to freeze on beautiful mother and son photos.

Beach Photography Mother and Son

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Mother and Toddler Photo on the Beach

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No Pose Relaxed Mother and Son Photo on the Beach

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9. Have Fun in the Kitchen. Step away from the gender stereotypes and let your son get creative while cooking or baking with you! It can be a really fun and rewarding shared activity and a marvelous mother and son photography idea. Whether you make some homemade pizzas or cookies, don’t forget to take some photos of you and your son enjoying them too.

Mother and Son Kitchen Photoshoot Idea

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10. Showcase Your Hobbies. Does your son have a unique hobby? Use it as inspiration for your photo shoot! If he loves to build model cars, stage a race between his collection. If he’s an avid reader, snap some photos of him lost in a good book. Your toddler is still exploring the world and himself? Why not focus on your own hobbies then? Whether you love knitting, painting, or cheering for your favorite sports team, there’s sure to be a way to use them as your mother and son photoshoot ideas.

Cute Photography for Mother and Son Who Love Playing Sports

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11. Get in Touch with Your Inner Child. One of the best ways to bond with your son is to get in touch with your inner child. Plan a photoshoot that includes some of your favorite childhood activities. If you loved to play in the mud, build a fort, or swing on the monkey bars, now is your chance to relive those memories with your son.

Mother Tickling her Son Photoshoot Idea

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Mother and Son Laughing Photo Pose

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Playing with Hand Painting Mother and Son Photoshoot Idea

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12. Make it Sassy and Playful. What if you don’t like those sweet mother holding a son photoshoot ideas or want to try something different? Embrace your playfulness and let yourself enjoy a hot mama look! Whether you and your toddler are dressed up for a street style, a gala night, or a Western theme, the result will be 100% cute.

Sexy Mom and Toddler Photoshoot Idea

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Cool Photo Idea for Mother Son Goals

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13. Capture His Milestones and Celebrate Yours Together. As your son grows, it’s important to document his milestones. A photoshoot is a perfect way to do this. Whether he’s starting kindergarten or graduating from high school, a professional photographer can help you capture this special time in his life.

Funny Mother and Son Studio Photoshoot with 6 Year Old Balloon

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Mom Graduation Matching Mother and Son T-shirts Idea

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14. Photo Scavenger Hunt. Go on a “photo scavenger hunt” and take pictures of things like flowers, street signs, dogs, etc. Play tourist for the day and walk around taking photos of all the sights in your city or town that you normally take for granted. Let a photographer stay by your side to seamlessly capture the best mommy and son moments.

Restless Boy and Mommy Photo Idea

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Enquiering Child Mother and Son Photography

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15. Get Your Faces Close Together. Family photos that involve placing faces close together can make a lovely photograph idea too, as a close-up portrait allows you to capture the subtle nuances of the features that you share, creating a powerful depiction of the mother and son connection. When done correctly, this style of photography looks very sweet and intimate.

Sweet Mother and Son Lying Face to Face Photography


16. Set Up a Low-Key Photo Zone. You can get some great pictures by setting up a DIY white sheet photo zone in your backyard to give it a more festive and deliberate look. Depending on the age of your son, you may just be holding your boy or fooling around.

Sapia Mother and Son Photography

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White Sheet Mother and Son Photoshoot Idea

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17. Make Crafts Together. Are you developing your son’s skills by engaging him in different sorts of crafts and Montessori fine motor activities? Keep the memory of the early development stage by taking some mother and son photos. You may even use the idea for a seasonal family photoshoot: first, capture your kids collecting leaves and other natural materials, then practice some DIY crafts for fall, Christmas or Easter, and finally, take pictures of your creations!

Small Boy Holding DIY Craft with His Name Written with Flowers

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18. Throw Him in the Air (While You Still Can). Children grow up all too soon, so don’t miss the chance to capture a beautiful moment of throwing your son into the air or carrying him around on your back. It will also be funny to recreate the second idea in 20 years, letting your son carry you on his back now.

Mother and Son Photo Under the Bridge

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Mother Throwing a Baby Boy Up Photography

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We hope that this article has given you some unique tips and inspiration to make your mother and son photoshoots creative and extra special. Remember that the best photoshoot idea is always the one that speaks most authentically about the connection between parents and kids! Have fun with it and let your imagination take over – you never know what beautiful moments you could create together!

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