Thin Hair

If you’ve been wearing the same haircut for a while and you want to try some new hairstyles for thin hair, you are in the right place.

Women with thin hair can easily get stuck in a rut when it comes to hairstyles. Sometimes it feels like there is only one go-to haircut – a short or medium style that’s all one length. But you might be surprised that there are a whole plethora of styles to choose from!

1. Medium Layered Cut. Women with thin hair should check out this beautiful haircut with layered ends that works for any face shape.

2. Shaggy Blonde. Do you have short thin hair? Shaggy hairstyles will trick everyone into thinking it’s thicker than it is.

3. Bra Strap Wavy Cut. A stunning long thin hair option that shows off waves and length. If you have bangs, they’ll work perfectly with this gorgeous cut.

4. Copper Pixie. Do you prefer short haircuts? A pixie crop that still keeps the feminine length in curtain bangs is for you!

5. Medium-Length Blonde Flip. If you have thin straight hair, a razored haircut with a side part is a great choice. The white blonde highlights work to show off this simple trendy style.

6. Shorter Layered Haircut. This neck length cut is all about style with no fuss. It’s short and low-maintenance, but still can be styled in many ways with curls, waves, and bents. And you can easily grow it into an A-line.

7. Shaggy Wavy Bob Cut. Who knew haircuts for fine hair could look so chic? The golden-blonde waves finished off with choppy ends make for a perfect combination.

8. Voluminous Long Wavy Hair. You would never know this is thin wavy hair. It looks full of body! Ask for piece-y layers and dimensional balayage highlights to recreate this awesome back view.

9. Blonde Layered Bob with Side Bangs. For oval faces and thin hair, an a-line offers a neat shape that flatteringly wraps around the face. The straight edge of this slightly asymmetrical bob makes the thin hair look thicker.

10. Chest-Length Cut with Long Layers. A great option for long straight thin hair is this blonde semi-wavy haircut with swoopy, slightly shorter side layers.

11. Short Edgy Pixie. This platinum pixie uses an undercut to create a bold take on an otherwise soft style. Use texturizing creme to style a spiky crown.

12. Textured Waves and Bangs. A wispy fringe with medium-length waves is super cute! Insert a few rich caramel highlights for easy warmth to flatter your face.

13. Long Center-Parted Layers. Curtain bangs are for you if you’re looking for a bang that is easy to style and wear. Layer the rest of your hair to make it look fuller and more textured.

14. Shoulder-Length Shag. A wavy shoulder-length style like this says confident, stylish, and gorgeous! Straight bangs keep it mod with a little bit of edge.

15. Mid Back Cut with Curtain Bangs. Hairstyles for long thin hair look great when given curtain bangs. Let them slightly cover the eyes for a shy, flirty look.

16. Shaggy Waves with Shadow Roots. Chunky highlights on a medium length bob can actually make it look like your hair is thicker than it is.

17. Long Blonde Pixie. One of the best hairstyles for fine thin hair is a long pixie with a side part. The stacked layers in the back make the crown look fuller and more voluminous.

18. Long Beachy Waves. Those who need hairstyles for oval faces and thin hair can’t go wrong with beachy blonde waves and the classic center part.

19. Bob with Feminine Waves. Think you have the freedom to play with color? Well, why not try a tender, feminine shade, like strawberry blonde? A wavy bob would wear it well.

20. Mid Length Razored Cut. If you have very thin hair, a straight hairstyle with razored layers and a center part will help you fall in love with your strands again!

21. Undercut Pixie. Short hairstyles for thin hair can also surprise you with added volume and texture. Nothing says edgy like a blond pixie with an undercut. With plenty of movement up top, this look can still ooze some flirty vibes.

22. Layered Tousled Waves. Medium length hairstyles for thin hair like this one use soft tousled waves to create body and choppy ends to finish the look.

23. Extra Long Soft Waves. Women with oblong faces and thin hair in a longer length should try a wavy hairstyle with face-framing layers that will prevent long hair from dragging the face down.

24. Long Shag with Angled Layers. Those with round faces and thin hair may want to try out curtain bangs which are very easy to shape and style.

25. Straight Shaggy Lob. This short to medium hairstyle keeps things pin-straight and pairs shaggy layers with a wispy bang, generating plenty of movement up top!

26. Effortless Shag with a Fringe. Just straighten the bangs on this easy-to-style look in the morning and you’re good to go! Did we mention we love the honey blonde?

Long Easy-to-Style Shag

27. Pixie Fauxhawk. Another platinum pixie packing all the volume up top. This cut is the essence of chic and you’re sure to always look your best rocking it.

Chic Platinum Pixie Hairstyle

28. Medium Length with Sliced Layers. Medium hairstyles for thin hair like this one are easy to maintain and look even prettier when given highlights.

Easy Medium Hairstyle for Thin Hair

29. Long Hairstyle with Chunky Highlights. The highlights on the long fashionable haircut make the hair super dimensional! The look is versatile, so, go for a center part or a side part.

Long Fashionable Haircut

30. Short Stacked Bob. What do you think of razor cut hairstyles? These are looks you can’t go wrong with. The edgy bob means you’ll have tons of texture, movement, personality.

Edgy Razor Cut Bob

31. Medium Length Blonde Balayage. Want to try simple yet eye-catching hairstyles for fine hair? Highlights on beautiful waves will make your thin hair stand out in a good way.

Medium Wavy Haircut for Fine Hair

32. Wavy Haircut with Straight Bangs. Your nickname will be Goldilocks when you change your style to the one that knows how to show off your thin curly hair.

Long Haircut with Bangs for Thin Curly Hair

33. Textured Undercut Pixie. If you’re looking for an edgy short cut but want to keep your length, a long pixie with side bangs is for you. Use hairspray at the crown to maintain the lift.

Edgy Undercut Pixie

34. Voluminous Medium Layered Hairstyle. For women with very thin hair, a shoulder-length haircut with face-framing waves and light layers creates the illusion of thick hair.

Shoulder-Length Haircut for Very Thin Hair

35. Piece-y Inverted Bob. The best hairstyles for thin hair are the ones that pack personality, such as this disconnected bob with a shorter back and longer front which adds warmth to the face with highlights.

Inverted Bob for Thin Hair

36. Medium-Length Feathered Cut. Thin straight hair would look gorgeous with a pop of color like this peachy pink, for instance. The straight bang and feathered side layers frame the round face in a flattering way.

Medium-Length Cut for Thin Straight Hair

37. Honey Blonde Pixie. If you have thin straight hair and are ready to make a bold change, try out an eye-catching pixie. This one still has plenty of length to play with!

Haircut for Thin Straight Hair

38. Cute Shaggy Lob. A no fuss haircut like this is not only low maintenance but easy to throw up in a short pony when you’re running errands on the weekend!

No-Fuss Shaggy Lob

39. Layered Asymmetrical Pixie. Another platinum pixie perfect for thin straight hair. With heavy layering, this one will help show off your eyes and cheekbones!

Asymmetrical Pixie for Thin Straight Hair

40. Choppy Mid-Length Haircut. Bring the beach vibes with a blonde wavy mid-length haircut. The razor cut ends give it all the personality.

Mid-Length Haircut with Razor Cut Ends

41. Short Shaggy Blonde Waves. A wavy neck-length cut like this is dynamic and chic, and would also look super cute with side pieces pinned back for a night out!

Neck-Length Shaggy Bob with Waves

42. Mid Length Layered Hair. Do you have thin frizzy hair? Tame your locks by straightening and show off your beautiful mid-length hairstyle with layers and a soft side fringe.

Mid Length Hairstyle with Layers

43. Red Wavy Cut. If you have extremely thin hair, give it new life with a blunt cut and some easy waves or curls. This cute above shoulder haircut is an awesome example! A fun color also helps.

Cute Above Shoulder Haircut for Extremely Thin Hair

44. Long Shapely Waves. Professional haircuts for thin hair may look like nothing, but they are everything. Babylights brighten up the long wavy style.

Professional Long Haircut for Thin Hair

45. Short Concave Cut. Thin hair with bangs looks great when trimmed into a well-shaped neck-length hairstyle with blunt edges and some wispy movement.

Concave Cut with Bangs for Thin Hair

46. Center Part with Layers. If you have thin straight hair in a longer length, try collarbone layers. They help a lot with additional volume.

Long Haircut with Layers for Thin Straight Hair

47. Lob with Razoring. A razor cut with highlights will make thin hair with bangs shine. The wispiness of the ends is both edgy and sweet.

Razor Cut for Thin Hair with Bangs

48. Long Frosty Blonde Layers. The swoopy front layers of this long hairstyle frame the face and would look super cute pinned back for a half updo.

Long Hairstyle with Wispy Layers

49. Medium Hair with Volumizing Layers. Some hairstyles for thin hair generate so much movement and depth that you can’t take your eyes off them! Check this pretty blonde lob – it looks gorgeous!

Lob Cut for Thin Hair

50. Straight Pixie Bob. Look polished and professional at work, and flirty on a date night with a straight, sleek pixie.

Sleek Professional Pixie Bob

While all of these hairstyles for thin hair are beautiful, the key to rocking them is confidence. So, which hairstyle out of these you like the most?

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