A shag haircut can bring volume, dimension, and body back into your look. A style this versatile works with curly, wavy, and straight hair. We hope you’ll find your dream shaggy cut below!

1. Thick Shag with Bangs. Make sure your shaggy cut is tailored to flatter your face so it can complement your features beautifully. Add choppy bangs and concentrate the volume exactly where you need it.

2. Long Curly Shag Haircut. We love how beautiful the curls look with a shaggy cut. Keep the length while having volume on top with shorter layers.

3. Short Shag. You can have shaggy pieces with short bobs too – it can bring out your natural curls!

4. Layered Shag Hairstyle. If you are lacking volume, try a layered shag cut to get that bounce back.

5. Mid-Length Shag. Embrace the mid-length look if your hair is naturally curly. The subtle layers and curvy bangs add to the shaggy style.

6. Voluminous Shaggy Bob. Shag haircuts can also work on shorter bobs – add wispy layers. Use a texture spray to keep the look messy and chic.

7. Shag for Thick Hair. Calling all ladies with thick hair! We’ve got a shag hairstyle for you to try – keep your length short but your layers long! Thick hair really gives this style body and dimension.

8. Mullet Shag. Bring mullets back with an original and chic look this season. Try it with super short bangs, wavy locks, and a bright color.

9. Medium-Length Shag Haircut with Bangs. We love the flipped up curtain bangs in this style because they are flirty and you can style them wavy or straight depending on how you style the rest of your hair.

10. Messy Shag . The frizzy curls look so cute and chic because of the straight bangs – they really tie the messy look together.

11. Long Shag Hairstyle with Curtain Bangs. We love the shaggy waves complimented with long curtain bangs. If you’re over front bangs, let them grow out to be your side fringe pieces.

12. Straight Edgy Shag. Look how beautiful the side bangs look with a middle-part?! After styling your shaggy cut, make sure you apply an anti-frizz cream so you can have that effortless shine all day long.

13. Long Shag Hairstyle. The long length looks great with shaggy pieces because you can vary the length of your layers. Add shorter wispy pieces on top for extra body and height.

14. Shag Haircut for Fine Hair. If you have fine hair, add thick baby bangs and messy layers throughout to help balance out the body of your hair. A shorter bob cut looks great on fine hair because it allows your hair to have more body.

Shorter Shag for Fine Hair


15. Shag with Half-Moon Bangs. This length is so perfect for shorter layers on top with long layers at the bottom – you can have the best of both worlds with this style.

16. Shaggy Pixie Haircut. An updated look on the chic choppy pixie, pair short messy layers on top with a tapered back to complete this adorable short shag.

17. Fiery Shaggy Locks. We love how full the top and bangs look with this style – having them a bit longer and uneven makes the look so much more effortless and messy compared to shags with blunt front bangs.

18. Center-Parted Wavy Shag. Do shorter layers if you’ve got medium length hair to have a lot of body and volume.

19. Curly Shag Cut. Diffuse your curls when damp so you can get that messy shag look with your shorter layers.

20. Straight White Shag with Arched Bangs. The bangs that seamlessly blend with side pieces can help with defining your cheekbones and jawline. Not every shag is curly or wavy, the cut can work for straight hair too.

21. Modern Shag Hairstyle. We love how slightly messy this cut is while still being chic and neat thanks to the finely sliced layers and wispy front bangs!

22. Short Shaggy Layers. Who says you can’t have short razored layers for long hair? Have the top half of your hair super short with longer feathered pieces at the bottom for length.

23. Volume, Volume, Volume. We can’t get enough of how much volume this new look has compared to the old one! It’s amazing what switching up a side part and adding layers can do!

24. Cute 70s Bob. A sweet middle part with piece-y bangs screams the 70s era. The shorter bob that hits above your jawline enhances your features and creates a flirty look!

25. Chic Shaggy Bob. We love how chic and effortless this shaggy bob is. You can style it straight with volume or wavy with extra dimension.

26. Beautiful Bounce. Look how much front bangs add to the dimension and volume of her style? If you’re lacking in volume, think about adding a side fringe or longer front bangs.

27. Flared Bob. A shorter bob for naturally wavy hair can create a fabulous voluminous hairstyle with a cute flared silhouette.

28. Full Bob Shag. If you are a petite girl, have a shaggy bob hit at your jawline so you can frame your pretty face beautifully.

29. Voluminous Shaggy Lob for Straight Hair. The best thing about straight hair is that you can add movement with layers and front bangs easily.

30. Shag Hairstyle for Thin Hair. Let your curls fly with this style – use a diffuser to get the most out of your curls.

31. Razored Shag. We love the razored layers with a shoulder-length shag cut because they give body, texture, and movement for this comfortable length.

Shoulder-Length Shag Cut

32. Ginger Shaggy Cut. Shaggy layers for longer locks help add fullness to your hair and give an updated look to your style.

33. Fresh Shaggy Bangs. Full bangs and thin layered ends can slim down your face and create an ultra-feminine hairstyle.

34. Thick Locks with Front Bangs. Subtle long layers for thick hair add so much dimension and depth without losing your length.

35. Curly Rounded Shaggy Bob. If you are struggling with finding a style that compliments your face shape, a medium length curly bob is universally flattering.

36. Two-Tier Straight Bob Shag. The shorter layers with front bangs add a lot to the short shaggy bob look. Style it straight or wavy and you’ll have the cutest bob.

37. Chic Rocker Bob. A bob you can rock to the office and for a date night with a bit of texture spray and anti-frizz cream!

38. Bright Wavy Shag Haircut. Check how effortless this frizzy shag cut is! You can style it in under 5 minutes and you’re ready to conquer your day!

39. Sassy Shoulder-Length Shag. Adding uneven short bangs to your shaggy, choppy layers, you can go from sweet to sassy in seconds.

40. Shorter Curly Shag Hairstyle. We love the mini curly shag that comes with having a short bob styled with a diffuser!

41. Chic Medium Shag Haircut. To get the loose waves that scream shaggy and are super effortless – use a medium-sized curling iron and hold your hair around the barrel for about 10 seconds.

42. Short Shag Hairstyle for Blondes. Let your roots show up for an extra messy and shaggy look – style your hair slightly wavy for date nights!

43. Medium Curly Shaggy Haircut. Let your natural texture shine through with a shaggy cut. Try one product before styling and one after to keep hair healthy and bouncy.

44. Tousled Chin-Length Bob. After styling, use a texture spray to get the shaggy, messy look everyone is after these days.

45. Shag with Messy Bangs. To get the most out of the shaggy style, add highlights and lowlights to show the movement and dimension of your hair.

46. Thick Shag with Cropped Bangs. Shags don’t need blowouts to look awesome. Even frequent trims are not necessary unless you love your cropped bangs and want to keep them short.

47. Shaggy Lob. The shaggy layered hairstyle is super sexy because of the amount of volume you can achieve! Try a middle part and slightly curl your layers in different directions to get the most body.

48. Put-Together Shag. The straight bangs make this look approachable because you can tie back your shaggy layers if you are having a busy day or let them go free for the weekend! Your bangs will always make your look presentable and chic!

49. Sexy Shaggy Bob. We love a deep side part because it adds a bit of mystery into your look without even trying! Style it straight or wavy depending on your mood.

50. Natural Bob with Front Bangs. If you’ve been debating on whether or not you should get front bangs, here’s your sign! They add texture and body to the look.

A shag haircut doesn’t have to mean messy – you can style it chic and sleek for work and messy for a fun weekend look. A shaggy haircut can bring dimension and volume to your style so if you want to add depth to your look – try one!

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