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Looking for new long hairstyles with layers? Look no further because we have a list of beautiful hairstyles to consider for your next trip to the salon!

Read below to see what kind of layers, textures, and hair color solutions you can try next.

1. Cute Messy Locks with Lots of Layers. You can have long hair with medium/short layers to get that extra movement and body in your style. To achieve the chic messy look, spray texture spray after styling.

2. Two-Tier Easy Long Layers. Adding subtle hints of color to dark hair makes your locks look great. Having distinct long layers is a sneaky way to bring life back into your look.

3. Swoopy Choppy Layers. Layers are a great way to change up your style without compromising too much length. Swoopy layers accentuate the length of your hair and maintain volume.

4. Wavy Textured Layers. We love how much texture this long layered look has. Add slight waves to the ends to get that movement and volume.

5. Blown Out Layers. Get the perfect blow out by prepping your damp hair with a heat protector and hair oil before styling so that you can have sleek, smooth locks after.

6. Long Layers with a Subtle Balayage. Layered hairstyles for long hair can be repetitive but you can add a twist with a balayage color. Having long hair is great because you have a lot of length to play with and test different colors.

7. Wavy Long Layers. Create the perfect loose waves by using a medium-sized curling iron and combing it out after holding on the barrel for about 10 seconds.

8. Long Straight Hair with Long Layers. Talk about length?! To make your hair grow faster, make sure it stays hydrated and use proper hair care products to keep your locks healthy.

9. Shiny Voluminous Waves. Dimensional layers with warm highlights help brighten your complexion and bring volume back into your hair.

10. Delicate Layers for Fine Hair. To get that extra shine, use an anti-frizz heat protectant and some hair oil before blow-drying your hair. Tousle the layers for the natural, slightly messy look.

11. Choppy Layers for Thick Hair. Here’s a great cut for ladies with thick hair because it’s easy to maintain and style.

12. Curled Face-Framing Layers. Women with thin hair will want to try this because of how thick this style looks! The amount of layers helps create the illusion of thick hair.

13. Super Long Layers. The angled layers make this style look like a beautiful waterfall! You can style the ends curly or straight.

14. Thick Layers. To give thick hair a boost of movement and dimension, try long overlapping layers so that you can have enough length to pull your hair back if needed.

15. Beachy Texture. Layers for wavy hair look stunning – perfectly effortless. Try adding beach spray or texture spray when your hair is damp and scrunch your hair a bit to get the waves.

16. Layers, Layers, Layers. Getting lots of layers when you have super long hair can make it look 1000x fuller! Make sure the layers start around your jawline and give you some nice face-framing pieces to soften your face.

17. Voluminous Curvy Layers. If you have thick hair, you might want to try layers so you can have more styles to choose from and play around with. Style it straight or blow it out with a wave.

18. Luscious Waves. Blow out your layers with a curl at the end to enjoy the bounce and playful vibe that comes with having layers.

19. Chunky Piece-y Layers. Long layered hair can work with all hair colors but it looks best with subtle highlights because you can see each layer perfectly!

20. Midshaft-To-Ends Layers. The layers that start in the middle of your length and fan out towards the ends look perfect in free-flowing hairstyles, ponies, and wavy updos.

21. Wispy Layers. If you have fine hair that doesn’t hold a curl well, try getting lots of layers added to your style to have more movement.

22. Wavy Hair with Bangs. We love the contrast of straight bangs and messy waves. You can sweep your lengths up into a loose updo or style a half up, half down style if you want to change your look.

23. Lion’s Mane Vibes. Check how voluminous and lively the wavy layers look with a middle part. If you are used to a side part, still try a middle part to enjoy some extra volume.

24. Supple Layers. Long layers are great for ladies with thin hair because they can add body and make your hair look thicker than it actually is.

25. Tiers of Flipped Up Ends. Embrace short layers with a little distance between each tier to get this gorgeous flipped up hairdo.

26. Long and Short Layers. Imitate the fall palette with your hair color to warm up your complexion in the colder months! Style short layers straight or wavy for extra body.

27. Long Layers for Wavy Hair. Layered haircuts for long hair are super pretty and chic if you get it right, so make sure you do your research before you head to your local salon.

28. 70s Bangs and Layers. Splitting your front bangs in the middle and rocking some shaggy boho waves gives you the 70’s vibe that doesn’t seem to go out of fashion.

29. Blonde Waterfall Layers. Try lots of layers towards the bottom half of your hair for extra body and movement. You can have long layers or short layers – discuss it with your stylist for the best result for your hair type.

30. Copper Layers. This gorgeous color is just the thing for redheads. Look how much movement and volume she has because of the long layers!

31. Caramel Mocha Layers. To get the waves just right, try using rollers when your hair is damp to achieve the perfect waterfall layers.

32. Cool Blonde Layers. Super long layers are so pretty – especially when you have highlights or lowlights in your hair so you can see the transition of hues.

33. Flipped Up Layers. Having your layers start at the base of your neck or at your shoulders is great because you can still pull your hair back without wispies getting in the way.

34. Feathered Layers. Side bangs that graze your jawline with long feathered layers are a great addition to your style.

35. Chic Layers. To get that perfectly messy, lived-in look, try a texture spray after styling.

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36. Two-Tier Feathered Haircut. Piece-y layers are great if you love styling braids and half up ‘dos. To keep hair from getting greasy too quickly, use a dry shampoo in between washing sessions.

37. Fine Straight Layered Hair. If you are looking to get more movement and dimension in your fine hair, try adding wispy long layers to your look. Face-framing ones are perfect for your hair type.

38. Long Brown Curls. We can’t get over how beautiful this curly hair looks. To create loose waves, use a medium-sized curling iron and hold your hair around the barrel for about 10 seconds.

39. Face-Framing Balayage. Try hair contouring to brighten your complexion. Of course, you need some cute layers suitable for your hair type as a base.

40. Shaggy Layers. An easy-to-style shaggy cut is a must for gals on the go! You can style it straight or wavy.

41. Dynamic Swoopy Layers. When layers flow backward and the ends of the hair flip up towards the front, you get gorgeous movement in your hair that doesn’t need any curls to look awesome.

42. Rocker Vibes. To get the most volume, start blowing out and lifting the roots and make sure to add a curve at the end so it’s not stick straight.

43. Straight Across Cut with Choppy Layers. Spice things up by having the top layers of your hair a different color for a playful vibe.

44. Layers with a Middle Part. We love how a middle part emphasizes your features and brings volume to your look.

45. Flipped Up Feathered Layers. Try hair contouring not with color but with layers. You can certainly add as much color as you want afterwards. Even babylights will work.

46. U Cut with Long Layers. Look how subtle the layers are in this cute, easy style. They are super sexy and chic at the same time!

47. Beachy Balayage. Use a smaller curling iron to get those shapely beachy waves and comb them out for a slightly messy look.

48. Platinum Layers. We love a blowout where you get volume and body without losing sleekness and shine!

49. Chunky Layers for Thick Hair. Having a short layer followed by longer layers gives you great texture and dimension!

50. Gilded Piece-y Long Layers. Make a blowout last as long as possible by using dry shampoo and making sure you keep your hands out of your hair which is certainly a challenge when you have such a gorgeous mane!

Long hairstyles with layers can look different on everyone but as long as you find the right one for you, you’ll stick to it for a while. Try some beautiful layers on your long hair during your next trip to the salon!

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