When it comes to finding the perfect bob cut for your curls, you may think that the options are limited, but that’s not true. The curly bob can look very different. Our list has 50 curly bob hairstyles that vary in length, style, and cut. Read below to find your perfect style!

1. Curly Angled Bob. Get that extra volume by trying out an angled cut. The fun angle aspect is playful and chic at the same time!

2. Curly Bob with Bangs. Let the curly bangs fly in this style – make sure to get the most volume you can to show off those curls.

3. Jaw-Length Cut with Cropped Bangs. The middle part curly bob screams chic and badass at the same time. Add bangs if you want that extra playful vibe. To keep curls smooth on top for a clean middle part, use anti-frizz hair oil or cream before styling.

4. Curly Stacked Bob. A short curly stacked bob is great for ladies with thinner curls. The stacked layers help add volume and body to make it look like you have thick locks.

5. Chic Natural Curls. Boost volume by styling with a diffuser and keeping curls hydrated. Use masks often depending on how oily your hair is to keep them healthy.

6. Curly Bob with Deep Side Part. Switch up your part by going for a deep side part in your look. It can help add extra body and volume. Try it for a few days or just one night to test it out!

7. Natural Red Curls. Keep your color bright and shiny by using shampoos catering to your hair color and hair type. Cute curls like these take your look to the next level.

8. Blonde Curly Bob. Look at that volume! We can’t get enough of how beautiful layered blonde curls look on all face shapes!

9. Cute Messy Curls. Elongated messy cuts are great if you want to have an extra length to style in case you miss your longer locks.

10. Curly Graduated Bob. Layers that get longer over time create volume and amazing texture. Keep your hair weightless and moving by getting a graduated cut.

11. Short Stacked Curls with Baby Bangs. Baby bangs are edgy and chic – if you have been thinking of them – here is your sign. Style them straight while the rest of your hair is curly.

12. Glossy Black Curls. Bobs for thick curly hair can be questionable because you think your hair will be frizzy 24/7 – but if it’s treated properly and kept healthy, it will be frizz-free and luscious.

13. Curly Asymmetrical Bob. A brown curly bob looks amazing on lighter-skinned ladies because the color can bring out your features.

14. Short Messy Layered Curls. You can create these curls with a diffuser or a medium-sized curling iron. Start close to the root to get a tighter curl.

15. Long Curly Layered Bob. If you have had long hair for a while, try going a bit shorter so you can bring life and body back into your hair. You can choose a medium-length cut or a super short cut!

16. Vibrant Shaggy Bob. A shaggy cut can look so chic because it’s messy on purpose. Add a fringe or bangs for that extra edgy look.

17. Curly Bob with Highlights for Thick Hair. Look at the back view of these gorgeous colorful curls. Try a blonde or light brown as a highlight color if you have dark hair.

18. Side-Parted Jaw-Length Bob. Style your bouncy curls away from the face for a day at the office or a fun party. Try rollers or a diffuser when your hair is a bit damp and use hair cream to keep curls back.

19. Beachy Curls. You don’t need a beach to have beachy curls – use a sea salt spray and scrunch your hair when it’s wet to get those chill waves.

20. Shoulder Length Curly Bob. The one essential all curly-haired ladies need in their life is a diffuser to create tight, beautiful curls.

21. Curly Wedge Haircut. We love short layers that add volume. You can never go wrong with more layers in a short bob cut for curly hair!

22. Picture-Perfect Curls. A trick to get your hair ready for photos – give it extra shine! Add hair oil after styling to make sure your curls are in place and moisturized.

23. Sweet Curls. Curling several pieces of your hair while leaving the others wavy is what makes this look effortless. Use a medium-sized barrel to shape chic curls.

24. Wet Bob Hairstyle. Style your hair when it’s wet so it can dry just how you like it. Make sure to add anti-frizz hair cream to keep those cute curls hydrated while they are drying.

25. Studious Curls. A very curly bob can look super edgy when paired with glasses at the office. Style it with tons of volume and body using a diffuser.

26. Natural Curly Cut with Highlights. Having highlighted layers for curly hair is so smart because it can make your hair appear more structured and defined.

27. Loopy Shoulder Length Curls. All curls need TLC in order to look so shiny and healthy. Stay curly and make sure your hair is nourished and hydrated.

28. Edgy Frizzy Curls. A messy curly bob haircut should be tried at least once so you can feel like a rockstar.

29. Voluminous Peek-a-Boo Bob. It’s amazing how you can reshape your hair with a quick trip to the salon. If you want more body or texture in your look, try long layers.

30. Beautiful Caramel Blonde Curls. Mix up your favorite bronde hues by going for a delicious caramel blonde balayage. You can’t imagine how bright and bouncy your hair will be.

31. Side-Parted Black Curly Bob. Start with diffusing your hair when it’s damp and touch up with a small curling iron to create tighter curls.

32. Bronzed Curls. Shorter layers with highlights are cute because you can see every shade with each layer!

33. Black Messy Curls. If you have dry locks, use a mask 1-2 times a week and a deep conditioner or a leave-in treatment to lock in moisture in your hair.

34. Curly A Line Bob. Let long layers flow and frame your face while a shorter back reveals your graceful neck. An A-line curly bob is a cute and playful hairstyle with a romantic flair.

35. Mid-Length Curls. A medium length curly bob is a great transitional hairstyle for those who have had long hair for a while. The curly lob looks perfect as a downdo but can be worn in chic loose curly updos as well.

36. Curls with Golden Highlights. Leave your roots dark on purpose with this chic hairstyle – you’ll have gorgeous colors throughout each curl and you can see each shade of blonde.

37. Angled Curly Lob. We love how the tousled curls add to the playful, fun vibe of this angled bob. With this cut you have more length to experiment with highlights and styling.

38. Perfectly Shaped Curly Bob Back View. The back view is the best when it comes to admiring colors and layers. Opt for shorter layers if your curls are naturally tight so you can get extra volume.

39. Naturally Curly Bob. The shorter cut with a tighter curl screams chic and fun! You can rock this look at the office and for your party time with a bright makeup.

40. Cute Bob for Springy Curls. Use longer layers in the front and shorter stacked layers in the back to create the shape and volume you’ve been craving.

41. Fun Long Curly Bob. A soft shape with layers and dimensional highlights is very rewarding for medium curls.

42. Jaw-Length Bob. An angled bob looks amazing with these chocolate curls – you can see the transitional shades of brown and the cut flatters your firm jawline tremendously!

43. Curly Inverted Bob. If you have a round face, you can have the short length you want in the back with longer face-framing pieces.

44. Lob with Highlights. This long curly bob is perfect in shape and texture, and partial highlights are an exquisite complement to the flawless cut and color.

45. Purple Curls. A shaggy bob hairstyle is easy to create! Style some messy scrunched curls with a curl cream or a sea salt spray.

46. Super Curly Bob with Bangs. The choppy curly bob looks so cute! It can be used when you are between the lengths.

47. Ombre Long Angled Bob. Going a shade lighter towards the ends is an easy way to upgrade your favorite lob for curly hair.

48. Voluminous Blonde Curls. Shorter layers throughout is a fresh approach to a short curly bob. Prep your hair with a volumizing shampoo before using a diffuser to style.

49. Beautiful Black Curls. If you are tired of your long hair, get a neck-length cut to bring life and body back into your curls. Keep ends healthy and trimmed regularly for perfect curls.

50. Brown Bob with Blonde Highlights. Curly highlights help add dimension and show off your beautiful texture.

Finding a curly bob cut that flatters your face shape and hair texture can be hard at times. Hopefully, our list has helped you find your dream ‘do. Whether your curls are tight or loose – you can rock a chic curly bob and enjoy the ease of shorter hair.

Featured image via @nubiarezo.

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