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Creating a stylized photo in Photoshop

With this lesson, we’ll start a new interesting topic – creating a stylized photo in Photoshop. And on this page, there will be links to more tutorials on this topic over time.

Utilization is deliberately bringing the original photo to some other appearance, giving it new characteristics and a new “vision”. That is, we take an ordinary photo and give it a new style, hence the name of the process of photo processing.

Many different effects are used for styling photos, created both with the built-in standard filters and tools of Photoshop, and with special filters, actions (actions) and separate programs.

As a result of stylization you can get a picture, drawing (black and white and color), engraving, “cartoon” photo, pop art and fantasy style picture from an ordinary photo…

It is almost impossible to show all the effects used to change the style of photography. Because you can use as a single selected effect (of which there are many), and a group of a variety of effects. And that is hundreds or even thousands of different combinations!

But still, I’ll tell you about some of the possibilities of styling photos and show you some examples. And then, knowing the basics, you can combine these features to your liking and understanding and get the results you want.

In each lesson, we’ll cover 1 or 2 possible ways of styling a photo.

Styling a Photo with RGB Channels

Let’s start our lesson with getting a stylized photo in the easiest way in my opinion: with the Channels window.

In this tutorial, we will work with RGB channels, which are automatically created in Photoshop when you load the image. You can see them by selecting the Channels tab in the main menu of the Window program.

As you can see, each image is represented as three channels – Red, Green, and Blue. In English, these are Red, Green, and Blue. The first letters make up the name of the channels, RGB.

We can get very interesting effects by changing the channels, turning them off, adding and inverting them.

Step 1.

A) Open in the program a photo of a flower.

B) Create a duplicate layer (Ctrl+J) and move to it. Close the Background layer.

C) Open the Channels window.

The screenshot shows all the three steps described above.

Step 2.

Choose any of the channels (for the example, the blue channel is selected). The other channels are switched off. This is how our picture looks like now.

Step 3.

Setting the channel inversion. There are two ways to do it. From the Image-Corrections-Inversion menu, or with the Ctrl+I shortcut key.

Step 4.

Turn on all the other channels. This is the stylization effect.

Similarly, you can change the other two channels or select a combination of channels. 

If these effects suit you, you can stop there and switch to the Layers tab and, by selecting any picture you want, save it as a new photo.

And you can supplement the performed transformations with, for example, blending effects.

To do that, do the following:

  • Leave the Background layer (the original photo) and the layer with the changed channel (in our case Background-Copy or Background-Copy 1… and the like) visible.
  • Let’s go to the layer with the effect and apply different blending effects to it. To do this, double-click it with the right mouse button and experiment with blending modes. Choose the one that suits you best for your photo.
stylize a photo
How do I stylize a photo in Google Photos?

There are a few ways to stylize your photos in Google Photos. You can add filters, borders, and text. To add a filter, open the photo you want to edit and tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Filters and then choose the filter you want to use. To add a border, open the photo you want to edit and tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Borders and then choose the border you want to use. To add text, open the photo you want to edit and tap the three dots in the upper right corner. Select Text and then type the text you want to use.

What does it mean to stylize an image?

Stylizing an image means to give it a specific look or style. This can be done by changing the image’s color palette, adding filters, or altering the image’s shape or texture.

Where can I get stylized photos?

There are a few different ways to get stylized photos. One way is to find a stock photography site that offers stylized photos. Another way is to find a photographer who specializes in stylized photos. Finally, you can also use a photo editing program to create your own stylized photos.

How do I make an image dull in Photoshop?

There are a few ways to make an image dull in Photoshop. One way is to use a Dull filter. You can find this filter in the Filter menu. The Dull filter has three options: Bright, Mid, and Dark. You can choose which option you want to use by clicking on it. The Bright and Mid options make the image look brighter and more vibrant, while the Dark option makes the image look darker and more muted.

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