Pregnancy Announcement

Having a baby is one of the happiest and most anticipated moments in life for all of us. Some people can’t keep emotions at bay and immediately inform their loved ones about this joyous occasion. Others successfully contain their happiness long enough to make a creative pregnancy announcement.

If you’ve decided to surprise your family and friends with this fantastic news, you need to be touching, funny, and creative. Check out our list of 50 cute pregnancy announcement ideas and find the one to reflect your sincere joy!

Creating a Big News Card

Flatlay with adorable baby stuff is one of the easiest pregnancy announcement ideas. Take cute baby shoes, a toy, a positive pregnancy test, or an ultrasound picture, and create a beautiful card with news for the closest ones.

1. Sweet Flatlay with Calendar Shot. Set up a calendar page with your due date, and decorate it with adorable baby shoes, a onesie, cute little toys, and your ultrasound pic. Such a pregnancy announcement will definitely get all your loved ones truly excited!

2. Cute Pregnancy Announcement. See how cute this little baby onesie looks! Get ready to receive dozens of sincere congrats from your close friends and relatives once they get this adorable pregnancy announcement card from you.

3. Flatlay with Ultrasound Picture. Be creative and make your pregnancy announcement special. Make a flatlay photo with a cute little elephant or any other toy, a baby onesie, a bib, and a sonogram to announce everyone your exciting news.

4. Letter Board Announcement Idea. Letter boards are another way to make a creative pregnancy announcement. Write a cute, touching message on a board and add some beautiful baby clothes and an ultrasound pic made in the second trimester.

5. “Coming Soon” Announcement. Can’t wait to surprise your close friends with wonderful news about your pregnancy? Create a beautiful flatlay with your first or second trimester sonogram and charming baby items so that your loved ones can be happy for you!

6. Flatlay with Cute Baby Stuff. Pregnancy is real happiness for every woman, and at such a moment, we all want to share this happiness with everyone! Announce your pregnancy creatively by taking a flatlay picture of your sonogram along with cute baby items.

7. “Baby on Board” Announcement. Do your family members still have no idea about your pregnancy? Make a surprise for them and announce your baby’s arrival with a beautiful photo of a baby onesie and a card saying “baby on board.”

8. Baby’s Name and Due Date. If you want to soften and bring your husband and family members to tears with a touching card, this pregnancy announcement idea is what you need. Collect the cutest baby stuff in a beautiful basket and add a board with a due date and a sonogram to announce you’re waiting for a baby.

9. “My First Scan” Announcement. The ultrasound photo of the first trimester is probably the most awaited and touching thing for expectant parents. If you didn’t have a chance to announce to your partner about becoming a daddy yet, surprise him with this beautiful craft.

10. Parents to Be Announcement. A professional photoshoot is a perfect way to announce your pregnancy. Your friends and family members will adore the photos of you and your partner, especially when they notice your cute baby bump.

11. Pregnancy Card with Due Date. Want to surprise your significant other with a delightful pregnancy announcement photo? Send a picture of your sonogram decorated with cute little stuff and the due date to impress him with this exciting baby news in an unusual way.

12. “A Little Secret” Announcement. So, you are finally ready to announce pregnancy to your closest friends. Make this moment special. Share your little secret to the whole world through the charming card announcing that you are becoming parents soon!

13. Ultrasound Photo and Baby’s Name Announcement. Just look at these cute baby toes! Isn’t that one of the most touching pics you’ve ever seen? Now, imagine the emotions of your family and friends when they receive such a joyful card from you announcing your pregnancy.

14. Touching Sonogram. When you find out you’re pregnant, you instinctively want to announce to the whole world your happiness! Sharing the photo of your positive test is the first thing that might come to your mind at this moment. But don’t rush. Better wait for your first ultrasound picture to make a touching pregnancy announcement for your close ones.

Valentine Style Pregnancy Announcement Flatlay

15. Rainbow Baby on the Way. Sending a photo of you and your partner with a letter board saying you’re expecting a baby is one of the best pregnancy announcement ideas. You can share this lovely news with everyone in such a delightful way.

Rainbow Baby Pregnancy Announcement

16. Funny Message Board. A board with a funny pregnancy announcement is always a good idea if you wish not just to tell about your big news but give a playful hint. Just imagine how funny that would be to watch your partner’s confusion while showing him this message.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement

17. Welcoming Balloons. These balloons look super cute and can be used either for pregnancy announcement or a baby shower. Brighten your apartment this way to celebrate the upcoming birth.

Shoto Zone for Pregnancy Announcement Party

18. Sweet Way to Announce Pregnancy. If you favor minimalism, choose something melting and touching, such as this cute, charming sonogram board with a due date.

Small Stylish Sonogram Board

19. Photoshoot for Pregnancy Announcement. Another adorable way to announce a new addition to the family is to make a beautiful photo of a future mummy with a baby in her belly. So sweet!

Pregnancy Announcement with the Mom to Be

20. Announcing Pregnancy Due in December. Expecting a newborn right before Christmas? It’s time for Christmas magic announcement! Make this year’s Christmas card special and surprise your closest friends and family with an announcement about your pregnancy.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement with Elf on the Shelf

21. Santa isn’t the Only One Coming to Town. A very sweet and funny way to announce you and your partner are expecting something special from Santa this Christmas.

Christmas Pregnancy Announcement Coming to Town

Twin Birth Announcement Ideas

Want to announce your pregnancy with twins to your family or partner? Look for inspiration among these cool twin pregnancy announcement ideas.

22. Double the Fun. Twins are definitely double fun! This flatlay photo with cute baby onesies will make your partner cry from happiness. You can find this pic on a stock photos website or take your own if you’ve already got such pretty baby clothes.

Sonogram Twin Birth Announcement

23. Twin Pregnancy Announcement Card. Another adorable way to announce a new addition to the family is to create a board with an announcement you’re pregnant with twins.

Pregnancy Announcement Card

24. Baby Jackpot. If you already have a kid, a lovely way to announce your second or third is taking a photo with a message that would say, “Mum & Dad are having another baby… Make it two!”

Funny Announcement of Twin Birth with an Older Child

25. “Double Trouble” Announcement. Delight your partner with pleasant news about there’s a “double trouble” around the corner. Attach a sonogram and a due date to completely shock your soulmate.

Pregnancy Announcement Card

26. Sometimes, When You Wish for a Miracle, You Get Two. Whether it’s just you and your partner or you already have kids, get together to make a happy family pic with a “babies” balloon sign and a touching quote to announce you’re waiting for twins.

Onesies with Touching Quote for Twin Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement with Older Children

If you’re expecting a second or third kid, you can involve your firstborn in preparing a creative card for reporting this fantastic news. Get some inspiration from these original ideas.

27. “Only Child Expiring” Announcement. If you’re going to tell your only child that he or she is about to become a big brother or sister, you can capture this moment and use a pic for your future pregnancy announcement for the whole family. Decorate the photo with a funny message on a board to make the news even more touching.

Only Child Expiring Pregnancy Announcement

28. Capturing Big Sister Emotions. If this is your second baby, involving your firstborn in your pregnancy announcement would be a nice idea. Make a photoshoot with your first kid and a sign saying something funny about siblings’ relations.

Funny Pregnancy Announcement with an Older Child

29. Sweet Pregnancy Announcement Idea. Create such an adorable card with your firstborn and send it to your friends and relatives to showcase who is your partner’s favorite dessert and when to expect the second “portion.”

I've Got the Scoop New Baby Announcement

30. The Best Big Brother Resolution. Pretty much the funniest way to reveal there’s a baby on board is to make a picture with your firstborn kid preparing to be the best bog brother or sister ever.

Older Child Resolution Pregnancy Announcement

31. Funny “Big Brother” Announcement. One of the most fun ways to announce the addition to your family is to have your kids hold up a sign that says “big brother duties starting…” with the due date attached.

Cute Big Brother Pregnancy Announcement

32. “Eviction Notice” from Big Sis. Let everyone know your due date via this funny pregnancy announcement from the big sister of your new baby. You can make this pic simply on a mobile device.

Eviction Notice by Order of Big Sister

33. Crib to Rent. If you’ve got a toddler still sleeping in a crib that will soon be used by a new baby, you can transform your pregnancy announcement into a funny eviction notice. Use a ready-made template or make your picture inspired by this one.

Crib Eviction Notice Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement with Pets

Pets are always very caring with kids, as they often treat them as their own ones. Involve your dog in a cute family pic announcing your pregnancy to showcase your pet is as excited about the human baby arrival as you are.

34. Quess What? Mom’s Pregnant! If you have a dog, the best way to make a big announcement of a growing family is to get your pet involved. Make a professional or impromptu photo shoot with your lovely dog and add a cute message about your family growing with a new baby soon.

Pregnancy Announcement with a Pet

35. Guard Dog Duty Starts… If you and your significant other are dog people, involve your lovely pet in the pregnancy announcement. Don’t expect your dog to hold much, as not all of them love to pose for pictures, but you might be able to catch at least one cute photo for this occasion.

Guard Dog Pregnancy Announcement

36. Fluffy Big Brother Promotion. Another fun way to let people know about your pregnancy is making a photo of your joyful pet waiting for the human baby to come up soon. Showcase all your friends how excited your fluffy friend is about the youngest child arriving in the family.

Pet Mama Pregnancy Announcement

Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents

Without doubt, grandparents to be (who might have been long urging you to make family growth plans) deserve special attention and custom announcement. Here are some lovely ideas to use.

37. Mugs for Grandparents to Be. Want to say to your parents that they will be grandparents soon? Make this day memorable for them! Use personalized pregnancy announcement mugs to reveal your pregnancy to future grandma and grandpa so that they can keep it forever.

Baby Announcement Mugs for Grandparents to Be

38. Grandparents Starting Due Date. Another cute pregnancy announcement idea is to create a trinket with a message saying, “grandparents to be.” This is how you can tell your parents or parents-in-law they will have a grandchild in the nearest future.

Memorable Pregnancy Announcement for Grandparents

Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

Pregnancy announcement cookies is literally the sweetest way to make a pregnancy announcement. Here are some creative ideas to borrow.

39. “Coming Soon” Onesie Cookie Announcement. Who doesn’t love being the recipient of delicious cookies? Surprise your family members with such an unexpected sweet parcel announcing you’re pregnant.

Onesie Cookies for Pregnancy Announcement

40. Custom Cookies. Just look at these fantastic custom cookies! Your friends will be thrilled to get a pack of such delicious and lovely sweets, especially when they see the message that you’re trying to tell them!

Creative Pregnancy Announcement Cookies

41. “Baby Arrives” Cookies. What better way to announce to your long-distance relatives or friends there’s a bun in the oven than by sending them an actual bun or cookies? A great idea for a grown-up sibling, too.

Boxed Cookies for Pregnancy Announcement

42. Great Idea with Pregnancy Cookies. How do you find the idea of announcing your addition to the family via delicious sweet desserts? Look for a local bakery to bring your creative ideas to life and create custom cookies to share your amazing news.

Bun in the Owen Announcement

43. Sweet New Arrival Announcement. Pregnancy announcement cookies that have a due date calendar and baby onesies will melt the hearts of all your friends and family members. You can try to bake such on your own or make an order in a local bakery.

Elegant White Cookies Pregnancy Announcement

Wordplay Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

If you love puns and wordplay, you won’t resist using the ideas below!

44. Bump Ahead. This sign is a real showplace for every pregnant woman. Instead of taking a picture of your pregnancy test to surprise your partner, you can ask your friend to do a photo under this sign. Trust me, this will make people smile.

Bump Ahead Pregnancy Announcement

45. Baby Under Construction. Another creative idea is to make a sign saying you have a baby under construction. Put on the themed costumes to recreate the funny scene.

Funny Baby under Construction Announcement

Movie Posters Pregnancy Announcement

Camera rolling. Action! Creating a hilarious movie poster is such a funny pregnancy announcement idea! Here are some of the great examples you can inspire from.

46. The Baby Makes Three Movie. Such funny pregnancy announcements are perfect for couples who want to cheer up their friends and themselves. You’ll get lots of emotions while making this playful pic for your poster.

Pregnancy Announcement Movie Poster

47. Expecting – Blockbuster Teaser. Make a fun movie poster to announce your pregnancy using a layout, or simply send your photo and info to the designer to receive the finished file with your exciting baby news. Don’t forget to feature the leading actors and the release date.

Funny Movie Poster for Pregnancy Announcement

48. Movie Poster Announcement Idea. Having a vacation before a big date? Have fun creating this amusing movie poster as your pregnancy announcement. Your family will surely be excited about the release of this “movie.”

Vacation Photoshoot for Funny Pregnancy Announcement

49. Feature Your Craving for a Funny Pregnancy Announcement. Making a funny poster for your “baby arrival” movie is, for sure, a creative way to announce your pregnancy. But what is you make it more memorable featuring the cravings you actually had during your pregnancy?

Movie Poster Announcement with Cravings

50. Funny Graphic T-Shirt Announcement. Tell your friends that you’re becoming a daddy soon with this cool print on your tee. Such a funny pregnancy announcement idea for future fathers!

Friends Inspired T-Shist Pregnancy Announcement

Whether you’ve decided to share this news after the first trimester or later, don’t deprive yourself of the pleasure of creating a cute card or funny poster to announce you’re becoming parents soon! We hope these creative pregnancy announcement ideas have inspired you to tell your friends and family about the baby arrival in a special way!

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